Book End Tables

End tables can actually prove to be a piece of furniture that is both practical and nice looking. This is especially the case when it comes to the models shown below. They are not the same when we speak about their shapes, sizes and designs, but they are all quite pretty and have inspired many customers.

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Book end tables
Thomas Colleen

Don't get deceived by the first look. If you'll look closer, you'll see that it's not a simple pile of books. Actually, it is a very unusual piece of furniture. Book end table from 1940s delights with inimitable style and condition.

Stacked book end table
Craven Zoe

Create a really fun and original end table for your household with this piece that sports the book base on top of which a round, glass top is situated, making for a nice addition for any living room.

The Lord Byron Wooden End Table
Lambert Abbey

The Lord Byron Wooden End Table
For all book lovers and bookworms - with fondness for classic interiors and medieval styling. The book novelty end table consists of vertically arranged and horizontally old stylized books. In addition, it is supported on wooden, round legs

Brownlow End Table
Michelle Long

Brownlow End Table

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Crystal Pri

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Unique tables that look like stacked books
Jenna Mar

Unique Tables That Look Like Stacked Books

Wooden end tables with glass tops
Heather Robi

Any bookworm won't resist a designer's table like this. Round glass top is rather not surprising, but the base reaches beyond expectations: it mimicks a stack of old books. An immediate conversation starter!

End tables with glass tops 4
Chloe Hughesful

The base of this fantastic table is made from stacked old encyclopedias, while the top is a 20"dia. piece of glass. This small roundtable shows how ingeuine contemporary design can be.

Details about stack of books side end lamp table 4
Esther Mor

Details about Stack of Books Side End Lamp TABLE 4 Drawers 15.5" Tall

Leather Books End Table
Lauren Martinezify

Leather Books End Table
Ingenious modern end table looking like a pile of thick black leather-bound books. It has a wooden frame, low black legs, brown sides, leather-covered front panels and a rectangular top. It has 4 back-like drawers opened by side edges pulling-out.

133 maitland smith style stacked book end side tables
Lisa Ramirez

133: MAITLAND SMITH style Stacked Book End Side Tables

End tables made from books

End Tables - made from books

Coffee table made from books
Lily Cravenable

This set of book end tables edging the couch constitutes a practical, yet elegant proposition, which may fit into almost every contemporary living room. Surrounding the coach not only covers up the back of it, but also creates a handy library.

Master way377 jpg
Valerie Eva


Book end tables
Amber Kell

I've encountered designer's "books stack" end tables a couple of times. In fact, there's nothing wrong in just stacking your own collection of books next to a sofa to make them serve as an ingenious book themed side table.

Book end tables
Gina Whi

Unique and very practical end table made of old books. It provides space for some decorations, flowers or other items. It features books of the same size for good level of stability. These books are available in different colors.

Coffee table made of books
Tiffany Wood

Pallet Magazine Rack / End Table. Great way to organize school supplies, art work, art supplies, homeschool books. Organization by days of the week. Endless possibilities here

Altra Furniture Hollow Core End Table
Denise Brya

Altra Furniture Hollow Core End Table

Coffee table made out of books
Alexis Milani

table made from old books - what to do with old books: Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor

Bookcase table
White Stephanie

Simple, functional end table is an excellent way to set up an office or bedroom, as it can be used as a bookshelf or night table. The whole finished in white is versatile and stylish. The shelves will accommodate many books and more.

End table books
Caitlin Cox

Open shelves in neutral form. Designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Ideal for storing books, display decorations and more. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Table top book shelf

Re-purpose six magazines (and that's all you need—no glue or scissors required!) into this plant stand. It takes about ten minutes.

End table bookshelf
Monica Perr

Wide book case made of wood. It contains a lot of open shelves in various sizes. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more. It can be used as room divider.

Bookshelf end table
Denise Wils

Excellent for enchanting contemporary rooms, this fashionable end table is space-saving, sturdy and elegant. Crafted of espresso-finished wood, the table comes with a narrow top, 5 open compartments, and a flat base for stability.

Books as side tables
Torres Colleen

Books As Side Tables

Megara End Table I
Meghan Ramirez

Megara End Table I
This is a very elegant and dignified end table. Perfect for a traditional, old-world interior reminiscent of the French style. The table has two levels which significantly increases its practical applications.

Book stack table
Gina Morris

What a little house of perfection!!! I love these as bedside tables! Cute overload!

Book end table
Bianca Weberable

An extraordinary shelving unit in a vintage style. It's a combination of asymmetrical shelves randomly piled up from the floor to ceiling. They offer plenty of storage space and they come in a vivid, purple color.

Bay Shore Modern End Table

Bay Shore Modern End Table

End table looks like stacked books
Tara Gosselin

Which vintage style end table is your favourite? I'd pick the rosy pink painted one in the middle perhaps (next to quaint style, it offers three types of storage options). Love the pastel color palette. These can of course easily become bedside nightstands too.

Side table made of books

Vintage Book Crafts

Coffee table looks like stacked books
Jenna Edward

The North End Loft: Stuff I Love

Table top bookshelf
Gray Rachel

book end table...why didn't I think of that? Links goes to something different but I think this is easy enough without directions!!

Stacked books side table
Jennifer Nels

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." C.S. Lewis

Book lover end table functional art colorful collaged table on

... Book Lover End Table - Functional Art - Colorful Collaged Table On

Coffee table that looks like a stack of books
Patterson Gracie

You can find old file cabinets at second hand shops for dirt cheap; makes a cute book holder, no?

Table made of books

This kind of element is a solid end table made of wood with a black finish. It has got two shelves with storage baskets that are good for toys, remote controls, books and other useful items. This functional table looks great in any decor.

Diy round coffee table ideas
Aloma Garcia

What goes around comes around! Pick your favorite book from round book end table, which can be also a coffee table. As we know there is nothing better than coffee with a book. Base on wheels, with round shelf - it was made of wire wooden spool.

How about these end tables on etsy bet some of

How about these end tables on Etsy ? Bet some of you could make them ...

59 faux book stack end table
Roberts Isabelle


Globeimports combook look storage table
Thomson Marisa

globeimports.comBook Look Storage Table

Carved painted book stack theme end table
Jacqueline Tho

Carved & Painted Book Stack Theme End Table

Cable spool bookcase
Leah Butler

I need the reader's nightstand in my bedroom! I really like reading before the sleeping time. This nightstand has four shelves for books and magazines, and it fits to any corner.

Power of Books Sculptural Glass-Topped Small

Power of Books Sculptural Glass-Topped Small

Jameson End Table

Jameson End Table
Featuring straightforward linear design, this end table provides stylish simplicty and sturdiness. It features corner blocked wooden construction with tongue and groove joints and features pull-out platforms add marginal space.

Stacked Volumes Sculptural End Table

This beautiful end table will prove both functional and extremely original with a design of the base that features a faux set of old books, giving your room an instant old-fashioned look and providing a welcoming addition to your household.

Book end tables
Nelson Lindsay

Book end tables

Book end table 1
Lindsey Bail

Book end (table)

Metal Bookend Pair Complete Book Care by Benzara

This unique book care is designed of black iron and brass brown, representing a gorgeous bicycle design. The piece is actually consisted of two parts that firmly keep your book in place, when joined together.

Stacked book side table
Meghan Diaz

Tardis bookshelf. The fact that it has at least 2 Harry Potter books on it makes it better.