Bunk Bed With Slide And Tent

Here's something which will make your kids not leave their room. Take a look below and check out the bunk bed with a slide and a tent. They are great pieces of furniture which combine functionalities on just a few square meters. Wish I'd had one when I'd been a kid. Check out my collection!

Loft bed with slide ikea

Great bunk bed, which turns into a tent- castle full of space to play during the day. It has safety ladder for easy climbing and slide which will make a lot of fun while getting upfor your children.

Bunk bed tent covers

A truly nice and fun bunk bed that ensures your children have both an extremely comfortable sleeping space and can have a bit of fun thanks to the amazing slide that makes getting out of bed in the morning much easier.

Bunk bed with slide and tent

Bunk bed designed for kid's room. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with slide and ladder. Traditional form and modern design for each home.

Bunk bed with slide and tent

Setting up tents in room, building forts-we all remember. This wooden bunk bed with slide made of pine wood will combine these dreams into one. Because it has a red tent at its base that connects to the form of a bunk bed.

Bunk bed with slide ikea

A cosy loft bed with a frame of wooden materials in white. It has straight posts with onion finials, full both a headboard and a footboard, simple rails. It's equipped with an upright ladder, a slide, fabric curtains-walls in pink and yellow.

Metal loft bed with slide

Toddler bunk bed with slide

A fabulous bunk bed which is also a playhouse for kids. The top of it is a twin bed with a castle-like canopy in a blue color. The bottom part might also be used as a bed or just a comfort zone. The unit features a slide too.

Bunk bed with slide and tent

Schoolhouse Twin Princess Loft Bed w/ Slide, Perfect for Your Girls Bedroom Furniture Set

Ikea loft bed with slide

Bunk beds with staircase 1

Orange paisley bedding 5

Junior Twin Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder & Slide

Junior Twin Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder & Slide
This is a wonderful bed with ladder and slide - the dream of every child. The space under the bed can be exploited to store and the rest of the room will remain an ideal place for fun. A whole set fulfills all safety requirements.

Bunk bed with slide and tent

Have to have it. Princess junior twin loft tent bed with big slide. I love bunk beds, and this one looks super charming and adorable. Cool velvet purple and white color mix rocks. And check out this cute little velvet carpet.

Princess Twin Castle Loft Bed and Slide with Tent and Slide

Princess Twin Castle Loft Bed and Slide with Tent and Slide
Adorable gift for little girls, this Princess Twin Castle Loft Bed with Slide & Tent features durable microfiber fabric with gorgeous mix of white, pink, and purple finish. The castle is also enriched by a Princess Tower with peek through, and fold down window cover.

Midsleeper bed with slide

Ikea kids bed with slide

How to turn a bunk bed into a fort

An aesthetic though simple loft bed made of wood with a natural finish. It's equipped with plain horizontal rails and an upright ladder. Its lower part is screened with curtains of patternless pink fabric and can accommodate e.g. a play kitchen.

Twin size tent loft bed with slide and slat kit

Twin Size Tent Loft Bed With Slide And Slat Kit
A perfect product that provides a play space in a kid's bedroom. It is a twin-sized bed that doesn't require a box spring. It is 78 inches wide x 91 inches deep (with slide) x 43.25 inches high. The tent under the bed gives plenty of space to play.

Cool minnie natural midsleeper boys kids bunk bed with orange

Loft honey finish with optional tent tower and slide loft

Loft bed with tent and slide

2011 bunk beds for kids with slides and tent

Coaster bunk bed with slide and tent multicolor

Tent slide bed

Kura bed with slide

Beds with slides and tents

Tent bed ikea

Bunk beds- this is what we all love. This one is a bit different - it's made out of tent. Cool and light idea of space saving. Ideal for kids room. Beautiful dark aqua marine color makes it look fantastic.

Ikea kids loft bed with slide

Coaster bunk bed with slide and tent 1

Twin over twin with tent and slide

Kayla midsleeper bed ahh love

Bunk bed with slide and tent 1

Loft beds with slide and tent

Kura bed slide

Curtain Set for Loft Bed

Curtain Set for Loft Bed
Cool contemporary curtains for boy kids' twin beds with rectilineal frames. They're crafted of durable blue, red and white polyester and are stylised in a fort. They serve to screen an underbed playing or storage area.

Low Loft Bed with Slide

Low Loft Bed with Slide

Coaster Kid's GI Child Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent, Twin Size

A funny and attractive set including a 2-person bunk bed, a slide and a tent. Metal construction is styled to an army theme. A vinyl slide and a cloth tent in army-green colour. Designed for boy bedrooms, can be excellent for childish war games.

Teardrop with slide out very cool to connect with us

Tent bed with slide

Bunk bed slide ikea

Maxtrixkids stacker cp low bunk bed with staircase on end

Boys twin tent bunk bed with slide blue green powell

Low loft bed with slide and tent in cherry finish

Castle tent loft bed w slide under bed storage blue

Bennington Low Loft Tent Bed in Honey with Top Tent Configuration: Low Loft Bed with Tent and Slide

Smile twin over twin low bunk bed with straight ladder

Mission Twin Low Loft Bed with Tent and Stairs

Mission Twin Low Loft Bed with Tent and Stairs
Cool contemporary loft bed for kids. It features a top tent and a curtain in a form of a castle in brown, grey and green. A bed has an arched top, horizontal guardrails and a built-in staircase. It's crafted of wood with a brown finish.

Twin over full bunk bed with slide

Donco Kids Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide - Light Espresso, Blue Tent, Wood, Twin Loft Bed