Beveled Glass Chandelier

A chandelier is a strong decorative feature in the interior which can transform even the dullest of spaces into a place of style. Get inspired and check the beveled glass chandeliers below - they come in numerous designs and stun with their elaborate forms.

Cognac beveled glass chandelier f1812 12 1 new polished brass

Cognac Beveled Glass Chandelier F1812 12 1 New Polished Brass Spring Retro 1970s
Made from beveled glass, this chandelier gained a unique character, resembling what's best in the retro style of 1970's. Will add charm and warmth to both living and dining rooms.

Beveled glass chandelier 31

5 Light Candle Chandelier

5 Light Candle Chandelier

Nine light chandelier w twenty hand engraved beveled glass panels

Huge vtg antique brass 8 sided beveled glass hanging chandelier

Huge Vtg Antique Brass 8 Sided Beveled Glass Hanging Chandelier Foyer Light
An antique chandelier that features a brass frame filled with beveled glass. The inside of the lamp is an old-fashioned candle holder with electric candles installed. The chandelier will create a romantic atmosphere in the room.

One beveled etched glass chandelier

One Beveled Etched Glass Chandelier
Chandelier panel made of glass and finished with interesting pattern. Received a lot of positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Beveled glass chandelier 43

1822 14c eight panel hand etched beveled glass chandelier

12 Light Candle Chandelier

12 Light Candle Chandelier

Large beveled foyer chandelier glass brass 12 light w mount

Brass 8 sided chandelier with beveled glass 8 candle lights

Mid century modern beveled glass sheet prism rounded chandelier pendant

Mid Century Modern Beveled Glass Sheet Prism Rounded Chandelier Pendant 3 Light
Modern chandelier with 3 lights. Frame is made of metal and fitted with glass lampshade. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Neutral design for each room.

Beveled glass chandelier 1

Beveled glass chandelier 38

Glass mirror custom made chandelier beveled stained glass panels click

Beveled glass chandelier 44

Beveled glass chandelier 8

An aesthetic antique chandelier having a hexagonal lampshade of clear bevelled glass framed in brass. Its brass fixture is composed of a decorative tubing, a round canopy and 3 curved down arms with bell-like bulb sockets on ends.

Century retro etched beveled glass brass chandelier lamp ceiling light

Beveled glass chandelier 41

Beveled glass chandelier 18

Art deco revival modernist beveled glass chandelier light

Art Deco Revival Modernist Beveled Glass Chandelier Light
We love chandeliers! This art deco revival modernist chandelier's lamp shade is fully made from beveled glass. The chandelier's base is made from goldish brazz. Perfectly fits modern, open spaces - indoor and outdoor.

Beveled glass chandelier 29

Beveled glass chandelier 37

Beveled glass chandelier 42

Replacement chandelier glass panels

An elegant chandelier in a modern design. It's a top quality, round, steel construction with plates made of beveled glass that are attached to it. The chandelier features a high gloss finish that will wonderfully sparkle when switched on.

Beveled glass chandelier 32

Bird cage chandelier

A cute stylish hanging birdcage of metal finished in golden hues. Walls feature delicate scrolls. An octagonal base is adorned with carvings, has small ball feet and (underneath) a clock with a round white dial, black Roman numerals and hands.

Birdcage crystal chandelier

An ingenuine and very stylish idea to create a chandelier concealed in a birdcage. Embellished with crystal ornaments, it creates a beautiful glittering experience, enchanting from the very first moments.

Black iron birdcage chandelier stunning

Black Iron Birdcage Chandelier Stunning
An oversized birdcage made out of wrought iron, which makes for a classy substitute to a standard chandelier shade. This one brings an antique, old-fashioned design and combines it with modern, artificial candles.

Birdcage chandelier 24

Unique chandelier in the form of cage. Frame is made of metal and finished with decorative crystals. Includes 12 lights. It is mounted on thick rope. Elegant design for any interior according to taste.

Restoration hardware birdcage

Aww, love this fixture, so extraordinary... A hand-wrought iron birdcage frame in midnight black envelops a glamorous Victorian chandelier, abounding with precision-cut crystal beads. Side door facilitates bulb replacements.

Beveled glass chandelier 9

Beveled glass chandelier. Parisian petal pink - rose- coloured glass casts a loveliness on life. This six-armed crystal chandelier in pastel pink will bathe a room with sweetness. Imagine having this one in your dining room.

New 6 light brass beveled glass chandelier

New 6 Light Brass Beveled Glass Chandelier
A chandelier based on four beautiful lights and a hanging structure made of polished brass.What gives this beveled galass chandelier the greatest design - are glass panels, with a ground pattern of wheat. They disperse light throughout the whole room.

Beveled glass chandelier 7

This beveled glass chandelier resembles most charming features of the vintage design. Metal with rust and distressed wood of the door entry shall enchant all, who love climatic furniture.

Beveled glass chandelier 11

Elegant vintage bathroom. On the walls, there are little blue tiles and larger white tiles stylized on blanched brick. Marbles desktop, silver taps, glass chandelier and mirror with beautiful frame make this bathroom luxurious.

3 Light Opal Glass Chandelier

3 Light Opal Glass Chandelier
Never again settle for a bland and unattractive chandelier in your household with this stunning piece that features place for three clear standard base light bulbs and sports the opal glass construction for a warm and welcoming feel.

Beveled glass chandelier 12

A beautiful kitchen arrangement with classy, white cabinets and a beige, marble top. Light furniture perfectly suits dark, wooden floors. The highlight of the kitchen is an extraordinary chandelier made of beveled glass.

Beveled glass chandelier 13

This unique chandelier, simple, yet elegant constitutes a great example of industrial design in household goods. Lights made of beveled glass jars create a unique glowing experience.

Beveled glass chandelier 14

Beautiful beveled clear glass chandelier. Its long shade holders let the shade be precisely on the lenght you wish. Ideal fo dining ooms, where you can place it over the kitchen isle or dining room table.

5 Light Glass Turret Chandelier

5 Light Glass Turret Chandelier
This impressive chandelier made in the traditional style, was impressively decorated with crystals. Five points of light gives it a unique style. All very beautifully decorated, will work in any interior.

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Chandelier with beveled glass and mirror panel for sale in

Back To Basics 16 Light Acrylic Chandelier

Back To Basics 16 Light Acrylic Chandelier

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8 Light Candle Chandelier

8 Light Candle Chandelier

Beveled glass chandelier 36

Beveled glass chandelier 28

1960s layered glass chandelier with applied colored discs from a

Beveled glass chandelier 40

This highly versatile cage chandelier is a wonderfully simple look