Boom Arm Floor Lamp

Feel free to get familiar with these floor lamps. As you will see in a moment, all of them are charming in their own particular way. That is why we strongly recommend you to get to know all these models, and see if any would make for a nice addition to your house.

Boom arm floor lamp 2

A pretty stylish floor lamp featuring a metal frame with a coppery finish. It has a round stepped base, a tall thin height adjustable stem, an adjustable tilted arm with a ball finial and a regulated hemispherical lampshade on the opposite ends.

Boom arm floor lamp 4

Floor lamp in bronze, with boom arm that both defines the contemporary style (with alluring industrial bent) and contributes to practical functions. This indoor lighting product can be complemented with other lamps from this style series.

Boom arm floor lamp 11

Boom arm floor lamp 21

This wonderful lemon interlace Giclee Boom arm floor lamp constitutes a refined proposition for contemporary interiors. Adding a smooth glow, it will illuminate any bedroom space.

Boom arm floor lamp 14

Boom arm floor lamp 5

Boom arm floor lamp 6

If you are looking for a solid and stable floor lamp, this Mini Architect's boom arm shall arouse your interest. Its regulated arm offers a wide variety of possible settings, adapting to your personal needs and preferences.

Boom arm floor lamp 16

Boom arm floor lamp 30

Boom arm floor lamp 32

Boom arm floor lamp

Boom arm floor lamp 8

Boom arm floor lamp 17

Boom arm floor lamp 44

Boom arm floor lamp 3

Original lamp in industrial style. Design for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of metal and fitted with swing arm. Adds freshness and modernity to each room.

Boom arm floor lamp 7

A slight controlled confusion arose here - this pedestal boom arm floor lamp shines on two sides. All of this thanks to a strong metal construction consisting of two arms opposite each other with black metal modern lampshades and warm light.

Boom arm floor lamp 9

Boom arm floor lamp 10

Saturday Morning Bridge Arm Floor Lamp

Saturday Morning Bridge Arm Floor Lamp
That being prepared and very impressive floor lamp is a wonderful decorative detail for each type of interior. Beautifully made lampshade and a solid metal base makes the whole coherent and very stylish.

Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Swing Arm Floor Lamp
Classic floor lamp ideal for traditional interiors. Its tall sleek base with a round foot are finished in brass. A lamp features a swing arm. A bell-like shade is made of solid creamy fabric. It has a 3-way switch and requires 1 at max. 150W bulb.

Boom arm floor lamp 12

Boom arm floor lamp 13

Boom arm floor lamp 15

Boom arm floor lamp 18

The dezinez english shutter tripod floor

The Dezinez English Shutter Tripod Floor
Floor lamp in vintage style. Triple base is made of wood and reinforced with metal chain. Lampshade gives warm tone of light. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and timeless style.

Boom arm floor lamp 19

Photographers tripod floor lamp

If you’re looking for a handy addition to your bedroom vanity cabinet, take a look at this mirror frame with a lining of LED lights on the rim, which makes it way easier to do your makeup in the morning when it’s dark.

Boom arm floor lamp 20

Photographers tripod floor lamp 5

Photographers Tripod Floor Lamp
A solid tripod lamp, designed for professionals, will be useful in any photographer's studio. Its unique design, inspired by the golden age of cinema, features among all a frosted glass diffuser and an on/off switch located on socket.

Boom arm floor lamp 22

Photographers floor lamp 1

One of the most modern proposals in the category of quilted couches. Snow-white leather upholstery extends to the extra high panels surrounding this couch. They take into account the privacy that is needed today. Photographers floor lamp gives a perfect light.

Photographers floor lamp 6

Floor lamp with a durable tripod base. This photographers lamp is a great element of different types of interior design. It features stability, support and its adjustable head assures the appropriate level of light.

Ahoy 1 Light Floor Lamp

Ahoy 1 Light Floor Lamp
A functional and stylish piece of light. This 1-Light Floor Lamp in Silver & Brown Finish is characterized by a 3-legged design for good stability, and an adjustable head for convenient usage. The light is strong and well-focused.

Floor lamps 241

Floor Lamps
If you would like to prepare a sensual session in the pin-up style, you definitely needs a proper equipment, which faces this requirements. It could be used as a prop, but also provides enough light for your photos.

Boom arm floor lamp 26

Boom arm floor lamp 27

Boom arm floor lamp 28

Boom arm floor lamp 31

Boom arm floor lamp 33

Boom arm floor lamp 34

Boom arm floor lamp 35

Boom arm floor lamp 36

Boom arm floor lamp 37

Boom arm floor lamp 38

Boom arm floor lamp 39

Boom arm floor lamp 40

Boom arm floor lamp 41

Boom arm floor lamp 42

Boom arm floor lamp 43

Lite Source LS-8635AB Rhine Halogen Floor Lamp, Antique Brass