Cabinet Door Stop

How about buying a door stop? Those that you can have a look at below, have already proved to be a functional element for a lot of people and what do you think? In case you like them and are looking for similar solutions, why not check out the models that are presented down here?

Home House Door Cabinet Bookcase Arbitrary Stop Supporting

Functional and versatile stop for door, cabinet or bookcase. It is made from high-quality nickel plated metal that is extremely sturdy and durable. Features adjustable braking arms. Can be set to stop to about 30 degree to 300 degree.

FastCap Euro Door Stop for Inset Doors White 10-piece

10-piece set of door stops made of sturdy Nylamax. Camming action allows for fine adjustment. They are quick and easy to install with one screw (included). Designed to be used with European cabinets.

Cabinet door stop

Box of 10- 3-3/4" Projection Oil Rubbed Bronze Spring Door Stops

This element is a door stop that assures safety for doors and walls. It protects from impact damage. This type of element is made of metal with a very interesting oil rubbed bronze finish. It has got a spring construction.

Cabinet door stops

Why not opt for bumpers to stop the cabinet doors from banging and keep them safe and secure? This is the option that will surely allow your furniture to last many years more and keep them in perfect shape.

Cabinet door stop

Designers Impressions Satin Nickel Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 3576 - 10 Pack

Pack consisting of 10 adjustable doorstops, which are perfect for majority of standard doors. Each of the pieces is made of heavy duty metal and features satin nickel finish. The doorsteps are perfect for hitting wall with door.

FastCap Euro Door Stop for Inset Doors Brown 10-piece

Zamac/Steel Magnetic Door Stop and Holder

Zamac/Steel Magnetic Door Stop and Holder
It is a magnetic door stop and holder that is made of steel and is available in many color options to choose. It is a perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, bathroom and more.

Designers Impressions White Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 7135 - 10 Pack

Pack of ten adjustable door stops with high gloss white finish. The stops are perfect for protecting doors from hitting wall and they're attached to hinge on door. Additionally, they are made of high quality metal.

National Hardware V8024 Hinge Pin Door Stop in Antique Brass

Practical contemporary on hinge-mounted door stop for protection walls against hitting. It's crafted of cast metal with a brass finish. It's equipped with a steel adjusting screw and elements of white rubber and plastic.

Designers Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stop w/ Rubber Tip : 2546

A simple, small, but very useful door stop designed for installation near the wall. It has got a rubber tip that will not damage the doors. It is a high quality product that protects walls and furniture from damage caused by doors.

Prime-Line Products J 4540 Door Wall Stop, 2-1/2-Inch Diameter, Concave, Brushed Stainless Steel

It is wall stop that has got a steel cover and round rubber bumper. It protects your walls from knob damage. If you looking for a solid and nicely finished wall stop, you need to choose this one.

Box of 10- 3-1/8" Oil Rubbed Bronze-HEAVY DUTY Spring Door Stops

Cupboard door stoppers

Handcrafted Rosewood Door Stopper or Holder Owl Shaped

Owl is a symbol of wisdom, sees everything. This cute wooden door stop in a form of owl will definitely recognize the good interior of the house. Owl is handcrafted, made of rosewood. She will bring home only good people.

Cabinet door stop

Cool and clean design mixed with functionality - these are the features for which we love IKEA. This BESTÅ storage unit combines doors and running drawers (with drawer stops to keep them in place), constituting a modern, stylish addition to your living room.

Cabinet door stop 1

A simple, yet elegant chest of drawers in an elegant and minimalist design. It features slim, metal legs and four drawers which are equipped in functional dampers that guarantee slow, quiet and soft closing.

Cabinet door stop 2

Cast Iron Door Stop

Cast Iron Door Stop
It is a special object of iron, which is used to stop the door. It protects them in this way from hitting or knocking against the wall. It is also a very nice door stop. It has the shape of an elegant, large shells.

Crane and Turtle Cast Iron Turtle Door Stop

Crane and Turtle Cast Iron Turtle Door Stop
It is a crane and turtle door stop that is a beautiful accent piece. It has got a cast iron construction and old world finish. If you looking for great door stop you need to choose this one.

Railroad Spike Door Stop

Railroad Spike Door Stop
Functional door stopper made of durable metal in rustic lacquer finish providing a reliable way to hold the door open without damaging the wall. Easy to install and remove, versatile and sturdy utility item.

Designers Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 4461 - 10 Pack

A very small, but very useful item created for the purpose of door stopping. It protects walls and pieces of furniture from impact caused by door opening. This product can be atttached to hinge on door.

Design House 204776 Hollow Hinge Pin Door Stop, Satin Nickel Finish

This door stop in a satin nickel finish is crafted from durable zinc, and is able to hold your door as effectively as it should. The piece is easy to install, easy to use, and prevents your door from hitting walls.

Red cabinets 8

Set of kitchen furniture consisting of a lot of drawers and cabinets in various sizes. It is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Traditional form and timeless style.

Barn red kitchen cabinets

I like this practical and attractive kitchen design. It includes wooden cabinets with simple, rectangular shape that match any design. Red finish of these cabinets looks very attractive. Practical drawers and cabinets assure plenty of storage space.

