Canopy Platform Bed

Which one of these platform beds appeals to you most? Take a closer look at all these designs and try to find the most appropriate solution for your house. There are really different options to choose from and it shouldn’t be surprising that this collection is already quite a popular place.

Canopy platform bed 1

This canopy bed resembles the oriental style of the Japanese apartments. Bamboo poles from ceiling with screw in hooks and wire, draped with chiffon over the bamboo create a simple, inexpensive, yet distinguishable construction.

Diy wood platform bed

A simple but large and comfy contemporary platform bed of wood with a natural finish. It has a low-profiled base with full sides and a full bottom. Four tall straight angular posts with stretchers at the top serve for a canopy or a mosquito net.

Four post canopy bed frame

Wooden construction of this bed includes a large sleeping space and four posts for additional aesthetics and stability. This wooden, upholstered bed provides softness and black color of its solid frame suits any bedroom.

Canopy platform bed 7

Platform bed with canopy

Vintage, rustic design for a white, monochrome bedroom with a king sized bed which has an oversized canopy. The bed itself is made out of oak wood with a highly distressed coat of white paint, giving it a primitive vibe.

Canopy platform bed 5

Canopy platform bed 3

Canopy platform bed 14

Canopy platform bed 9

Riva platform bed

Canopy platform bed 13

Canopy platform bed 18

Canopy platform bed 20

Canopy platform bed 16

Canopy platform bed

Platform bed with side tables attached

Queen platform bedroom set 3

Canopy platform bed 23

Canopy platform bed 10

Canopy platform bed 17

Canopy platform bed 1

Platform bed with a durable frame and canopy. It provides comfortable and safe sleeping space for adult users. This bed features a very simple construction that looks very attractive in modern bedrooms.

Canopy platform bed

Four post canopy bed frame

Canopy platform bed

Toddler platform bed

Canopy platform bed 22

Canopy platform bed

Leather day beds 3

Platform bed canopy

Platform bed with a natural, snow stylization. This solid and comfortable piece of bedroom furniture features a very stylish canopy that increases its aesthetic value. Neutral white stylization is eye-catching.

Canopy platform bed 1

Canopy platform bed

Exquisite modern canopy bed looks simple and versatile, but feels very luxurious. It features sturdy metal frame construction, multiple center rails for added support and slats spaced 20" apart. Quick and easy to assemble.

Canopy platform bed

Canopy platform bed 15

King size headboard ideas

If you want to make your bedroom to emanate with country accents, this king size bed will be a nice way to do that. Includes sturdy wood construction, a canopy platform, and a wooden plank headboard in a distressed finish.

Canopy platform bed 2

Black four poster bed

Design ideas modern canopy bed

Metal canopy on modern wood platform bed

Platform canopy bed august moon beds

Hidalgo bed 2898 2998 our slatted headboard platform bed is

Step One Platform Bed with Storage

Step One Platform Bed with Storage
It is a step one platform bed that has got storage and simple and classic design. This bed is perfect for traditional and elegant style bedroom. Everyone will tell you how great it looks in your home.

Cool bed bedroom decor beds headboards four poster canopy tufted

Twice leather platform bed by matteo grassi

Canopy platform bed 3

Luxury home sheets 6

Canopy bed with a contemporary look crafted in wood its

Bedroom decor beds headboards four poster canopy tufted wooden classical

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