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This collection will certainly be a treat for those looking for artistic solutions. Thanks to the photos presented below, you will have a unique chance of choosing from a very wide range of stained glass panels. Those unconvinced will have many opportunities to change their minds – different designs, colours and patterns.

Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Coloured glass panels
Tara Coll

77 bevels were used to design and handcraft this stained glass panel. The sunlight dances between the bevels making it a beautiful decoration of your garden. The panel was made of leaded glass, which is not copperfoil and that makes it more durable.

Stained glass front door panels
Patterson Gracie

These stained glass panels constitute an interesting proposition to enhance your bathroom. Depiction of a large crab evokes associations with the seaside, nautical style. Adds summer warmth and brightness to the space.

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Price Stephanie

This mermaid stained glass panel is a perfect solution for big vendor spaces or cozy kitchens. Made of multicolored glass panels that let the rays of light bright up the whole room and fill it with warm colors.

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Kathleen Barnes

Winter Horses Metal-Frames Stained Glass Window Art Panel 19.5 W X 10.5 H Joan Baker Designs APM212 by Joan Baker Designs,

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Andrea San

Inspired by Victorian style, this beautiful window panel can be a colorful decoration for any home. It's made of 40 rectangle pieces of stained glass embedded in a rustic metal frame with distressed finish. Dimensions: 84'' x 46''.

Star wars stained glass patterns
Roberts Isabelle

A classic window could also be a piece of art. Even if the stained glass windows are popular mostly in the sacral architecture, in a normal household it also looks gorgeous. The birds motive shows the connection with nature and is the most appropriate for the terrace window.

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Alison Cook

Blues Large Reclaimed Wood Window

Tiffany style stained glass window panel

Stained Glass Nautical Window Tropical Sea Starfish by HelioGlass, $95.00

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Watson Margaret

Stained Glass Transom Window Agate Nuggets Suncatcher Abstract Panel

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folksy buy sea to sun stained glass panel

Southwest stained glass window panel is hand crafted customizable
Samantha Clar

Southwest stained glass window panel is hand-crafted & customizable ...

Half round stained glass window panels
Mackenzie Milani

A beautiful stained glass window panel with lead frames. It has a tall frame of narrow rectangular tiles in an amber-yellow shade. Inner frames are filled with size-varied rectangular and square tiles with various patterns and dark red accents.

Stained glass window panels
Patterson Alexandra

Art: Beveled Stained Glass Window Panel by Artist Phil Petersen

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could adapt this for a cool outside display using mismatched glass lids and plates

Stained glass mint green modern

Stained Glass Mint Green Modern.

Clearly lovely modern clear stained glass

Clearly Lovely: Modern Clear Stained Glass

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Cynthia Phil

Octagon Stained Glass Panel Sun Catcher Blue 13" by FantasticDecor. $29.99. Buy multiple items, save on shipping. Gorgeous Tiffany-style sun catchers will send sparkling light throughout your room. This stunning sun catcher is part of our glamorous collec

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Catherine Jac

Mission Style TenTriangles Blue/Green Geometric--10" x 28"-Stained Glass Window Panel--

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Maryland Crab round stained glass window Panel by TreasuresOfLight, $200.00

Coloured glass panels for doors
Alexis Milani

This small stained glass panels will refresh your room during every season. Six little birds will be the best gift for the family members. It can be dangled on the window or on the wall in every room.

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Abigail Wrightful

Available now. Discount pricing. "Jolly Rancher" stained glass panel

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Made of stained glass decorative panel is an excellent way to create an attractive interior. Beautiful colors and captivating motifs combine perfectly with doors, windows, and mirrors. Easy fixation makes it easy to arrange.

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Patricia Wright

Monkey Stained glass night light cover. Remember to look for our rotating plug on our website!

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Reflects light, gives energy and color to the interior of the house - or will be a beautiful garden sculpture. Made of stained glass, in the shape of a triangular tower, presents cobalt, differently roundness circles which are dancing on the stained glass.

