Cast Iron Hanging Pot Rack

Hanging pots is such a great idea if you have nice cookware. Pot racks hung from the ceiling introduce so much of old-time rustic charm into the kitchen. Great idea to use in the interior if you like the country feel.

Kaylee Green Interior Design Expert
Cast iron hanging pot rack 1

This beautifully made frying pan and other kitchen utensils hanger is a beautiful combination of functionality and impressive detail of the kitchen. Wooden construction with steel hangers creates a very handy element that will work well on a daily basis.

Cast iron hanging pot rack
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This well-developed hanger for kitchen accessories like lids and ladles is a great solution for any kitchen. Solid wooden construction combined with metal elements is a beautiful rural design.

Cast iron pot rack

An impressive pot rack that can be attached to a kitchen island. All is constructed of durable steel with a rectangle frame on top and neat scrollwok. The rack has a built-in lighting system and multiple hooks for hanging pots and pans.

Cast iron hanging pot rack
Lisa Ward
Over the stove pot rack
Wright Stacy

Constructed of sturdy wood and durable cast iron, this large pot rack hangs on robust chains and hooks. It should be mounted on the ceiling right in the middle of the kitchen, beautifully accentuating the whole kitchen table underneath.

Cookware hangers
Harris Melanie

Quality iron rack to hang your pots at. Black colour makes it elegant and stylish, while the rich finish will draw the attention of your guests towards your most valuable pots. It's iron, so you know it will last!

Iron pot rack
Martinez Brittany

Who would tell that a traditional (almost primitive!) wood cook stove can be incorporated into a modern kitchen creating a style that's extremely classy! The off-white vintage piece features pot rack above it.

Saucepan hanging rail
Weber Lily

A pretty set of size-varied pans (4 round and 1 square) made of durable cast iron with a brown finish. They have non-stick inside surfaces. A pan has a long heat-proof handle with a quite large oval hole for hanging on a hook.

Cast iron s hooks
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A great piece for contemporary kitchens, which is going to help you to properly organize and display your pots and pans. The rack is made of cast iron and equipped with strong hooks, allowing you to easily mount it on your kitchen wall.

Cast iron pot racks hanging
Allison Moo

Make your kitchen more appealing by complementing it with this beautiful 24'' rack for pots and pans. Made of robust steel, the rack gives you 5 strong hooks to, on which you can hang various kinds of your kitchen-helpers.

Cast iron skillet rack
Rachel Massonable

A practical solution for decorating smaller kitchens and at the same time for saving some space. The rack is made of pegboard that should be mounted on a wall, also offering robust metal hooks for displaying your pots and pans.

Iron hanging pot rack
Laetitia Kloss

Easy to fold in and out, this clever mechanism will be a great pot and pan organizer for your kitchen. Stylish and allowing to save precious space at the same time. Wood and metal finishing guarantee long-lasting solidness.

Pan hangers
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An easy to mount hanging rack pan with 6 long hooks and a tubular railing attached to the ceiling. It's a cast iron kitchen decoration that allows you to display your pans just as they should be.

Cool pot racks

Hanging pot rack made of cast iron. It contains a lot of hooks arranged horizontally. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Great solution for space saving in any kitchen.

Cast iron hanging pot rack
Patterson Esther

Small kitchens are a challenge. How to make cooking in them easy and pleasant? Invest in a kitchen cast iron hanging pot rack above the island - preferably with strong metal and several surfaces for hanging pots and pans.

Cast iron skillet storage

Made from cast iron, this solid hanging pot rack enchants not only with its impressive practical values but also great, industrial character. It would look great in all farmhouse or loft kitchens.

Cast iron pan stand

With this cast iron structured hanging pot rack you will finally have that significant boost of practical use and a way of keeping your interior well-organized. It is made from cast iron to withstand years of use.

Cast iron rack
Rebecca Rive

With this old-fashion hanging rack, you have a nice way not only for displaying your pots and pans, but also for drying your herbs and flowers. Made in a vintage style, the rack emanates with rustic accents, wrought iron construction and eye-catchy scrollwork.

Cast iron hanging pot rack

Organize your collection of pots and pans with this amazing pot rack that is made from cast iron and can fully complete any space, while aiding both your interior's functional side and providing some more style to it.

Cast iron hangers
Meghan Wils

The lovely rustic country kitchen. All the kitchen closets had been covered with the raw planks. It makes them looking really simple, but it is its natural charm. The great finish is cast iron hanging pot rack.

Pan wall rack
Mackenzie Poly

Appreciated by the fans of retro or industrial design, this copper pot rack for iron skillets and other cookware will be a perfect accent in one's kitchen decor. Its proper conservation makes it a good proposition also for the outdoors.

Cast iron storage
Kathleen Gray

Bring some decorative benefits into your kitchen and save space in the process, thanks to those convenient pot racks. Made of quality metal, the racks are easy to mount and feature 5 sturdy hooks for displaying your pans and pots.

Hand forged pot rack

This hanging pot rack from cast iron fits perfectly well into the rustic kitchen decor, corresponding to the wooden counters, chairs or bars. Apart from it, it creates of course a new practical storage space.

Hang rack
Latoya Wat

Pans, pots, grandma, and great-grandmother? Well, there is nothing to hide them, just hang them over the kitchen island - on a cast iron hanging pot rack, based on a circle, with an iron bird that indicates the directions of good cooking.

Kitchen ceiling rack
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This hanging bar pot rack is a testimony to organizing but a certain artistic nonchalance in 1.It doesn't normally hang over a kitchen island, but its black cast iron pipe is mounted to the wall and with aluminum hooks supports pans and pots in a slick way.

Hanging cast iron pans
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A stunning pot hanger that will make for a nice addition for your vintage styled interior with its rustic looks and the beautiful, decorative curves. It will easily hold a lot of pots and offers plenty of space.

Glideware cookware organizer with 7 hooks glideware
Saucepan hangers kitchen
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Cast iron pot hanger
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Cast iron pan rack
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Cast iron hanging pot rack 4
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Iron storage rack
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Cast iron hanging pot
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Old Dutch 60-Inch Cookware Stand, Graphite
Saucepan wall rack
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Wall-Mounted Wrought Iron Mug Rack, 24" with 6 Cup Hooks
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Aunt Chris' Products - Heavy Cast Iron Mermaid - With a Hooked Tail - (Wall Hung - Rustic Color Finish - Hangs By a "D" Ring) - Primitive Design
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Frying pan hanger

A cool vintage hanging pot rack of black wrought iron. It's built of 2 size-varied rectangular frames (with hooks) joined by 4 thin slanted arms (with decorative swirls) with a double-ring ceiling mount over a lamp with a plate-like bronze shade.

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Kitchen iron racks
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A fine kitchen island with country design, durable wood construction and black finish. It features 1 rectangle top, 1 open shelf built from planks, 4 strong legs, and 1 rack to display your pots and pans.

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Cast iron pot rack
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Maximize kitchen space with pot racks
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