Capiz Shell Floor Lamp

If you enjoy having a nice lamp in your house, this is your place to be. Below you can see an interesting collection of shell floor lamps, mainly in modern designs. But even if you are not a great fan of such solutions, it might be worth to take a look at them as some lamps here are truly fascinating.

Whittier 26 co gigi floor lamp

Whittier %26 Co. Gigi Floor Lamp
A phenomenal floor lamp in a highly elegant design. It features the shape of a tall tower that is covered with marvelous mosaic tiles in subtle, earthy colors, which will suit almost any decor. The mosaic will magically flicker.

Capiz shell floor lamp 7

High floor lamp with a straight post and solid round base for enhanced level of stability and support. This simple lamp looks good in any decor thanks to its not complicated construction and neutral styled shade.

Capiz shell floor lamp 42

Capiz shell floor lamp 8

Great combination of industrial and traditional design. A cast, rustic tin design with a willow pattern engraved on it. Perfect for any bedroom, this lamp is bound to spice up and invigorate your home!

Valentti Large Square Floor Lamp w Capiz Shell Mosaic Shade

Capiz shell floor lamp 6

A true work of art - this antiqued floor lamp sports the sublime gold base and frame and the stunning shell shade that is both extremely eye-catching and elegant-looking and will make for a fine choice of lighting up your decor.

Capiz seashell flower floor lamp contemporary floor lamps

Capiz shell floor lamp 12

Beautiful Metal Capiz Tower Floor Lamp

Beautiful Metal Capiz Tower Floor Lamp
Beautiful metal capiz tower floor lamp constructed from many differen marble-look-alike elements. The ones at the bottom look a bit darker than the ones up above. Nice black base looks super contrastive.

Capiz shell floor lamp 17

Capiz shell floor lamp

Vonda capiz 2 floor lamp m1

Capiz lamp shades

Aspire perry floor lamp

Aspire Perry Floor Lamp
Add motion to interior style with wavy floor lamp similar to this three-bulb one. This piece features stone tile base and three windowpane oyster (capiz shell) globes on long, flexible black metal stems.

Capiz shell floor lamp 31

Found on 2432

Capiz shell floor lamp 1

The tiny, round crystals, in the color of the sea shells - put together into a lampshade from the standing capiz shell floor lamp. It's a waltz - and the little circles are surrounded by glittering circles of silver.

Gorgeous Metal Capiz Tower Floor Lamp

Gorgeous Metal Capiz Tower Floor Lamp

Capiz shell floor lamp 15

Capiz shell floor lamp 26

Capiz shell floor lamp 34

Capiz shell floor lamp 40

Capiz shell floor lamp 21

Capiz shell floor lamp 14

Capiz shell floor lamp 35

Capiz shell floor lamp 23

Antique italian hand carved cameo conch shell lamp greek mythology

Antique Italian Hand Carved Cameo Conch Shell Lamp Greek Mythology
A charming vintage handmade electric table lamp having a bronze base with 3 griffin-like supports and a patina finish. A lampshade is from a big cameo conch in creams and beiges with pearly undertones with a carved Greek goddess playing the zither.

Capiz shell floor lamp 28

Conch shell lamp 7

Unique in its form, this conch shell lamp enchants with its ingenuine idea. Featuring tiny signals, it creates a wonderful glittering experience. Worth considering proposition for all summer or beach houses.

Capiz shell floor lamp 43

Vintage great barrier reef conch shell

Vintage Great Barrier Reef Conch Shell
A vintage, aquatic lamp made to resemble a conch shell from the Great Barrier Reef. The shell around the light bulb makes the shining light have an orange tint and a subtle strength, making it perfect for moody bedrooms.

Conch shell lamp 15

A quaint collectible: conch shell lamp, here displayed in a cubic nook inside an original Caribbean fireplace. One big shell serves as a shade, while a handful of smaller shells embellish the lamp's base.

Vonda capiz 2 floor lamp m1 1

Capiz shell floor lamp 13

Conch shell lamp 3

Table lamp in the shape of shell. Lampshade gives warm tone of light. Elegant decoration for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Capiz shell floor lamp 24

Conch shell lamp 23

This vintage table lamp will be ideal to antique lover's room or little girl bedroom. It has metal base and ceramic, pink lampshade in a shape of concha. This lamp is decorated of beautiful mermaid's figurine made of brass.

Walton 31.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Walton 31.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
If you're a fan of extraordinary and stylish solutions, this intriguing and unique table lamp is gonna provie you the most charming design! Check it out and fall in love with its functionality and the best quality.

Capiz shell lamp

Metal Unique Capiz Floor Lamp

Metal Unique Capiz Floor Lamp
This 66-inch height floor lamp features a sturdy metal body, finished in white and gold. The lamp is well-balanced, includes a white rectangular shade and on/off switch, and accommodates two 40W incandescent bulbs.

Bubbles 3 Light Partition Lamp

Bubbles 3 Light Partition Lamp

Corona 58" Floor Lamp

Corona 58" Floor Lamp
58 inch high floor lamp with oil rubbed bronze finish, one light and metal base. Additionally, it can accommodate one bulb, has three-way switch and features metal base. It's a perfect addition to any living room.

Capiz shell floor lamp 32

Calysta Decorative Floor Lamp

Calysta Decorative Floor Lamp

Capiz Shell Cat Electric Luminary 15.5" H Table Lamp

Capiz Shell Cat Electric Luminary 15.5" H Table Lamp
This unique table lamp has a original design - it has a cat shape in gold and bronzes. It was crafted by hands from a highest quality materials with paying attention to details. It is a solid, decorative and functional lamp.

Capiz shell floor lamp 33

Capiz Shell Dog Luminary 15" H Table Lamp

Capiz Shell Dog Luminary 15" H Table Lamp
It is a very interesting and very original lamp, which is ideally suited to the childroom. It has the shape of a dog, but it is a dog cheerful and very friendly. In fact, it lights up his tummy. The whole thing is a perfect decoration for the children's room.

Mother of Pearl Floor Lamp

Mother of Pearl Floor Lamp

Floor lamp 145cm shell torpedo lamp ivory

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