Bathroom Free Standing Shelves

Ample storage in the bathroom is priceless. You don’t want to keep all those beauty and hygiene accessories on display, right? On the other hand, there are things such a perfume bottles or makeup stuff that you don’t want to hide, and that’s where open shelving comes into play. Below you will find some examples of bathroom free standing shelves, including ones that you can make yourself.

Free standing glass shelves

A pretty, free-standing shelving unit in a white color that captivates with simple elegance. It's a top choice for a bathroom as you will find there place for all your necessities such as towels or cosmetics.

Diy corner shelf unit

The shower caddy corner shelf will help you to storage your bathroom accessories in one place. The wooden construction and three deep shelves fit perfectly to the classic bathroom.

Bathroom free standing shelves

A pretty contemporary bathroom standing unit of wooden materials in white. It has a rectangular top and an open base with low legs. Two size-varied cabinets with shelves have doors glazed with opaque glass. Doors and a drawer have metal C-handles.

It is a lovely Caraway free standing cabinet that has got a soft white finish and adjustable shelves. It is perfect for your bathroom and for storing towels and more. If you want you can put it in your kitchen for storing spices, dishes and more.

Free standing corner shelves

With this free-standing shelf unit you will not only get a stylish and sturdy piece, but also space-saving and practical. Crafted of wood and bathed in a white finish, the unit includes 7 square open shelves for knick-knacks, pot plants, framed pictures, etc.

Bathroom free standing shelves 1

A simple practical freestanding bathroom shelving unit crafted of wood with a reddish finish. Its A-shaped frame resembles a folding ladder. It's equipped with 3 rectangular width-varied shelves having elevated edges.

Bathroom free standing shelves 1

Free standing glass shelves

Why not choose something a bit different and opt for these free standing shelves that bring plenty of space and room to any setting, allowing you to organize your towels and cosmetics. They sports the beautiful white finish and simple yet elegant design.

RiverRidge X-Frame Bathroom Towel Tower - White

Fashionable X-frame bathroom tower. This functional furniture can be used to help you organize and tidy up your bathroom or any other room. It has been designed in attractive transparent way and features 3 shelves and the top.

Bathroom free standing shelves 6

Bathroom free standing shelves

Free standing mirror with storage shelves

Peppercorn Free Standing Cabinet

Peppercorn Free Standing Cabinet
It is a very interesting and practical cabinet for various trinkets. Perfect for both in the corridors, living room and bedroom. It consists of cabinet with doors and shelve. Everything is dark brown and very stylish.

Bathroom free standing shelves 16

Bathroom free standing shelves 13

Bathroom free standing shelves 5

Bathroom free standing shelves 4

Bathroom free standing shelves

Bathroom free standing shelves 21

With a built in instead of free standing tub i

Bathroom free standing shelves 7

Free standing linen cabinets 7

The calming bathroom in the cream shades. The very interesting element of stylization is a ceramic stool. It fits to many types of decor, but there is also useful, because the ceramics is waterproof and you can put there some cosmetics.

Bathroom free standing shelves 3

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Bathroom free standing shelves

Free standing linen cabinets 10

Bathroom free standing shelves

Free standing linen cabinets 8

A simple and classy linen storage cabinet that offers the free standing structure and makes for a charming and practical choice for your bathroom, letting you fit more of your belongings in there easily.

Free standing linen cabinets 3

If you’re looking for a nice, handy storage place for your beddings, quilts and blankets, just take a look at this amazing, very traditional, antique bedroom cabinet. A perfect bedroom storage space, with a plenty of space and wonderful look.

Bathroom free standing shelves 8

Bathroom shelves made of glass and reinforced with metal supports. Designed for mounting on the wall. Perfect for storing cosmetics, toiletries and others bathroom accessories.

Bathroom free standing shelves 10

Bathroom free standing shelves 11

Bathroom free standing shelves 12

Bathroom free standing shelves 14

Bathroom free standing shelves 15

This is the prettiest of free standing bathroom shelves created

Bathroom free standing shelves 17

Bathroom shelf storage unit

Wenko style bathroom rack shelf free standing unit glass chrome

Bathroom free standing shelves 18

Sauder Sundial Floor Cabinet, Highland Oak Finish

The floor cabinet used in the bathroom. It is made of oak, what guarantees the solidity and durability. When you mix it with the marble tiles and the white armature it will look great, even if this type of furniture is not dedicated strictly to the bathroom.

Bathroom free standing shelves 19

Sauder homeplus storage cabinet dakota oak finish free standing cabinets

A simple, free standing cabinet that is equipped with adjustable base levelers, framed panel doors and two adjustable shelves. It offers plenty of storage space for different items. The size of this product is 18.8 x 17 x 71.8 inches.

Bathroom free standing shelves 20

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Bathroom free standing shelves 2

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Spa 14.5" x 54.5" Free Standing Linen Tower

Spa 14.5" x 54.5" Free Standing Linen Tower