Carousel Lamp

Lamps are definitely an important thing in all houses. Feel free to get to know this rich collection of carousel lamps, all of which are not only functional but also nice looking. There is no need to rush so we encourage you to take your time while browsing through these photos.

Vanessa Weber Interior Design Expert
Vintage carousel lamp nursery baby room
Carousel lamp

A cute vintage table lamp having a base in the form of a white horse riding on a pink carousel adorned with gilt edges and colourful floral motifs. A classic conical lampshade of white fabric is adorned with golden beads and colourful floral motifs.

Carousel lamp 10

Decorative carrousel lamp with an umbrella stylization. It features a durable shade in red finish, decorated with some metal accents. This element of home design is made of durable materials resistant to excessive wear.

Carousel lamp 4
Carousel horse lamp 2
Carousel lamp 6
Carousel lamp 2

Table lamp with three wooden legs that provide stability and include multi-color tips finished in blue, pink and yellow colors. Its drum shade features a very attractive carousel stylization for enhanced aesthetics.

Unicorn Carousel Drum Lamp Shade

Unicorn Carousel Drum Lamp Shade
Drum lamp shade featuring carousel unicorn print on it. Additionally, it features contemporary design and is made of high quality fabric, which ensures durability of the shade. It fits majority of table lamps.

Carousel horse lamp
Carousel lamp 25

A stunning piece of craftsmanship that can from now on grace your interior - this carousel lamp sports the sublime pink and purple finish and is more than enough for when you want to add that bit of an ''oomph'' to your household looks.

Carousel lamp 5

Such a flying balloon could cross the deserts of Africa. The wonderful colonial style, but also the art deco finish, are visible in the replica of this carousel lamp in the shape of a flying brown amber hot air balloon.

Carousel lamp 02
Carousel horse floor lamp
Carousel lamp 3
Carousel lamp 9
Carousel horse lamp reckless by dreamkeepers on deviantart
Rare econolite carousel circus motion lamp 1948 roto vue lamp
Toile Carousel Drum Lamp Shade

Toile Carousel Drum Lamp Shade
If you're looking for some stylish and original decorations for your kid's room, this amazing and intriguing lamp shade might be a perfect choice! Check it out and enjoy a charming and unique design in your house.

Carousel lamps
Carousel lamp 34
Carousel lamp 15
Carousel lamp 23
Carousel lamp 12
Carousel lamp 21
This gorgeous carousel lamp is reminiscent of those favorite merry
Carousel lamp 28
Cosmos 58031 Fine Porcelain Merry-Go-Round Carousel Musical Figurine, 10-Inch
Carousel lamp 11
Carousel lamp 7

This Vintage Christmas box includes an Electric Carousel Lamp from the 1960s. It features 8 color lenses (2 red, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 amber), adjustable angle and deep floodlight that cover the entire tree and fully enclosed, non-reversing gear motor.

Carousel lamp 29
White porcelain horse carousel lamp spelter brass hangin swag
Details about carousel horses childrens drum lamp shades ceiling
Carousel lamp 01
Carousel lamp 33
Carousel img 4
Carousel lamp 35
Carousel lamp after
Cal Lighting BO-5677 Carousel Table Lamp Fixture
Carousel lamp 36
Vintage carousel lamp
Carousel lamp 37
Carousel lamp 38
The stained glass carousel
Carousel lamp 39
Slag stained glass wrought iron carousel horse hanging chandelier lamp
Carousel lamp 40
Large carousel horse lamp shade approx 19 x 10 x
Carousel lamp 41
Pretty carousel themed birthday party
Carousel lamp 42