Canister Sets For Kitchen

This collection of canisters and other containers might help you in choosing items which can be quite useful in your kitchen. Everyone who has ever cooked something knows how important salt, pepper and other spice can be. Now you can choose freely between different sets of canisters, many of which have nice details and ornaments.

Tara Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Canister sets for kitchen 1
Wright Stacy

Practical canisters for spices and other food products. These elements are suitable for kitchen use. They feature durable construction finished in red color. Its bases and lids are also decorative thanks to their carvings and gold finish.

Cherry canister set
Alexis Millerism
Set of Three (3) Round Clear Glass Airtight Rooster Canisters with Locking Clamps ~ Kitchen Jars Set with Rooster Figure ~ Food Storage Containers
Alexis Milani

With this adorable set of three glass canister jars you can organize your kitchen neatly and make it look warm and welcoming, creating a perfect atmosphere. The see-through glass makes the contents easier to view.

Tuscan Collection Deluxe Hand-Painted 4-Piece Kitchen Canister Set
Natasha Wrig

Every kitchen is a suitable place for this set of four lovable ceramic canisters. They are handcrafted and hand-painted in fruits. You can safely wash them. It will be a charming gift for your mum, grandma and everyone who likes traditional goodies.

Canister sets for kitchen 13

Set of kitchen carnisters in various sizes. It is completely made of plastic. It consists of container for sugar, tea, flour, breadbox and more. Functional design for any kitchen.

Canister sets for kitchen
Lauren Kin
Canister sets for kitchen 2
Jacqueline Mitchell
Canister sets for kitchen 7
Ebony Gra
Set of 4 Apple shaped red ceramic CANISTERS country kitchen home decor NEW
Katie Long

It is very fun but functional set of four containers for food storage. They are made of ceramic and have a shape of apples. The whole set is hand painted and polished in detail, it must be washed by hand.

Hammered 4 Piece Copper Canister Set
Brittany Tor

Hammered 4 Piece Copper Canister Set
Designed solely for storing commonly used kitchen ingredients, while making sure to add more style to your design, this 4-piece copper canister set combines charm and utility perfectly with the easy to clean construction.

Canister sets for kitchen 6
Sarah Woo
Canister sets for kitchen 12
Peyton Donaldson
M2CBridge Kitchen Collection Metal-Coated Window Canister Set with Airtight Lids(Stainless Steel) ,Set of 4
Alexandra Broo

This stunning set of kitchen containers is a great help in the kitchen. Made of solid steel, they hold the lid and the inner window through which you can evaluate the contents without opening it. Will add style and class to your kitchen.

Matbah Stainless Steel 5-Piece Canister Set with Clear Lid
Stephanie Sanders

This sensational and very stylish set of five pots with lids is an excellent solution for the kitchen. There is an excellent restaurant to the kitchen, because a lot of capacity allow you to prepare a large number of meals.

Canister sets for kitchen 3
Lisa Jack
Calypso Basics 3-Piece Acrylic Canister Set, Plum Lids
Rachel Massonable
Tuscany Colorful Hand Painted Fleur De Lis Canisters, Set of 4, 82001 by ACK
Jessica Zernike

This 4-piece set includes colorful and hand painted canisters for storing everything you want. They look fabulous and they add color and style to any room in home. Everyone will tell you how beautiful this set is.

Canister sets for kitchen 5
Stone Caroline
Canister sets for kitchen 14
Brittany Hug
Decorative canister sets kitchen
Krystle Reed
Fruit canister sets
Bianca Weberable

Comfortable kitchen is very important to make cooking a real pleasure, also how we decorate it. Imagine dropping a shelf in the kitchen with ceramic canister set for kitchen, hand-painted with cobalt flowers, and cobalt ceramic jugs.

Anchor Hocking 4-Piece Round Clamp Ceramic Canister Set with Stainless Steel Spoons

Ceramic kitchen canisters with round lids and metal clamps. These canisters are suitable for spices and other kitchen products. Each one is equipped with solid and functional spoon made of stainless steel.

Quality Canister Set Of Set of 3 Clear Glass Round Chalkboard Jar with Tight Lids for Bathroom or Kitchen - Food Storage Containers
Alexis Hallify

This stunning set of jars, a perfect way to store fancy cakes, pasta, nuts, coffee and other goodies.It fits perfectly in any type of interior design. Your favorite products you have at hand.

Tools of the Trade Stainless Steel 2 Piece Canister Set

This Efficient 2-Piece Canister Set is consisted of two aesthetic and highly-functional canisters manufactured from quality stainless steel. The lid is tightly sealed, and made of silicone gasket and metal clamp to keep foods fresh.

