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Lighting is surely one of the most important things in all houses. That is why this collection is a treat for many people, perhaps even you. The main question that you now stand before is which style, shape and size would be the best offer for you? Check out all of them.

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Original and industrial styled light. Its double pulley frame provides space for hanging four light bulbs. This element provides light at night and it also increases interior aesthetics at day thanks to its unique appearance.

Rustic chic industrial chic lamps and furniture rustic chandeliers montreal

Rustic Chic Industrial Chic Lamps And Furniture Rustic Chandeliers Montreal
Rustic chic & industrial lamp. The base of it is made from clear rustic wood. Dozen of lightbulbs hang on wires out of it as the stars. They give very soft and warm, but stable light. Imagine your dining room with a ceiling decorated with these.

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Now you can add this track lighting to your gallety or even to your household, making sure it illuminates the entire hallway easily and makes it stand out with class and elegance. It sports a simple design that is easy to match with any possible decor.

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The black track lighting ideal for the modern kitchen or a fancy restaurant. The lamp contains 4 bulbs on the long wires winded around the horizontal bar mounted unter the ceiling. The length of hanging wires depends on your fantasy.

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It's as unbelievable as one lamp,is able to - make your world more beautiful. Many small single lampshades spread out on a metal frame, besides, three bigger lampshades hang from it, on larger ropes. with the same design. We call it track lighting.

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Home depot track lighting hampton bay

An aesthetic modern track LED lighting which can be mounted a.o. on walls, ceilings or under hanging cabinets. It has a simple thin long rectangular frame of black finished nonconducting metal materials.

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Gimbel 4 Light Track Light

Gimbel 4 Light Track Light

Track lighting home depot

This 5-light pendant is a truly amazing choice for when you need to opt for something with a rustic feel to it. It will light up your interior beautifully and is suited well for the kitchen islands, bars or even commercial settings.

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Track Light

Track Light
This track light is the perfect way of turning the light in your house or restaurant to the ideal angle you're going for, making it much more convenient that the usual lighting solutions and a more durable one.

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Mid century glass pendant

Mid Century Glass Pendant
A high quality pendant made of durable glass. It not only provides light, but it also looks very attractive in different decorative styles. It has got a solid metal frame and an adjustable height. It measures 15"diam. x 32"h.

Shay 3 Light Track Light

Shay 3 Light Track Light
Modern style wall fixture with three lights. The item is characterized by satisfying quality and versatile style. It sports classic silver finish. Works well in many applications, from entryway to bathroom.

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5 Light Track Light

5 Light Track Light
Pretty functional contemporary lamp for 5 up to 50W halogen bulbs. Its snaky fixture, short straight arms and round canopy are of bronze-finished metal. The canopy doesn't have to be mounted in centre. Adjustable cone shades are of white glass.

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Eridan 6 Light Track Light Kit

Eridan 6 Light Track Light Kit

GK Lightrail 5 Light Kit with Acid Etched Shade

GK Lightrail 5 Light Kit with Acid Etched Shade

Ip20 class i commercial track light 70w track light 30

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High power led track spot light 55 60

4 Light Track Light

4 Light Track Light

Wave 6 Light Track Lights

Wave 6 Light Track Lights

Wac lighting wac lighting hht 1102 low voltage track heads

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