Blue Glaze Ceramic Table Lamp

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Courtney ceramic table lamp base 1

Courtney Ceramic Table Lamp Base
Table lamps with rounded ceramic bases that look like vases. Handcrafted terra-cotta clay base is not only stylish, but also resistant to wear and damage. Traditional shade perfectly matches different colors and styles of bases.

Blue ceramic table lamps

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This blue glaze ceramic table lamp is a refined proposition for all sophisticated interiors. Its alluring mosaic composition will add a charming glow to the space, delighting with its gentle, elegant character.

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 39

Table lamp in vintage style. Base is made of high quality ceramic and finished with gold accents. Ideal as bed side lamp or additional source of light to each room as needed.

Evelyn gourd ceramic table lamp base

Evelyn Gourd Ceramic Table Lamp Base
Classy and yet just a bit more original thanks to the glaze ceramic structure of the base - this table lamp will make for a nice option for your living room or even the master suite, adding that needed boost of color.

Glazed ceramic table lamps

Pair of mottled blue glaze ceramic lamps

Lighting table lamps a pair of blue and green glazed

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 28

Ceramic table lamp with textured scrolling details and a metallic

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 8

An aesthetic though simple contemporary table lamp featuring a cylindrical tapered upwards gumdrop-like stem crafted of purple and white ceramic over a round metal core. A narrow cylindrical lampshade is of plain white fabric.

Courtney ceramic table lamp base 2

Courtney Ceramic Table Lamp Base
Untypical lamp without lampshade. Instead of kickstand, there is old-fashioned ceramic vase or pot. It has metal lampshade holder. This strange table lamp will be fit to kitchen or especially to pantry.

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 38

Blue glaze tapered column ceramic table lamp 2

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 24

Elysia table lamp ceramic blue glaze finish treasurecombers

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Blue glaze ceramic table lamp

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 1

Table lamp that will suit any cottage style home decor. Empire style shaped upholstered in fabric, paired with enchanting ceramic bird decoration at the base turns this lamp into a great addition to cottage style home decor.

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 21

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 23

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 3

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 7

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 22

Serta french country red ceramic table lamp print shade 27

Serta French Country Red Ceramic Table Lamp Print Shade 27 H
Featuring a wonderful, red, ceramic amphora as the base, this table lamp with a print shade is a perfect representation of the antique style. Evoking associations to ancient Mediterranean countries, it will embellish any classic interior.

Triple gourd table lamp in steel blue

Red ceramic table lamp 8

A pretty traditional table lamp featuring a vase-shaped base of glazed plain red ceramic on a round foot and over a thin stem with a ball finial of gilt metal. A cylindrical lampshade is of patternless white fabric and houses 1 standard bulb.

Red ceramic table lamp 4

A cool traditional table lamp featuring a bowling pin-shaped base crafted of glazed patternless vivid red ceramic. A conical lampshade, accommodating 1 standard bulb, is of plain fabric in a slightly lighter shade than a base.

Vintage lipstick red ceramic table lamp

Vintage Lipstick Red Ceramic Table Lamp
Cranberry color - how to use it to get an elegant look? It can be used in the form of an additive - e.g. a cranberry red ceramic table lamp with an original form. Inspired by the 60s. It has an elongated gourd, a coral shade, and a rounded wider base.

Red ceramic table lamp 6

A little courage will help you choose a lamp with a red ceramic stem, which is stylized in oriental style with cut-outs like windows in the princess's tower. Glazed finish and shade with a bright color will delight you and your interior.

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 36

Vtg pair mid century retro black red ceramic table lamps

Vtg Pair Mid Century Retro Black Red Ceramic Table Lamps W Fiberglass Shades
Pretty retro table lamps featuring squarish tapered upwards stems of glazed dark brown ceramic adorned with small red geometric motifs. Cuboidal tapered upwards lampshades are of fiberglass in red-pinkish tones with thin irregular accent lines.

Large oxblood ceramic lamp

Large Oxblood Ceramic Lamp
If you love unique, original gadgets, you should insert this lamp in your home. It has untypical kickstand made of brown, ceramic vase and metal base. It will play its role the best especially in dining room.

Large white ceramic table lamp

A pretty traditional table lamp featuring a spheroidal base crafted of quality white glazed ceramic. A classic cone-shaped lampshade for 1 bulb is made of plain snow-white fabric with reinforced edges.

Large ceramic table lamp les deux potiers

Large Ceramic Table Lamp Les Deux Potiers
This important and hand-thrown, modeled lamp base offers the deep shades of blue of its structure and will make for one of the most stunning options for your interior for when you want to go for refined elegance.

Large ceramic table lamp 3

This large ceramic table lamp enchants with its creamy finish and beautiful reflected floral motives. Sleek, white finish makes a timeless creation, fitting well into all refined spaces.

Large ceramic table lamp 11

Large table lamp with a durable and beautiful ceramic construction. This element of design stands on a round base in black color. Its white ceramic construction is paired with a drum shade finished in neutral white color.

Large ceramic table lamp 19

Large ceramic lamp statue that looks like a real person. This statue is finished in white color and it is able to improve aesthetics of many different interior stylizations. It is also resistant to damage.

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 9

Benzara 63533 Coastal Fish Metal Wall Nautical Decor Sculpture

This unusual and very atmospheric wall decor made of metal is an excellent solution that will change the design of the entire interior. Adorable shoal of fish can give the interior a maritime climate.

Ceramic 28" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Ceramic 28" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This simple and intriguing table lamp is gonna perfectly match every kind of space, no matter if you prefer modernity or tradition. Check it out and enjoy a unique look and extraordinary functionality!

Mid century orange glazed ceramic lamps

Mid Century Orange Glazed Ceramic Lamps
Mid century design and orange glazed ceramic base characterize best this unique table lamp. Solid, high-quality materials will provide durability, enhancing the room with a warm glow for long years.

Orange ceramic table lamp 19

Simple table lamp with a durable and stylish base finished in orange color. It supports a traditional drum shade finished in white color. This neutral stylization looks good on tables in many types of rooms.

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 29

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Retro mid century atomic orange ceramic table lamp

Retro Mid Century Atomic Orange Ceramic Table Lamp
Often times we go back to the colors of the 50s and 60s and their design ideas. This orange ceramic table lamp has a very sunny orange atomic color and a form of a hand-crafted column. In this case, on the top there is only a light bulb,without the lampshade.

1960s pop orange ceramic table lamp

1960s Pop Orange Ceramic Table Lamp
Some live, saturated colors from the 50's and the 60's will be useful in today's subdued interiors. This ceramic table lamp is made of orange-colored ceramic in the shape of an ornamental column. It is topped with a white shade and placed on a silver base.

Short 15" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Short 15" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This amazing lamp will look stunning on your nightstand table or in just about any other room of the house with the light, versatile finish. The material on the other hand is durable and will withstand heavy use for years to come.

Blue glaze ceramic table lamp 30