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The reception area in any commercial building pretty much sets the tone for how clients and guests will feel about the host, so it’s vital to make a positive first impression. The collection below features some inspiration for how to organize the reception area of your business, including places to buy reception desk furniture.

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Cool silver/metalic reception/lobby desk. It would suit a beauty salon as well, or haidresser. Very minimalistic design, no heavy patterns nor emblemats. It means you can stick any print you want.

Curved l shape reception desk salon desk retail cash desk

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Ikea reception desk ideas

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Reception desk shabby chic salon counter retail cash and wrap

Reception Desk Shabby Chic Salon Counter Retail Cash And Wrap
A luxury stylish reception desk with a wooden frame and low curved legs in off-white. It has a rectangular moulding top and side walls with top cutouts. A front panel is padded and upholstered in elegant off-white pleather with deep button tufting.

Small reception desk beauty salon

You love french inspirations and you daydream about some exellent french element in your hotel or office interior? Get you one! Beautifully quilted, front desk reception,has ottoman-like upholstery. The shade of pink, velvety, is glistening from a distance .

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Such a great setup for a salon reception. A very popular reception desk in a beautiful, modern rendition with a smooth, marble surface on the top with a traditional, very elegant overhanging chandelier.

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An elegant and functional reception desk in a graceful curved shape, which will look good even in the centre of the room. It features a plain front while the inner part is equipped in plenty of storage shelves.

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A great contemporary reception desk having a staple-shaped frame (with a bit recessed panels) of wooden materials in grey with subtle gold undertones on fluted corner posts (with carved top parts) and edges. A marble-like top is in beige shades.

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Reception Desk Addition

Reception Desk Addition
Wooden reception desk with silverish finish lines in between the wooden parts. Ideal as reception desk or trades desk. It looks very stable and heavy, but in fact it's not that massive. Cool interior design idea.

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Small reception desk for salon

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Reception desk ikea

This modern-looking reception desk embodies style and luxury. Its rounded shape along with use of high-quality materials, like wood and chrome reveals that it is designed for prestigious interiors.

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Small reception desk for beauty salon

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Rectangular Reception Desk

Rectangular Reception Desk
Rectangular reception desk with plexiglass panel (looks like frosted glass) on front and two sides. It is constructed of sturdy wood with dark cherry finish. It contains one wooden shelf. of 250 lbs weight capacity.

Ikea reception desk

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Bali Square Reception Desk

Square Reception Desk

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Napoli Rectangular Reception Desk

Napoli Rectangular Reception Desk
Simple-lines and practical construction are the main features of this reception desk. This modern Italian stylization with clean lines and neutral colors provide large working space and its lower area includes three storage shelves.

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Aberdeen Series L-Shape Reception Desk

Aberdeen Series L-Shape Reception Desk

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ALEVA327236MY - Valencia Series Reception Desk w/Counter

Valencia Series Reception Desk with Return

Valencia Series Reception Desk with Return

Price 2 00 buy with 2 clicks

Alera VA354224MY Valencia Series Reversible Return/Bridge Shell, 42 x 23-5/8-Inch, Mahogany

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By metal stand offs and a recessed metal base

The mayline csii is a durable all steel desk at

Circular Reception Desk

Circular reception desk 2

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