Betty Boop Lamp

Here's a fun element which can add a bit of humour to your home. A Betty Boop lamp is a nod to cartoon aesthetics and a splash of colour in the interior. Check out the designs in my collection below and choose your Betty.

Betty boop lamp 38

Any Betty Boop fans here? Spice things up a bit with this extraordinary cartoon themed touch lamp in rich vibrant red. Each of the shade's glass panels showcases an original image of coke-serving Betty Boop.

Betty boop lamp

This lamp is is composed of brass kickstand and globule bulb, which are stylised on street lamp. Next to lamp there is little figurine of dog and bigger of Betty Boo - character notorious for "Stopping the Show" animation.

Betty boop touch lamp 1 6 panel brass 638 bbp

Betty Boop Touch Lamp 1 6 Panel Brass 638 Bbp
Betty boop is a queen of cartoons. This betty boop lamp can be called so a queen of table lamps! Based on the metal high-gloss ground, with gold trim - has a traditional glass lampshade with image of betty boop itself.

Betty boop lamp 7

Betty boop lamp 8

Betty Boop is an animated character, very controversial. Hence, the betty boop table lamp, with Betty dressed in red dress - may be associated with extravagance and controversy. There is no big lampshade, just a little glowing ball.

Betty boop lamp 1

Large table lamp with a nice and original Betty Boop pattern. Its round base provides support for decorative figurines. Small light area is suitable for desks, tables or nightstands. This lamp provides additional aesthetic value to the room.

Betty boop lamp 18

Very popular nowadays is the image of a cartoon betty boop. This lamp is inspired by her sweet kiss. The raspberry-colored cover is supported by the betty itself - in an elegant dress with a drink in hand. Everything based on red ground.

Betty boop lamp 19

Boop liberty statue bb1390 betty boop with lamp post st3508

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Betty boop lamp 2

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Betty boop light

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Betty boop lamp 2

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Lampe lava lave betty boop

Betty boop lamp 43

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Betty boop stained glass floor lamp

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Ft betty boop candle holder street lamp statue new in

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Betty boop in armchair table lamp

Betty boop lamp 30

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Betty boop side table lamp white dress

Betty Boop touch lamp 632 BBP2

Betty boop touch lamp 1

Betty boop 3ft street lamp light collectible

Betty the boop lamp blue dress

Pollow towel frame lamps and rugs from betty boop bed

Betty Boop Boudoire Lamp,16.60"H

Betty boop tm stained glass lamp

Betty boop beach lamp 1

Betty Boop Porcelain Vase Night Light

Betty Boop Desk Lamp, BBWT

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