Bird Garden Decor

One thing I have never owned is a DIY birdhouse, so this year I decided to bring some chirping to my yard with style. I’m having a wood log feeder hanging on the porch and a vintage teapot turned bird house installed on the tree opposite the house. Here’s a hodgepodge of bird garden decor, awesome bird feeders that you can do yourself and other stuff to make your garden more beautiful and functional.

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
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Beautiful bird garden décor. If you need to enhance your garden with some extravagant yet pleasant decoration, then these glass decorations are what you need. Very cheerful, light and interesting, at least in our opinion!

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Homemade garden decor
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Why not choose something that will allow the birds outside your home to also decorate their homes with these strings that can easily be weaved into the nests to provide warmth and safety as well as an appealing look.

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Butler Jenna

Why not go for these amazing stools that could also easily double as the garden decor for your space. They sport the vibrant and charming colors of the finish and the seemingly simple structure that is still durable enough to work through the weather.

2 Piece Holiday Birds Garden Décor Statue Set (Set of 2)

2 Piece Holiday Birds Garden Décor Statue Set (Set of 2)
Lovable vintage Christmas decoration. The set includes two assorted statues with birds wearing green scarfs and holding wooden like plates with Christmas themed signs. Their size is just fine e.g. for a front stoop.

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Add visual interest to a garden fence - if it's white, you don't even need to paint it, just use colorful bird houses. A multicolor composition of birdhouses draws glances and brings some happy vibes to your outdoor ambiance.

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Sarah Ashleyist

A fantastic bird house that can also be a gorgeous toy for your little princess. Designed of recycled materials, the house is beautifully hand-painted, adorned with high-pitched roofs, flags, a chimney and a half-moon balcony.

Rustic bird baths

The lovely garden decor, which looks like carved in wood. But is a concrete mold of leafed sculpture. Put it in your garden to get an unique bird bath, it is real fun to see the birds playing and chirping in the morning.

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Wright Stacy

Lovely contemporary birdhouses hand-crafted of wooden materials painted in vivid colours with geometric or floral patterns. They have different shapes and roofs and are fixed to height-varied colourful posts.

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Isabella Martinable

This handmade garden construction constitutes one of the most whimsical bird feeders ever. Standing on high chair or table legs with various porcelain tea cups and saucers, they create a great shabby chic decoration.

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Wright Stacy

A unique decoration for outdoors that is going to lure a whole bunch of pretty birds to adorn your beautiful garden even more. The bird feeder is made of a pair twisted steel wires, forming a spiral basket-like structure for holding pieces of fruits, vegetables and bread.

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The whimsical character of wrought iron will add a classic touch to any outdoor space. Thanks to it this birdcage would work out well as a planter for succulents. A simple, yet enchanting decor proposition.

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Natalie Rob

We invite you to the world of 5 o'clock - on an afternoon in the English countryside. It's tea time! Even the bird garden decor was created to remind you of it - hanging on colorful strings, colored pastel cups, and porcelain jugs.

Wood yard ornaments

Do you remember the story of this Japanese man whose wife loved violets, but she suffered from depression and did not want to leave the house? Such a bird garden decor just outside the door - full of purple violets, showed her love and cured from sadness.

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Crystal Moore

I am so delighted how funny and colorful these garden flowers are. They are construct from the old plates, candle holder and bowls. I am a big fan of this inspiration, and I want to create these flowers by myself.

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Andrea Morgan

Go for a bit of light for your garden to make it more charming and provide a soothing and beautiful atmosphere to it, while at the same time ensuring practical appeal, making the space safer and easier to move around it.

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This project will help you create your own butterfly puddler. Attract butterflies to your yard by setting up a butterfly puddler for beautiful butterflies to rest and drink, automatically embellishing your garden.

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Patricia Brya

Birdhouses: it's about creating stronger ties with children when they are being created, playing for us and helping birds when the fall begins. In a wooden clove, painted in bright blue - an open teapot hung on a jute string, making a bird garden decor safe.

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Kristin Cam

You will be surprised how creative stuff you can create from your flip-flops. In this version, they serve the role of planters and bird feeders, being a lovely idea for the summer.

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A gorgeous decoration for outdoors, that will make your garden to ooze with luscious greens, even more. Designed of a repurposed birdcage, the decoration boasts of its powder-coated metal structure and beautiful succulents.

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Lindsay Pat

With such functional and stylish additions for outdoor areas, your garden will be properly enhanced at every angle. You can choose amongst practical workbenches, compact greenhouses, and fancy decorations that are made of repurposed glass lamp shades.

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Katherine Jone

The beautiful bird garden decor makes the decor of the terraces, or garden, or patio gains a unique atmosphere. The bird's nest with eggs fits beautifully with the arrangement of flowers that delight in details.

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Lambert Abbey

Bird bath mounted on pedestal base. It is made of metal and ceramic. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Charming accent for each outdoor place.

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Holly Cook

The charming and very interestingly made bird garden decor is a great way to have a lovely decor and a functional bird feeder. Vivid colors and robust design create a neat whole that captivates and enchants.

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These bird feeders can be easily made by themselves even with children. You can use porcelain bowl and plate, in beautiful pastel colors and fastened to a metal stick. This looks impressive. Bird garden decor can be find in many ways to create a bird feeder.

Garden Decor Bird Cage (Set of 2)

Garden Decor Bird Cage (Set of 2)
Vintage inspired garden decoration coming in a set that includes two pieces of bird cages, of different sizes. Metal alloy construction is covered with brown powder coating. Appropriate of interior and exterior use.

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Make use of all those spent coffee grounds by adding them to your garden! Great, easy tips!

Oh my god if i ever get a garden im
Laetitia Zernike

Oh my god. If I ever get a garden, I'm going to make bird feeders like these.

Diy bird bath made with a lamp like this idea
Courtney Thom

DIY bird bath made with a lamp. Like this idea although I would probably paint the lamp base a bright color. Bet I could find some cool chunky 70's lamps at the thrift store

Bring birds to your garden with fun up cycled diy
Theresa Evan

Bring birds to your garden with fun, up-cycled, DIY bird houses, feeders, and baths.

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Roberts Isabelle

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Outside bird houses
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Birdhouse made from old books clever and cool old book
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Creative bird baths diy garden decor projects
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made from a Slinky, recreated with a wire hanger and a Slinky. As long as each end of the slinky is secure it'll hold peanuts or large feed. Perfect for big birds that like to do some digging. You could even take this one step further and use a paint like

Garden Decor Statue
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Outside wall ideas
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29 diy houses feeders to bring birds to your yard

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Fun idea for an old bird bath this is romantic

Fun idea for an old bird bath; this is romantic and charming. (Gosh if you live in mosquito area, you could put citronela candle in the middle of this and nobody would see it!)