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Liquour cabinets can also be nice, which might be a bit surprising for some people. Feel free to discover all the models that are presented below, and see if any of these shapes, colours and designs would fit well into your house. But browse through all the available photos first.

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Bar cabinet made of wood. Includes a lot of compartments in various sizes for storing bottles and accessories. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and elegant design.

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A fitting piece to become a real focal point of your interior - this silver armoire sports a stunning look and is sure to amaze all with its glossy finish and ornate carvings, while the metal structure withstands decades of use.

Modine bar

Modine Bar
A veryinteresting product that will update the decor and improve the functionality of a home bar or dining area. This standing bar features a very large storage space for the storage of wine and other drinks and glasses.

Lockable liquor cabinet

This large wooden locked liquor cabinet will perfectly suit your living room. The possibility of locking the cabinets' doors is perfect to safeguard your collection. Locked cabinet is so stunning because of its simplicity.

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Even the best equipped mixologists should be pleased with enormous storage capacity of this classic wooden liquor cabinet. It can store up to 22 bottles of wine and many more goods. Good news: it's lockable.

Dining room 154

Dining Room
A finely crafted shadow box is a swell idea for enhancing bars, dens, kitchens, and dining rooms. Made of durable wood, the box is able to endure many years of usage, granting at the same time a chic place to display your liquor bottles. You can easily hang it on your wall.

Cheap liquor cabinet

A luxury traditional liquor stand made of wood with a warm brown finish. It has 4 tall thin round section tapered legs. A cabinet is equipped with 2 lockable mirrored doors with shelves, a glass shelf and a mirrored back with a diamond design.

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Wine cabinet consisting of glasses, holders, drawers, compartments and a lot of open shelves for storing bottles of wine. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Locked bar cabinet 4

Vietti Bar Cabinet

Vietti Bar Cabinet
Become inspired by this stunning bar cabinet. It is ideal for mixing your favorite cocktail and the elegant metal handles with brushed nickel finish add classy and elegant look to it, while the spacious compartments allows you to store everything neatly.

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Mini liquor cabinet

Howard miller arden hide a bar liquor cabinet

Whiskey cabinet for sale

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Cherry wood liquor cabinet

The beautiful cherry wood construction creates a unique liquor cabinet that delights the details. The whole is based on high legs, has plenty of storage space, drawers, bottle dividers and glass holders.

Living room bar cabinet

This cabinet can be a perfect bar spot in your living or dining room. Its cool and clean design embodies modernism, creating a fashionable, stylish addition to your interiors. A great way to present your collection of alcohols.

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Liquor cabinet cheap

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Steamer trunk bar cabinet

This is not a simple wooden cabinet. It's your cabinet bar. For a roomy mixing service you just need to pull out the shelf. A practical space for wines, spices, accessories needed for the party. It takes up little space and you can open it when you want.

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Rochelle Cabinet

Rochelle Cabinet

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Evolution Bar Cabinet

Evolution Bar Cabinet

Baxton Studio Baltimore Bar Cabinet

Baxton Studio Baltimore Bar Cabinet
It is a bar cabinet that has got a wine storage and classic, simple and elegant design. It is a fantastic addition to any dining room area, kitchen and bar. Everyone will tell you how cool this cabinet is.

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How to turn a console stereo into a liquor cabinet

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Continental wooden locking liquor cabinet no key post 1950 156310

Washington filing cabinet

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Globe drinks cabinet black

Mini liquor cabinet

Save howard miller devino hide a bar liquor cabinet

Mini liquor cabinet

IDeal to store one's cognacs or wines, this mini liquor cabinet will help you incorporate a bit of the traditional classy and classic refinement to your living room decor. It features a bottom drawer and large front doors concealing a glass rack or a rotary round shelf.

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24 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack

24 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack

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