Boxwood Topiary Trees

Perfect for indoors and outdoors alike, boxwood topiary trees are such a cute way of adding greenery to your space. Whether it’s larger pieces that frame your entrance or smaller plants to put on your mantelpiece in a terracotta pot, boxwood always brings a great deal of freshness and visual interest into your home décor.

Faux indoor trees 13

If you want a boost of green and vibrant color in your interior then this DIY boxwood topiary is surely the way to go around it, since it provides plenty of elegance and adds a certain amount of charm to your household with its natural look.

Boxwood topiary trees

Two wooden boxes with plants. There are topiary trees and white flowers. This set will look incredible both in the garden and every interior, but it will fit perfectly to insert near your front door.

Boxwood topiary trees 1

The heavenly mix of topiary and soft planting makes your garden an utterly eye-catching and cozy space. Incorporate yourself a bit of this Mediterranean planting style.

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Tall ceramic planters 19

Tall ceramic planters with neatly cut topiary trees - something to bring a lush accent of greenery to a porch. The boxwood topiary trees also draw attention to front door out of hand. The planters are ceramic, finished gray.

Beauchamp Triple Ball Shaped Boxwood Topiary in Pot

Beauchamp Triple Ball Shaped Boxwood Topiary in Pot
Beautiful contemporary artificial plant stylised in a boxwood. It's quite realistic and tall. A stem and twigs are of brownish plastic but 3 'balls' of green leaves are of silk. A cylindrical pot is of black plastic.

Boxwood topiary trees 3

These boxwood topiary trees will accentuate any garden or interior with their stunning looks and will provide a tool to complete the decor of any home easily. The boxwood is original and is a sure alternative to the regular planter.

Faux bay tree

Some stunning ideas for indoor and outdoor topiaries. You can arrange the plants in countless ways to give your space the breath of freshness. Decorative pots can also be an important accent of the room.

Boxwood topiary trees 29

Boxwood topiary trees 7

Tall boxwood topiary

Wonderful, spiral topiary that will give your front door a dignified character. It looks really elegant in solid stone vases, which ideally match beige, distressed tiles on the ground. You can often change the cut of the plants.

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TWO Pre-potted 24" Ball-shaped Boxwood Topiary. In Plastic Pot

Boxwood topiary trees 2

Decorative topiary trees in wooden box. Adds freshness and modernity to all kinds of interiors. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Artificial boxwood trees

Fresh and classy design for an entrance to a gorgeous, antique mansion with a set of decorative topiaries in front of it. The triple ball, artificial boxwood trees provide a fine detail together with the ceramic planter bowls.

Boxwood topiary trees 33

This set of boxwood topiary trees constitutes a magnificent addition to your garden or backyard. Re-blooming hydrangeas and front with boxwood which would continue around and frame the southern magnolia will create a fantastic composition.

Outdoor christmas topiary decorations

Now you can have a stunning embellishment of your garden, that oozes with fine craftsmanship and timeless appearance. Beautifully sculpted and durable, those eye-catching topiaries are just perfect for growing in them your neatly trimmed greens.

Boxwood topiary trees 31

Boxwood topiary trees

Hedges and topiaries

Boxwood topiary trees 5

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Summer wreath for front door

Beautiful wreaths on the door is an interesting way to create an elegant entrance of the house. The stylish and very simple boxwood topiary tree design delights and creates a unique combination around the door.

Boxwood topiary trees 23

Topiary trees for sale

Artificial boxwood topiary trees

Boxwood topiary idea. Artificial topiary trees are really cool and very decorative. This box is made from wood, hand-rubbed to make it look a bit oldish. Ideal for your favourite decorative trees in the living room or garden.

White topiary trees

I like this "Groomed for Success" garden area as the boxwoods keep the garden looking good year around. Cool boxwood topiary trees. When you don't know how to decorate your backyard, this would help.

Boxwood Round Tapered Topiary in Planter

Boxwood Round Tapered Topiary in Planter
This is decorative, decorative tree, which looks very nice both in the living room, as well as in any other place. Of course, the tree is the perfect solution for those who do not always remember about watering your plants, but want a little green at home.

Boxwood topiary trees 19

Boxwood topiary trees 24

Private garden in richmond surrey structural hedging a focal pond

Boxwood topiary trees 14

42 inch in outdoor boxwood 2 ball topiary trees silk

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Boxwood topiary trees plants 15

Boxwood topiary trees 26

Topiaries if the edge of my back yard were to

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Silk Decor 4-Feet Tri Ball Boxwood Topiary Plant, Green/Two-tone

Boxwood ball topiary

I have the same hydrangea tree i bought it when

48 inch mini boxwood square topiary tree with round plastic

Front porch trees

A long-lasting decoration for outdoor areas such a spatios, gardens, porches, and backyards. This set of different size topiaries is massive, stable, and weather-resistant, perfect for growing various types of luscious greens.

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Artificial topiaries for front porch

Topiary tree in wooden pot. Great addition for porch, garden, patio and others outdoor places as needed. It is resistant to weather conditions.

Boxwood topiary trees 30

Boxwood tree preserved 16 31 16 tall 7 wide natural

Boxwood topiary trees 32