Firenze 3 Piece Canister Set
Lindsey Grif

Firenze 3 Piece Canister Set
This lovely set of ceramic jars / containers is a tasteful set for the living room, kitchen or any other room in your home. It can serve as a place for spices or other products or jewelry, etc.

M2CBridge Kitchen Collection Metal-Coated Window Canister Set with Airtight Lids(Black) ,Set of 4

This beautiful set of four kitchen containers is an excellent solution that will introduce law and order in drawers and shelves kitchen. Made of steel and glass is very elegant and suitable for many types of interiors.

Fat Chef Kitchen Canister Set of 4

This wonderful set of kitchen containers are perfect for gift set. Made of ceramic containers in the shape of chefs is a great idea to store sugar, pepper, salt or other spices that truly have at hand.

Signature Housewares Sorrento Collection Set of 3 Canisters
Julia Lambertify

Capacious canisters for various storage purposes, with simple decorative detailing, finished with plain cream/ivory antiqued glaze (other colors available). May be used in microwave and cleaned in a dishwasher.

Vonshef Clip Top Jars 4 Piece Canister Set Stainless Steel Storage Jars

This is a set of four storage jars in modern style - they'll fit great into any kitchen or pantry. All piece of the set are made of stainless steal with satin finish. They can be use to storage tea, coffee or sugar.

Oggi 4 Piece Stainless Steel Canister Set with Airtight Acrylic Lid and Clamp
Roberts Heather

This four piece set is perfect for storing all sorts of kitchen staples such as cookies ,salt ,sugar, etc. This canisters are made from stainless steel with elegant satin finishing. The lids are made from clear acrylic, Easy openin and closing of this canisters is guatanted by solid clamps.

Canister sets for kitchen 17
Bianca Weberable
Polder Stainless Steel Window Canister Set with Lids
Holly James

This sensational set of containers for food storage is the perfect solution for your kitchen. Made of stainless steel and glass are very solid and practical. Accommodate your favorite ingredients like pasta, raisins, nuts or beans.

Anchor Home Collection 4-Piece Ceramic Canister Set with Clamp Top Lid and a Wood Spoon, Black
Cassandra Patterson

A ceramic canister set (black finish with silverish metal hardware) providing functional storage space and neat decoration at the same time. Very easy to wipe clean with damp cloth. Closed with metal clamps. Wooden spoons included.

Kitchen canister set of 5 in blue on cream enamel
Catherine Martin
Set of 3 Round Clear Glass Airtight Bail & Trigger Canisters with Locking Clamps - 1-3 Kitchen Jars Set - Food Storage Containers
Maria Fost

Add this amazing 3-piece set of clear glass canisters to your kitchen and enjoy the new-found order and style they bring along with them. You can easily view the contents of the jars, while they offer you a unique storage possibility.

Barcelona canister set traditional food containers and storage
Megan Hen
Set of 3 Glass Barrel Design Canister Jars with Tight Lids for Kitchen or Bathroom ~ 36/46/56-oz Food Storage Containers
Robinson Layla

Stylish canister jars with tight lids, perfect for storing food, eg. flour, sugar, pasta or for use in the bathroom. Geometric shapes rendered in glass fits perfectly with modern interior design. Jars are a great decorative element.

Kitchen food storage food storage containers window canister set
Old Dutch International Copper Clad Stainless Steel Hammered Canister, Set of 4
Christine Reed

Set of 4 cans of gold color with lid and handle. Each can be painted, which makes it resistant to deleterious raids. The elegant style of the set will not only use in the kitchen, but can also take place in the bathroom, as the box on the little things.

Trattoria canister set multi warm set of three
Bush Eliza
Villeroy boch french garden kitchen canisters set of 3 02
Thompson Alyssa
Canister sets for kitchen
Simsbury 3 Piece Canister Set

Simsbury 3 Piece Canister Set

Chalkboard 3-Piece Canister Set
Wilson Gabrielle

Chalkboard 3-Piece Canister Set

4 Piece Wavy Square Canister Set

4 Piece Wavy Square Canister Set

Home marche de fleurs canister set multi pastel set of
Caswell Canisters (Set of 3)
Lindsey Harris

Caswell Canisters (Set of 3)
Sugar, coffee, tea...and you can have your soiree even today. These lovable canisters come in a set of three. They have that rustic feel - they look very classic and a bit old, even if they will arrive in a fresh condition - it is their charm.

Kitchen canister sets regarding kitchen just
Tara Gosselin
3-Piece Canister Set
Carmen Milani

3-Piece Canister Set
Bring an old-world charm to your kitchen with this 3-piece canister set. Each canister has a wood lid and features its own content label with vintage lettering. You can safely keep there any food. Square shape makes them tuck nicely together.

Olde Country Food Safe Canisters (Set of 4)