Candle Sconces Contemporary

Well, such elements might not be the most important thing in your house. Still, as evidenced by these photos, such candle scones might prove to be quite an elegant addition to your house. Discover all the offers presented here and choose something for yourself. There are a lot of possibilities so don’t rush.

Candle sconces contemporary

Contemporary candle sconce for wall mounting. This candle holder brings a touch of rustic style into modern and contemporary indoors. Its clear glass cover provides protection for a candle and assures good illumination.

Iron Sconce (Set of 2)

Iron Sconce (Set of 2)
Classy though simple contemporary candleholder for pillar or votive candles. It's crafted of black-finished welded iron and consists of 5 ringlets in 3 sizes and a bowl-like bobeche. It matches most interiors and must be hung vertically.

Candle sconces contemporary 20

Form sculputred wall sconce contemporary candles and candle holders

Wall pillar candle sconce set modern abstract contemporary design metal

Wall Pillar Candle Sconce Set Modern Abstract Contemporary Design Metal Romantic
Cast iron is a refined material for the creation of abstract, geometric forms of wall candle sconces in contemporary style. They have the form of long glass tubes, combined with elegant wood frames and circle accents.

Contemporary candle wall sconces

The classic dining room with the impressive wall lighting. The multipoints little lamps make the impression as they are the little candles. The lights mirror on the convex bricks, what makes the atmosphere more romantic.

Gorgeous Indian Metal Glass Wall Candle Sconce

Candle sconces contemporary

Large modern candle wall sconce 9 holders metal contemporary brown

Large Modern Candle Wall Sconce 9 Holders Metal Contemporary Brown Finish Decor
An eye-catching large modern wall candle sconce. It's composed of a dozen or so size-varied overlapping squares and rectangles of brown-finished metal wires with wider plates here and there. Low round bowls accommodate clear glass candle holders.

Limestone candle sconce contemporary candles and candle holders 1

Limestone Candle Sconce Contemporary Candles And Candle Holders
An extraordinary candle sconce in a modern design. It's an irregular piece made of limestone with small glass panels. Plenty of metal candle sconces are attached to it and the panels magically twinkle in the light of the candles.

Modern candle sconces

Wall candle sconces modern

Candle sconces for bathroom

Candle sconces contemporary

Contemporary candle sconces

Contemporary bronze candle sconce by herve van der straeten from

Modern candle sconce 16

Candle sconces for modern indoors. These elements of design provide small level of light and they also play decorative roles in the house. Their black frames for wall mounting are durable and neutral, so they match any home design.

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Modern candle sconce 5

Something different to ordinary candle sconces; accessories if this kind are usually conflated with traditional style. These candle sconces are contemporary, almost industrial, as their appearance is rather rough. Silver brushed metal is their whole charm.

Candle sconces home depot

Candle sconces for modern indoors. Their sleek design includes metal wall fixture and metal candle dish for a glass vessel. These decorative elements are also resistant to different forms of damage and wear.

Chrome candle sconce

Vintage cast iron wall sconces danish

Vintage Cast Iron Wall Sconces Danish
Modern candle sconces made of durable cast iron. These black wall sconces are designed for wall mounting. Their durable construction allows for holding elements that feature large weight. They also play decorative roles.

Candle sconces contemporary

IMAX Forte Sconces, Set of 2

Set of two candle wall sconces. Made of black wrought iron and glass. Very nice modern design. Enjoy the warm light of candles every time you enter the room. Perfect addition for any home decor.

Modern wall candle holder 3

Candle sconces contemporary 23

Candle sconces contemporary 14

Candle sconces contemporary 16

Candle sconces contemporary 18

Candle sconces contemporary 5

Candle sconces contemporary 1

A modern wall art with utility factor: rectangular dark colored frames with mirror inserts hold tealight candle sconces. Candles light is reflected by mirrors, creating a glittering, multidimensional visual effect.

Circles candle sconce set of 2

Circles Candle Sconce Set Of 2
A touch of modernity and style in any home decor. These candle sconces are made of iron that looks attractive. These products are also durable. Each candle holder measures 5 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 16 inches high.

Estelle Metal Sconce (Set of 2)

Estelle Metal Sconce (Set of 2)
This awesome and stylish metal sconce would be a perfect decoration for every kind of house, no matter if you prefer modern or traditional style. Check it out now and enjoy its extraordinary functionality!

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Modern wall candle holder

Candle sconces contemporary 15

Candle sconces contemporary 17

Contemporary candles and candle holders jpg

Candle sconces contemporary 19

31 wall sconces designs for dressing up your hallways 1

Candle sconces contemporary 21

Candle wall sconce modern wall sconces by candle wall sconce

Modern candle sconce 1

Pretty vintage candle sconces of iron finished in gold and bronze. One of them resembles a stoup, 2 others are roundish, have textured surfaces, irregular indented edges and are equipped with a small candle holder on a thin curved arm each.

Candle sconces contemporary 22

Wall sconces 11

Candle sconces contemporary 24

Wood Sconce (Set of 2)

Wood Sconce (Set of 2)

Pescara contemporary rustic iron and glass candle sconces

This shell design candle wall sconce would suit both contemporary

Candle sconces contemporary 25