Black World Globe

Black world globes make an eye-catching decoration to the interior. Browse below and check out the sugesstions. They come in different designs and sizes and can really add character to a room. Love them! Would it be something for your home or business? My favourites are vintage and come with a refined white lines. Check them out!

Black world globe

The dream of all travelers in the house or the arrangement of globetrotter interiors - stylish black world globe. Presented here is a black-and-silver corpus showing the water reservoirs of the world in black and the continent's lands on a gray-silver color.

Black globes

Traditional and functional world globe finished in black and metallic silver colors. It stands on a round metal base with a stylish chrome finish. This globe has got an educative function in any house.

Black world globe 4

Black world globe 2

Authentic models vaugondy 1745 black world globe antique reproduction

Authentic Models Vaugondy 1745 Black World Globe Antique Reproduction
This black world globe is a great antique reproduction, designed to enhance all refined interiors. It will add a classy, chic ambiance, fitting well i.e. to executive offices.

Mikado Slate Gray World Globe

Mikado Slate Gray World Globe
Modern styled, innovatively designed world globe with silver metallic continents and black oceans, standing on untypical, minimalist styled stainless steel base. The design is a winner of Advancing Design and Innovation Award, 2005.

Black world globe

Unique style for an antique, old-fashioned globe with an unusual, cute twist. The globe pictures an old-school world map with pink used instead of blue to mark water, which provides a nice contrast with the dark, wooden frame.

Black world globe 13

Black world globe 7

Black world globe 1

Globe floor stand

World globe on a stand

Black and white world globe

Black world globe 10

Moonlight Globe

Moonlight Globe
The traveler can not imagine that the world globe could be missing from the house. And if he loves modern solutions, he will benefit from the elegance of this black world globe with the exact topography of the world that will shine in the dark.

Torre & Tagus 901749B Latitude World Globe, Black

Black world globe 2

A globe that is painted with chalkboard paint by The Pleated Poppy. Excellent thing that can be used as a gift for your friends. Looks extraordinary and intriguing.

Green stacking chairs 9

Black world globe 12

Black and silver world globe

Man Holding the World Globe

Man Holding the World Globe
Unique decoration with a silver sculpture of a man holding the black oceans world globe in a big silver bowl. Perfect to decorate the desk or display table. Made from aluminium with plastic components.

Unique Art 10-Inch by 6-Inch Black Onyx Ocean Table Top Gemstone World Globe with Gold Tripod

Elegant Wood and Metal Globe

Elegant Wood and Metal Globe

Black marble world globe award w flat bottom gold continents

Black world globe 6

Black world globe 3

Replogle Globes Mikado Globe, Slate Gray Ocean, 12-Inch Diameter

Black and white globes

Black world globe 9

World globe

Black world globe 17

Mova 4 5 copper black globe on small crystal base

Black world globe 18

George f cram universal terrestrial globe

Disk base onyx desktop world globe from artline globes

Black world globe 19

Elegant Metal Wood Globe with Contemporary Elegance

Elegant Metal Wood Globe with Contemporary Elegance

Black world globe 20

Black world globe 21

Gemstone Globe

Gemstone Globe

Unique Art 6-Inch by Black Onyx Ocean Mini Table Top Gemstone World Globe with Gold Tripod

Black world globe 22

Black world globe 23

World globe black on

Globe on stand

Black world globe 24

Black world globe 3

Replogle Globes Viking Expedition Pike Floor Standing World Globe, 16"

IMAX Man Holding the World Globe

AMZ Replogle Orion 12" Black Illum Globe - 81501