Black Bathtub

All-white bathrooms are slowly becoming a thing of the past. While black used to be a big no-no for bathroom, today it is an increasingly popular choice, and it is not only for floor tiles. A stylish black bathtub can be that one element that will take your white bathroom from plain to extraordinary.

Black bathtub 3

An interesting a bit futuristic bathtub crafted of matte black acrylic. It has an elongated ovalish tapered downwards body and elevated edges on longer sides. It looks excellent in white finished interiors.

Black bath tub

WOW! The most beautiful bathroom, I've ever seen! I'm in love with this dark color palette, wonderful bathtub and divine lights. Now, I know that this is a bathroom of my dreams.

Black bathtub 1

Black bathtub

This modern element of bathroom decor is a functional bathtub in a neutral black color. It provides plenty of space for an adult user, so it assures a comfortable bath. Its durable construction will last for many years.

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Black bathtub 29

Black bath tubs

Why not divide your bathroom a bit to ensure that it is just immensely functional with this black slate wall divider that sports the strong and immensely stylish look and structure and will shield your bathtub from the rest of the house.

Black bathtub 14

The black bathtub is a real extravagance - a rarity in homes. Hence the freestanding deep black tub - also from the inside will be a unique element in the bathroom. It allows for much more interior design and is covered with an antibacterial coating.

Black bathtub 5

Black bathtub 19

Black bathtub 17

Black bathtub 15

Black bathtub 6

Black bathtub 40

A bunch of purple bathroom ideas. Notice how the warm toned plum colour delightfully blends with gold accents. Purple walls, purple bathtub, purple shower curtain... Maybe not all at once, but as popping accents - gorgeous!

Black Tiles Bath Tub and Shower Mat

Black Tiles Bath Tub and Shower Mat
If you’re looking for a fashionable addition to your bathroom that also adds functionality, take a look at this vintage shower mat with an anti-slip material on the top and a gray, stylish decal in a gray color with worn off edges.

Black bathtubs

Black bathtub 4

Black bathtub 7

Black bathtub 8

Black bathtub 9

Black bathtub 10

Black bathtub 11

Black bathtub 12

Zebra Bath Tub and Shower Mat

Zebra Bath Tub and Shower Mat

Black bathtub 13

Silver bathtub 4

A luxury traditional elongated ovalish bathtub having rolled out edges gently declined in central sections. Its tapered casing with a protruding toe-kick features a lustrous silvery finish. An overflow is in the middle, a drain hole - on a side.

Silver roll top bath

If you want to create a cosy, warm bathroom decor, this silver bathtub, placed on a white, slatted floor, shall appeal to you. Simplistic, yet warm, embodying the character of the cottage style.

Silver bathtub 3

Set of furniture intended to artistic, luxurious bathroom. It is composed of plaiting, rural carped, silver-plated standalone bathtub, elegant chandelier decorated with hanging crystals and old-fashioned mirror with sculptural frame.

Silver bathtub 29

Attractive bathtub with a durable metal construction. This element of bathroom equipment features a nice silver finish. It decorates bathroom indoors and it is resistant to water, moisture and mechanical damage.

Silver bathtub 7

A truly breathtaking piece - this glass pedestal tub will ensure a boost of utter style and sophistication and make for one of the finest choices for any modern-styled household, elevating it to the maximum.

Black bathtub 24

Silver bathtub 16

Modern Japanese stylization in the bathroom. This metal bathtub is finished in a very attractive silver color. Its simple, clean lines look very good in modern bathroom indoors. This bathtub is also resistant to wear and damage.

Kindwer Galvaniz Fleur de Lis Oval Tub

Kindwer Galvaniz Fleur de Lis Oval Tub
This Oval Tub can be a great choice for you to properly chill your beverages. Designed of galvanized metal, the tub is not only durable but also very captivating, mostly thanks to its embellishing metalwork and stylish ring handles.

Archer Alcove 60" x 32" Whirpool Bathtub

Archer Alcove 60" x 32" Whirpool Bathtub
A fancy white bathtub made from high-quality acrylic which ensures durability and strength of the construction.It has a textured bottom surface. Slotted overflow raises water depth for a deeper soak.

Archer Alcove 60" x 32" Whirpool Bathtub

Archer Alcove 60" x 32" Whirpool Bathtub
A contemporary white bathtub which features beveled edges and curved bases for a clean, sophisticated style. It offers a low step-over height while allowing for deep, comfortable soaking. Its capacity is estimated at 58 gallons.

Oval Steel Beverage Tub

Oval Steel Beverage Tub
Oval tub made of steel. It has 2 side handles for easy carrying. Useful gadget in every home, garden and more.

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Black bathtub 30

Black bathtub 31

Black bathtub 32

Black bathtub 33

Black bathtub 34

Black bathtub 35

Black bathtub 36

Black bathtub 37

Looks so peaceful

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Black bathtub 39

Black bathtub 45

Tea-For-Two 60" X 32" Drop-In Bath with Reversible Drain

Tea-For-Two 60" X 32" Drop-In Bath with Reversible Drain
Rectangular bathtub designed for installation in the bathroom. The construction is made of durable cast iron enameled. It offers 2 seats. It has a capacity of 60 gallons. Designed for use in the bathroom.