Blue Canvas Wall Art

Indigo, teal, azure, navy - experience the mesmerizing ocean of blue on your wall. Blue canvas wall art is what will add a calming effect to the interior. Tonal plays, abstract designs and intriguing brush strokes - add some art to your space. We've collected some inspiration below.

Yulia Thompson Interior Design Expert
Large abstract wall art

Contemporary abstract wall art with blue and gray color prevailing; the print resembles flower or sunburst with dark navy centre and gradient rays/petals in blue, gray and white. The artwork is displayed in rectangular frame.

Blue canvas wall art

Decorate your living room wall with this navy blue and lime green wall art set, with a "Home Sweet Home" sign and eye-catching patterns. Each picture uses as a base a durable canvas and is very easy to mount.

Canvas art blue

Decorate your contemporary home with this eye-catchy piece of modern wall art with stripe pattern and an "eat, drink, be merry" sign. It consisted of 6 canvas pieces with a lovely mix of gold, pink, and navy.

Blue canvas wall art

I am a big fan of modern and contemporary art, I love the abstract accent pieces. My husband bought for me this wall art which has the large size, green, blue, sky blue, turquoise, sea, ocean and water colors.

Blue canvas wall art

Depicting a waterfall, this gorgeous blue canvas wall art is a proposition for those, who like abstract art. Painted in a unique technique, it comprises multiple, colourful spots to create beautiful mosaics.

Blue canvas wall art 1

This abstract blue canvas enchants with the tropical, beach appeal it creates. A great addition to contemporary living rooms or bedrooms. Warm beige and sky blue add a warm appeal to the space.

Dark blue wall art

A great decoration for bringing to your home or office gorgeous, tropical accents and create some positive atmosphere. This abstract artwork features beach / ocean design, hand-painted on a durable canvas.

Blue canvas wall art 4

Zen is a philosophy in which a harmoniously arranged and the ordered interior is essential so that it can promote relaxation.Create it by blue canvas wall art inspired by the Orient in strong colors of fuchsia, blue thanks to this colorful composition.

Blue canvas wall art

DIY wall art made using recycled old canvas. Blue paint in various shades was spilled mostly randomly over the canvas, and then a thick brush helped to create streaks for weaves / ocean depth like effect. Pretty cool.

Blue canvas wall art 1

Contemporary bedroom using monochrome layout - mostly white, off white and gray, plus some natural wood - with just one bold accent breaking up the apparent monotony, namely an oversized blue canvas wall art. Pretty!

Santin Art-Hand-Painted Oil Paintings on Canvas Stretched and Framed Modern Abstract Wall Art Landscape Paintings for Wall Decorations Home Decorations C81
Blue canvas wall art

Art has no borders,neither from the ancient times of Picasso or today's artists. A contemporary blue abstract wall art in pastel shades of sky and sand.Who knows, maybe it refers to the Arab world and the sands there with the hopes that come from the blue sky.

Blue and gold wall art

A fine piece of modern art made on canvas by layering blue hues such as white, mint, turquoise, and navy. The decoration is made of three pieces and can be a great focal point for your home as well as for your office.

Blue beach starfish seascape canvas painting by artsolutely i could
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Blue and white art

I just love this jellyfish painting. Nautical themes are great for fish restaurants or seaside houses. This wall art here is both intriguing and cheerful at the same, perhaps because of the colours used and the motif itself.

Navy blue and white wall art

Designing a modern, minimalistic interior? Then we’re sure that you need proper wall art. This right here is both interesting and calm. The composition of teal, grey and brown colours will soothe you're never and improve your everyday frame of mind.

Blue canvas wall art 11

Go for a beautiful dendelion painting like this one that sports the light blue finish of the entire art and will make for just the perfect way of accenting your interior, brightening it up a bit and introducing some serene calm to it.

Paintings on canvas 11

Transform your home or office into a tropical sunny beach with azure blue ocean waves by using this beautiful canvas painting. It can be a great focal point and a perfect way to relax during stressing work hours.

Yosemite Home Decor YA100178B Circles II Hand Painted Abstract Wall Art

Art does not have one name, if in painting you like the most abstraction but back to tradition - it's a work of art made with watercolor and acrylic paint. Blue canvas wall art in the colors of blue, with beige circles you will definitely like it.