Kwik Fix Damper Cabinet Door Soft Close

Designers Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Lite Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 7242

This professional door stop is characterized by quality material construction, in an oil rubbed bronze finish. The door stop features a black stopper tip that protects your walls from getting damaged. Easy to install and built to last.

Red cabinets

Moody and romantic setup for an elegant kitchen with vibrant wooden cabinets coated in dark red paint. The kitchen island and counters are all fitted with dark, granite surfaces which provides a complementary appearance.

Black Plastic Magnetic Chest Cabinet Door Catch Latch Pair

Black latches pair for magnetic door, cabinets, chests. They are made of solid plastic and magnet and come with versatile design. They are super easy to install and ready to serve your for years. They keep all the doors secure.

Red and black cabinets

Add some colors to the traditional designed kitchen. This red cabinets provide some positive energy in your kitchen, makes it look more modern and stylish, offering a lot of storage space at the same time.

Red cabinets 5

With this lovely and wide structured hutch you will be able to provide more than enough space for your kitchen or dining area, letting you organize and display your china collection, while the red hue of the wood finish adds some warmth and appeal to any space.

Designers Impressions Polished Chrome Spring Door Stop w/ Rubber Bumper: 1935 - 10 Pack

A very simple, but useful element that serves as a door stop. It has got a rubber bumper that protects doors from damage. The product protects walls from damage caused by opened doors (marks, cracks, etc.).

Red bathroom furniture 4

Being a refurbished china cabinet, this red storage cupboard can be a unique linen cabinet. Its mirrored fronts reveal 4, adjustable shelves, creating a considerable storage space.

Stanley Hardware V8023 3" Spring Door Stop in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Three inch long spring doorstep with base plate that detaches from the spring during installation. Additionally, it features wide base, which provides better spring support, and bumper made of steel and rubber.

Military Challenge Coin Display Case Cabinet Rack Holder Stand Box w/ UV Protection, Black

This product features a distinct military style and is available to you in multiple finishes, including cherry, walnut, oak and black. This piece also features a wooden frame with see-through door to protect the coins you wish to display!

National Hardware V8024 Hinge Pin Door Stop in Oil Rubbed Bronze

A functional and solid element that protects walls from being hit by doors. This door stop is designed to mount on a door hinge and it is equipped with solid steel adjusting screw that is very easy in use.

Violin Display Case Cabinet Wall Rack w/ UV Protection- Lockable, Black

This curio cabinet features a sturdy frame, hand-crafted from beech hardwood and covered in a black finish. Also includes a hinged acrylic door with 98% UV protection, a felt fabric background, brass hardware, and lockable latches.

Designers Impressions Antique Brass Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 7853 - 10 Pack

This set includes very functional door stops that are safe and easy in use. The product is made of antique brass that looks nice in any decor. This heavy duty construction is resistant to excessive wear and damage.

56 Zippo Lighter Display Case Cabinet Holder Wall Rack -Black

This curio cabinet features a sturdy frame hand-crafted from beech hardwood and covered in a black finish. Also includes a clear glass door, a fabric background, brass hardware, and accommodates up to 56 Zippo lighters.

SOSS Magnetic Door Holder & Stop Satin Nickel

Thanks to the functional magnet, this door holder holds your door as effectively as it should, even when wind blows. The piece is easy to install, easy to use, and covered in a satin nickel finish.

Kohler K-2967-BR1 Aluminum Cabinet with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Framed Mirror Door, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

This type of product is an aluminum cabinet created for the purpose of storage of different elements in a bathroom or other indoors. It features bronze framed mirror door and an overall construction that is very solid.

Designers Impressions Polished Chrome Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stop w/ Rubber Tip : 2113 - 10 Pack

This element is very small and it looks very stylish in any decor. Of course it has got a functional role, because it serves as a door stop mounted in the floor. It is an element that has got a heavy duty construction.

Box of 10- 3-3/4" Polished Brass HEAVY DUTY- Spring Door Stops

Box with ten doorstop made of steel and featuring polished brush finish. Additionally, it features 3.75 inch long projection and the set includes mounting screws. It's a great addition to any interior interior, as the item prevents wall from getting damaged.

Panasonic NN-SN651B Genius 1.2 cuft 1200 Watt Sensor Microwave w/Inverter Technology

A very functional piece of euqipment designed for a kitchen use. It is a microwave that features a very reliable mechanism. The product has got a nice black color, so it also looks very stylish in any decor.

Under Shelf Wire Rack Basket Kitchen Organizer - White - Easy to Install (12 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 5 1/4")

This tiny organizer is a real marvel when it comes to the organization of space in the kitchen. It is very easy and simple to install, virtually everywhere will fit. It is a useful solution for small items that need to organize.

Box of 20- 3-3/4" Projection Oil Rubbed Bronze Spring Door Stops

Stanley Hardware 75-6310 Rigid Door Stops With Holder

This is a door stop that prevents movement of doors caused by wind or other factors. It is made of solid metal with a stylish antique brass finish. The overall size of this small, simple, but useful element is 4.75" H x 1.32" W x 3.72" D.

Cabinet door stop chain

Cabinet door holder