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Patterson Gracie

This beautiful stained glass window is a masterpiece, which shall be appreciated not only by the fans of nautical art. It shall bring energy and vividness wherever it will be used. It's made of acrylic glass with the size of 14 long x 11 wide.

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Rivera Marissa

This window panel features a half round shape. Its frame is made of solid metal and it is also made of art glass available in different colors. This product is 18 inches tall x 35 inches wide x 0.25 inch deep.

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Mackenzie Poly

Stained Glass Lighthouse Panel by StainedGlassYourWay, $90.00

Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel

Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel
Beautiful stained glass panel featuring gorgeous avian inspired motif depicting various birds sporting vividly colored feathers while sitting on a bar. This decorative item comes with iron chain to enable easier set-up.

Starfish stained glass pattern
Smith Sara

A truly wonderful, handmade stained glass panel. The center of it is characterized by vintage crystal plates. The frame is in a vibrant color of teal green colors that will beautifully sparkle in the sunlight.

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This panel is 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide and is perfect for an office, bedroom, kitchen, (great that hard to buy for friend or relative) or

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Krystal Bail

FLW Ennis Decorative Window Film

Stained glass window panel with vintage green sandwich plate
Krystle Brya

Stained Glass Window Panel with Vintage Green Sandwich Plate

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Stained Glass Mermaid Large 12 Suncatcher

Stained glass buy
Mackenzie Milani

Love this 'stained glass' look - would it work with a birch? Maybe in various shades of blues/teals and white & yellow (as apposed to multi coloured)

Ginkgo Stained Glass Window
Olivia Smithist

Ginkgo Stained Glass Window
It is a very beautiful and extremely decorative stained glass. Very impressive and extremely beautifully presented. It is very decorative element. Stained glass is in the form of the window. Shining light through it very interesting highlights images of stained glass.

Reclaimed glass panels
Adriana Andersson

Modern art on your patio. This glass stained panel will be perfect and eye-catching decoration on your patio. Made from glass , unique designs, reflect on the sunlight creating the magnificent reflexes.

Peacock's Sunset Stained Glass Window
Anderson Marisa

Peacock's Sunset Stained Glass Window

Veterinary Stained Glass Window
Campbell Monica

Veterinary Stained Glass Window

Victorian stained glass panels
Alyssa Wilsonify

It is a product designed for people who have a fireplace in their house. This screen protects the house from the fire and decorates the fireplace area. It is made of art glass and metal. Its whole construction is very durable.

Calla Lily Stained Glass Window
Sara Harr

Calla Lily Stained Glass Window

Stained glass panels wayfair 3
Jaclyn Jen

Stained Glass Panels | Wayfair

Dragonflies Dance Stained Glass Window

Dragonflies Dance Stained Glass Window

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Boba Fett Stained Glass Window by mclanesmemories ~ Star Wars home decor

Meyda tiffany meyda tiffany spring woods window x 53927 spring
Shannon Lewis

Meyda Tiffany - Meyda Tiffany Spring Woods Window X-53927 - Spring ...

Portfolio window and doors stained glass small dragonfly panel
Ashley Hal

... > Portfolio > Window and Doors > Stained Glass Small Dragonfly Panel

Stained glass window panel 18 x 18 round 9037 30

Stained Glass Window Panel 18'' X 18'' Round {9037-30}

Available aqua chinese long life beveled and stained glass panel
Laetitia Anderson

... Available > Aqua & Chinese Long Life Beveled and Stained Glass Panel

Blue cathedral glass and clear beveled flower stained glass panel
Stone Caroline

... Blue Cathedral Glass and Clear Beveled Flower Stained Glass Panel

Peacock's Paradise Stained Glass Window
Mega Leahbrown

Peacock's Paradise Stained Glass Window

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His Eye is on the Sparrow Stained Glass Panel