Grey and blue wall art

A simple but charming wall art handmade of jute canvas in natural colour wrapped over a rectangular wooden frame. It shows a cute little bird sitting on a tree branch with lots of leaves and flowers. An image is painted with an white acrylic paint.

Blue canvas wall art 1

A wide, beautiful flower that impresses with its delicate leaves. All its volume and the beautiful color of the blue sky have been immortalized on the blue canvas wall art creating a blue image, perfect for any interior.

Blue and white canvas art

Wall art on canvas in abstract form. It is mounted on wooden strips. Lovely addition to the living room, bathroom, bedroom and more. Simple form and modern design.

Highlights of New York Skyline Graphic Art on Canvas

Highlights of New York Skyline Graphic Art on Canvas
An amazing graphic art on a durable and strong canvas, offering some great style and uniqueness to any room of your choice, especially with the colorful additions on the New York Skyline. It will work in almost any setting.

Blue hydrangea wall art canvas print
Portfolio Canvas Décor Large Printed Canvas Wall Art Painting, 30 by 40-Inch, Water Trees, Framed and Stretched Ready to Hang
Blue canvas wall art

Blue canvas wall art is a great way to decorate your bedroom, hall, bathroom or living room. Lovely motifs of trees and birds with original contrasting colors will bring a peaceful and very cozy mood.

Navy blue wall decor

Thanks to this blue canvas wall art, you will have a beautiful decoration for your office. Choose this blooming beauty for a great focal point and for enhancing your decor with an artistic splash of modern elegance.

Blue green wall art

An attractive wall art for your home or office, consisted of 3-piece canvas. The painting displays a leafy tree branch with two lovebirds on a colorful sky background. It can be a great focal point for your decor.

Blue and white wall art

Phenomenal 3D wall art with rose theme on polka dot background. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors. Received many positive recommendations from clients for good workmanship and charming look.

Navy blue canvas

The captivating combination of beautiful motifs, subtle bright frames and charming style that combine these canvas wall arts makes the interior an impressive style. Whole looks phenomenal and stylish.

Globetrotter Wall Art Set

Globetrotter Wall Art Set
Attractive latterday 2-piece wall art printed on quality canvas stretched on wooden frames (they’re utterly covered). This set is presenting a map of the world in dark blue against a white-greyish background. Both parts must be hung vertically.

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'Cafe Terrace at Night' by Vincent Van Gogh Painting Print on Canvas

'Cafe Terrace at Night' by Vincent Van Gogh Painting Print on Canvas
A magnificent painting print on canvas that represents the cafe terrace at night. This is a perfect decoration for all kinds of interiors, especially those darker ones. Be aware that the actual colors may vary from those shown on your screen.

Bird painting very large painting love birds wall art sky
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Portfolio Canvas Decor Large Printed Canvas Wall Art Painting, 35 by 35-Inch, City Lights, Framed and Stretched Ready to Hang
Vintage french chic blue peacock canvas wall art canvas prints
SZ HD Painting Canvas Print for Home Decoration, Framed, Stretched - 4 Panels Blue Beach and Boat Painting Wall Art - 12"x12"x4pcs, High Definition
With mockled abstract background 40 4 panel canvas wall art
Blue canvas wall art 13
Eat drink be merry wall art pack of 6 canvas
Japanese Tree Canvas Art by John Black

Japanese Tree Canvas Art by John Black
This astonishing Art Wall was created by artist John Black, and it pictures a beautiful Japanese tree during Autumn season. The reproduction is printed on a high quality canvas, with vibrant colors and detailed shape.

Art wall john black origins of life in blue canvas
Piece abstract blue white floral oil painting gallery wall art
'Serenade in Red' by Rio Painting Print on Canvas

'Serenade in Red' by Rio Painting Print on Canvas
This print on canvas is a great piece to decorate both your home and your office, and features a beautiful landscape of red trees. The canvas is gallery-wrapped, meaning; the canvas is stretched to the extent where the canvas wraps around the sides, sitting tightly inside of a hidden, wooden frame.

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