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On this site, all people who have been searching for nice looking and functional bar stools, will surely find appropriate models for themselves. The main question that arises is which design, shape and other details do you find most appealing? Of course, you can spend here all the time that you want.

Beer bar stool 2

This unique set of beer bar stool, comprising Budweiser bottles will incorporate the cool pub or bistro's atmosphere into your interiors. Swivel, metal construction provide convenient use and sturdiness.

Beer bar stool

Bar stool with keg of beer on the base. Frame is made of metal. Round seat is upholstered with vinyl. Great solution for kitchen island, bar, restaurant and more.

Garage stool with backrest

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Beer bar stool

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Your custom reclaimed rustic and

Your Custom Reclaimed Rustic And
Classy design for an outdoor beer bar in the garden, with four rustic, minimalistic bar stools made out of polished oak wood and a brick bar counter with a slate top, which adds a natural look nicely matching the surroundings.

Beer bar stool 2

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This set of vintage bar stools enchants with their sturdy metal bases and round, vibrant seats, available in different colours, from turquoise to creamy. A great proposition for all retro lovers.

Vintage industrial bar stools 1

Bar stool in Vintage style. Metal base is reinforced with support ring. Round seat is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Neutral and functional accent for each place as needed.

Beer bar stool 2

Beer bar stool 1

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Beer keg bar stool

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Beer bar stool 3

Beer bar stool 1

Industrial-styled, Polish design for a bar with a cement counter, which provides a unique, unusual detail. The aluminum, shiny bar stools around the counter further complement the industrial style and give the setup a nice finish.

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Copenhagen bar stools 1

Aesthetic traditional commercial barstools made of wood with a natural finish. A barstool has tall straight round section quite widely splayed legs, a footrest and simple stretchers in 2 tiers and a round seat.

Beer bar stool 1

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Salon stools

Bar stools for sale ebay

Powerful motorbike interiors, as strong as road impressions. You can make such a bar stool with a car parts, and chip in the black leather upholstery. It would be fantastic novelty bar stool, in the pub for automotive fans.

Unique bar chairs

Unique and attractive bar stool with an old bicycle stylization. The frame is made of metal and it includes a bicycle wheel and an X-shaped base. Round, padded seat is comfortable and looks good in any design thanks to its neutral gray color.

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Beer bar stool 1

Beer bar stool 2

Big lots kitchen chairs

Bar stool in traditional form. It is mounted on metal base and reinforced with support ring. Round seat is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Floyd 29" Bar Stool

Floyd 29" Bar Stool
This attractive bar stool was designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Features a sleek, solid wooden frame, saddle shaped seat providing great support, comfortable footrest, and charming, unsophisticated style.

Kelsey 24" Bar Stool

Kelsey 24" Bar Stool
Saddle Seat Bar Stool

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Beer bar stool 5

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Unfinished bar stools

Bar stools are an essential element of any local that wants to attract customers. The old style bar stool is an excellent option for many of places like that. It gives unique atmosphere and timeless experience.

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Round bar height table 31 5 ins 80cm diameter and

Small portable bar

Bar an authentic cantina look with beer keg bar stools

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Beer keg bar stool details

Beer bar stool

Custom bar stools by brendan ravenhill for osteria la buca

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