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House numbers presented below are pretty unique and stand out from typical house numbers design. With these house numbers one has a chance to make his house slightly more original and eye-catching on the outside.

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If you want to stylishly distinguish your house from the others, check out this sleek, modern led house number lights. Perfect for contemporarily designed estates. Available in various sizes.

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Metal address letters 2
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Funky design for a house number plaque, perfect to bring in a new, refreshing addition to the front of your house. This one is made with a matte iron base with a black coat of paint and golden numbers which give it an elegant vibe.

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Stone house numbers address plaque lawn stake
Avalon modern house numbers

Mark the address of your home with style, using those handmade, scrolled numbers designed of wrought iron and bathed in a pitch black finish. You can easily attach them to a rock, without worrying they will rust, chip, or crack while being exposed on weather conditions.

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House number lights

This is really important to keep the house number on the same style as a facade. The image's coherence guarantees that it will look great. This kind of modern numbers will probably look good on the plain, simple wall surface.

Cute house numbers
Craftsman house number plaque

Plaques with a house number is an element that adds some elegance to the house facade. You can do such plaques on your own. You just need a wooden board and a black and white paint, which can be used outdoors.

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A cool DIY-made growth chart for kids. Its created from a long wooden slat painted in green. Inch and foot lines are marked with a white paint. Large decorative Arabic numerals fixed to a slat ary simply house numbers of silvery coated metal.

Magnetic address numbers

Multi-color, mosaic house number that looks very attractive. It not only decorates outdoor walls, but it also provides information about house number. These numbers are large and readable from distance.

Cool house numbers
House numbers and mailboxes

For everyone looking for the house numbers that will instantly catch your guests attention this is the choice to make - a set that is both open and unobtrusive, while the style is simple enough to blend in with any setting.

Signo House Number

Signo House Number
Designed of stainless steel for maximum durability, this House Number in Silver Finish can withstand weather conditions, therefore is also suitable for outdoor use. The number can only be mounted on flat surfaces.

Cast House Number

Cast House Number
This impressive and made to custom order number on the house is a perfect solution for you. Made of steel, iron and plastic are solid and very durable. This simple method ensures transparency and ideal for on a daily basis.

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Metal house sign

The you decide to organise your home in the contemporary style or the decorations outside should also fit. This number sign made of rusted metal perfectly catch the idea of the modern decoration style.

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Avalon 4.5" House Number

Avalon 4.5" House Number
A zinc house number. Weather resistant material. Amazing modern design based on circular shape. Well made and attractive way to locate a number on your house or gate. Letters are available as well.

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Diy mid century inspired house numbers
House numbers pumpkin topiary an easy fall front porch project
House number plates stainless steel

Creating a smooth transition between the modern and the past, this wood and metal number plaque will help you distinguish your house, creating a refined appeal. Of course each of the orders can be customized, adapting to one's individual needs.

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