Capiz Hanging Lamp

I'm inspired by capiz hanging lamps - their light designs and pearly character. Here's a collection of products which caught my attention. Browse below and find out about their unique characteristcs and prices. My favourite are the heavy chandeliers of hundreds of gleaming parts.

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Capiz shell hanging lamp 2

Original chandelier as main or additional source of light in any interior according to taste and need. Lampshade consists of pearly shells. Frame is made of metal. Traditional form and modern design.

Shell hanging lamp

A unique contemporary ceiling lamp featuring an unusual lampshade made of hundreds square tiles of mussel shells in beiges with pearly undertones. They hang on length-varied thin white fly lines attached to a grid backplate of black coated metal.

Capiz light
Capiz hanging lamp 8

If you want to buy modern, but not simple and dull hanging lamp, this chandelier is intended for you. It has metal frame and it is hanged on metal ropes. Lampshade is made of little silk's pieces. It will be fit to your dining room.

Capiz hanging pendant
Round Chandelier with Round Capiz Seashell, Champagne
Capiz hanging lamp 43
Capiz hanging lamp 4
Capiz hanging lamp 7

Handmade hanging pendant lantern made out of a plentiful of little plastic disks around a ceiling lamp, which reflect the light around giving any room a unique appearance and a romantic, moody atmosphere.

Capiz hanging lamp 33
Capiz hanging lamp 15
Capiz hanging lamp 10

This Capiz shell lamps not only adds light while turned on but is a great accent even when it is not glowing! Made from various little glass slides, coming from its inside, it is a beautiful mosaic construction.

Capiz hanging lamp 12
Capiz hanging lamp 14
Capiz hanging lamp 16
Capiz hanging lamp 25
Capiz hanging lamp 29
Capiz hanging lamp 37
Capiz hanging lamp 31
Small Capiz Lotus Hanging Pendant Lantern - World Market
Capiz hanging lamp 17
Hanging capiz shells
King Size Chandelier with Capiz Seashells, Champagne
Capiz pendant light

Hand-made items at home enjoy the most. This is an inspirational and very impressive chandelier of capiz hanging lamp - made up of delicate pearly capiz shells. Original inspiration comes from the region of Philipines.

Capiz hanging lamp
Capiz hanging lamp 39
Clover Hanging 1 Light Mini Pendant

Clover Hanging 1 Light Mini Pendant
This 1 Light Mini Pendant is characterized by an impeccable clover-like design. Manufactured of plywood/cardboard material, the pendant features a 15-inch cord set with integral plug while also generating beautiful, ambient light.

Roman 2 Light Hanging Pendant

Roman 2 Light Hanging Pendant
This is a very elegant and extremely impressive hanging chandelier. It is made in the form of stained glass. It is decorative and colorful. Its appearance arouses your interest and curiosity. It is not only practical but also a decorative piece of equipment.

Capiz hanging lamp 34
Capiz hanging lamp 35
Capiz hanging lamp 44
Vintage capiz shell eames era chandelier hanging lamp 15 off
Capiz hanging lamp 36
White Acrylic Hanging Lamp

White Acrylic Hanging Lamp

Capiz hanging lamp 38
Mini 4-light White Floral Crystal Chandelier
Capiz hanging lamp 40
Desna capiz shell hanging lamp
KOUBOO Round Capiz Chandelier, Natural White
Large Capiz Lotus Hanging Pendant Lantern - World Market
Capiz hanging lamp 41
Holy cow beautiful diy capiz
Corbett 109-412, Dolce Large Round Pendant, 12 Light, 240 Total Watts, Champagne Leaf
Capiz hanging lamp 42
Kiku capiz pendant lamp
Capiz pendant lamp 3
Capiz hanging lamp 45
Diy lamps diy hanging capiz shell pendant chandelier diy lamps
Chloe Lighting Tiffany 2 Light Hanging Pendant

Chloe Lighting Tiffany 2 Light Hanging Pendant

Tiffany Style Victorian Hanging Lamp

Tiffany Style Victorian Hanging Lamp