Beverage Tubs With Stand

There's no outdoor party without a beverage tub. It's a smart choice which saves you a lot of time and effort to fetch some drinks from the freezer on a hot summer day. Just fill it with ice and enjoy the party. Here's my collection of beverage tubs with a stand.

Beverage tubs with stand

Handy and fascinating made in vintage style beverage tubes with stand is a perfect combination. Made of galvanized double basin with tub are practical and fun to present they bring original design.

Beverage tub with stand 1

For connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages we present a unique set of useful for parties -decorative beverage tub, made of cooper rests on the steel stand with rounded, ornamental shapes.It also includes trays where you can set chilled drinks or alcohol bottles.

Double galvanized wash tub with stand

Stylish, slim and highly efficient beverage tub with stand is a solid metal construction that is extremely robust and functional. The lower shelf will check for glasses and glasses. A comfortable bowl will hold many drinks.

Galvanized tub home depot

This round beverage tub with stand is a totally fab piece to interior and exterior use. It brings the style, elegance, beauty and the solidity into any apartment.

Wash tub with stand

Who doesn’t need a proper beverage tub? This one here comes equipped with a stand, to ensure maximum comfort of use. Silver, shiny finish gives it a modern, timeless appeal.

Beverage tubs with stand 2

Oval tube made of metal and fitted with stand. Includes additional shelf for storing needed stuff. Great solution for cooling bottles. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Large beverage tubs

Colin Cowie Stamped Metal Beverage Tub with Stand

Copper beverage tub with tray 3

Copper Beverage Tub with Tray

Beverage stands

... 18.5" Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Beverage Tub and Stand

Beverage tubs with stand 1

A fantastic trio of outdoor party helpers that will keep your beverages cold, drowned in a sea of ice cubes. Those beverage tubs with stands rest on tubular metal frames with curved legs, each holding a different type of tub with a matching bottom tray / shelf.

Drinks bucket on stand

galvanized steel tub with stand 36 l x 24 w

Copper beverage tub with stand

Colin Cowie Stamped Metal Beverage Tub with Stand

Party bucket with stand

beverage tubs | IMAX Tauba Beverage Tub with Stand

Metal beverage tub with stand

Frog Beverage Tub

Antique double wash tubs on stand

finally bought one of these can't wait to fill it with ice and Champagne

Drink bucket with stand

Black Metal Party Tub Stand | World Market

Personalized galvanized beverage tub with stand 2

An aesthetic contemporary oval beverage tub of galvanised metal. It features embossed stylised lettering and 2 horizontal grooves. Its stand is of thin black metal rods, has 4 legs with bent feet and top scroll finials and 2 X-crossed stretchers.

Galvanized tub on stand

Colin Cowie Hammered Metal Beverage Tub With Stand - Coupons

Peacock scroll tall beverage tub with stand in distressed cream

Peacock Scroll Tall Beverage Tub with Stand in Distressed Cream

Galvanized beverage tub with stand 5

Found it at Birch Lane - Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand, Copper

Wash tub home depot

Sparkling with vintage flair and beautiful design, this capacious tub will not only keep your beverages cold but will also visually improve your parties. The tub is made of galvanized steel, while standing on a metal stand that holds 1 matching open shelf / serving tray.

Outdoor beverage tubs

Conveniently elevate your beverage tub during parties with the sleek Optima Beverage Tub Floor Stand, an entertaining essential that offers contemporary style and efficient function.

Galvanized beverage tub with stand 2

Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand

Galvanized wash tub with stand

An elegant way to cool your beverages and, at the same time, improving your home decor. This fabulous tub is capacious, made of well-polished metal and equipped with a pair of ring handles. It rests on a matching stand with a round top and slender pole.

Galvanized tub and stand

Lone Star Beverage Tub with Stand

16.25" Steel Beverage Tub

16.25" Steel Beverage Tub
A round beverage tub made of steel. Finished in silver and very sturdy. May be used for cooling drinks, for stacking wood or putting even hot ash in it, or as a planter when you drill a hole in the bottom.

Fleur De Lis Tin Beverage Tub with Bronze Banding

Personalized galvanized beverage tub with stand 3

personalized galvanized beverage tub with stand -

Beverage tub and stand

Personalized Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand $49.99, I wonder if I can do something like this myself!!

Beverage tub with stand

Beverage Tub with Stand

Floor Stand

Floor Stand
This sturdy cast iron floor stand is the perfect base for a variety of items.Interestingly it is made of durable and can carry very heavy things.It gives the interior a stylish character and is an interesting option.

Bistro Barrel Wood Beverage Tub

Bistro Barrel Wood Beverage Tub
Awesome barrel style beverage tub equipped with four-legged base. Legs are made of metal, but they are slender, so the whole is quite easy to carry around; the 'barrel' has all the details it needs to make it look stylish.

Margo 6.3 Gallon Steel Beverage Tub

Margo 6.3 Gallon Steel Beverage Tub

Harrison beverage tub with stand

Harrison Beverage Tub with Stand

Entertainment Steel Beverage Tub

Entertainment Steel Beverage Tub
Beverage tub finished with copper, sitting on a black steel frame/cart. Two handles for easy carrying and lifting. May be used outdoors or indoors, looks great aside a table and works well for any decor.

Beverage tub stand

Another way to keep things simple: stock your bar with beverages that don't require any mixing. Ditch the standard cooler for an antique tub on a stand, and place it within arm's reach of the dining table. | June 2014

Party tub with stand

Love the use of a beverage bucket and stand and cute ribbon of course!

Drink bins for parties

Home Optima Beverage Tub Floor Stand

Art deco beverage tub with floor stand traditional accessories and

Art Deco Beverage Tub with Floor Stand traditional-accessories-and ...

Copper beverage tub with tray

Copper Beverage Tub with Tray.

Art deco beverage tub with floor stand

Art Deco Beverage Tub with Floor Stand

Veracruz Beverage Cooler

Veracruz Beverage Cooler
This stainless steel beverage cooler is the ideal solution for events. Holds a lot of ice and a lot of drinks that will keep his thanks to the perfect temperature. Practical and versatile way for many occasions.

Personalized galvanized buckets

The Best Beverage Tubs!

Cognac Duetto Elevated Ceramic Beverage Tub Set

Cognac Duetto Elevated Ceramic Beverage Tub Set
Double beverage tub. Wrought iron holder, big/deep bowl at the top and a small/falt one at the bottom. The bowls are ceramic and finished in cognac. Very useful by a table, during a garden party or any other celebration inside or outside your house.

Beverage tub stand

Beverage Tub & Stand

Lone star beverage tub with stand 2

Lone Star Beverage Tub with Stand

From wine to microbrews our estate copper beverage tub and

From wine to microbrews, our Estate Copper Beverage Tub and Stand chills enough to satisfy a crowd’s thirst. Replace all of your plastic coolers with this impressively scaled, durably-made beverage tub that’s sure to be an eye-catching focal point at

Achla Designs CWI-03 Large Floor Stand

HIT 8020E GC Galvanized Heavy Gauge Steel Beverage Tub with Iron Stand, 13.5 by 30-Inch, Glazed Caramel

Personalized Engagement Gifts - Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand