Bar Glass Cabinet

Storage is needed in every room. An ideal piece of furniture to keep stuff is a cupboard or a cabinet. In the collection below I've included bar glass cabinets which feature stylish design and plenty of free space to be filled with dinnerware, glass ware or other things. Check out the products and perhaps you'll find the ideal cabinet for your home.

Alice Hilton Interior Design Expert
Liquor bar cabinet 2

Why not opt for an open bar glass cabinet that combines great functionality with a more complete look of your decor? It adds an original look to your interior and makes it easier to reach all of the glasses and prepare something nice for your guests.

Modular bar with cabinet tower
Renee Har

Tall wine cabinet for the living room, dining room and more. It is completely made of wood. It has glasses holders, cabinets, drawers and a lot of shelves for bottles of wine. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Bar glass cabinet
Kelly Sanchez

Set apart from the main cooking areas of the kitchen, but adjacent to the dining room. This small entertainment zone can be used as both buffet and drinks area. Finished in sleek white with glazed surfaces, it creates a stylish, contemporary proposition.

Elite Corner Back Bar with Wine Storage
Jenna Daviesful

Elite Corner Back Bar with Wine Storage
Attractive modern bar suitable to place both in corners or along walls. It is made of fibreboard finished in dark-brown. It features glass both a countertop and 3 shelves, a mirrored back and built-in lighting. It has 3 drawers and 1 door cabinet.

Bar glass cabinet

I need to create a sideboard in our giant dining room, this looks lovely. Verona buffet, Ikea lack shelves w/ wine glass storage underneath. yes!

Bar glass cabinet
Olivia Smithist

Mirrored-back bar area, cabinets. Could transform a front hall closet into one of these. Great place for a the front door. Guests can grab a drink on their way in!

Living room bar cabinet
Weber Lily

Practical, durable and decorative cabinet that serves as a wine buffet. It offers a wine rack and it also features two storage compartments with doors that include X-shaped wooden decorations on their surfaces.

Bar glass cabinet
Jenna Edward

Contemporary butler's pantry. Love the glass mosaic and glass cabinets.

Built in wall bar
Margaret Pet

White cabinets, gray island with beverage center, and pretty granite. By Sarah Richardson.

Casablanca Bar
Perez Alexandra

Casablanca Bar
This Casablanca Bar in French Red Finish is crafted from sturdy wood, reinforced and decorated with brass hardware. Includes a stylish top inlaid with 2 glass panels, brass elbow, foot bars, and wood slots underneath the top for hiding wine glasses.

Bar glass cabinet 3
Abigail Wrightful

Dream bar..., Ask David if we can add a cabinet such as these in bar. It would could be created to mirror cabinet around fireplace. Possible tutor diamond leaded glass panel??? Expense??

Home mini bar ideas

A cool space-saving bar set. A standing unit of green-finished wooden materials features hexagonal both a moulding top and a base. It has 3 door cabinets. Two of three white wall-mounted racks for bottles of wine have metal hangers for wine glasses.

Home mini bars
Cintia Kowalski

We have so many glasses, how to put them up without taking up space in the living room? A glass hanger can be attached to the ceiling. Hanging wine rack, together with wine buffet cabinet are made of dark wood, with metal finish.

Bar glass cabinet 4
Roberts Isabelle

Beautiful shot glass display with LED lighting. And pretty funny because my boyfriend already collects them :)

Floor to ceiling cupboards
Zernike Laetitia

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors. Frame is made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Perfect for storing dinnerware, tableware and more.

Bar glass cabinet
Tara Gosselin

Decorative and functional design for versatile applications - especially for displaying wine glasses, saving space on the surface. Flying glasses are safe in a wooden bar glass cabinet made of black oak.

Glass buffet
Kimberly Smi

A traditional unit for small kitchens. It's finished in off-white but a dark countertop. It has a crown top and a recessed base. A lower part has 3 door cabinets and 3 drawers, a hutch - 3 glass door cabinets with glass shelves. Pulls are of metal.

Victuals bar cabinet
Alicia Flor

good way to store wine/liquor if you do not have a lot of room for a liquor cabinet.

Hanging display shelves 1
Jessica Zernike

If I knew anyone that collects cups, I'd absolutely recommend this storage solution to him or her. White shelving unit (wall hanging) has multiple cubic compartments, each single one showing off another cup!

Living room bar cabinet 2
Julie Alexander

Off the outdoor area, adjacent to the family room was the dining room, separated but open to the kitchen with a pass through. Loved this.

Kitchen wine cart
Katie Taylor

floating shelves from Ikea

Glass fronted cabinets

If you like half closed half open spaces - you should choose an u-shaped kitchen. Ceiling height white cabinets will be perfect solution in this case. These are create with granite countertops which give also a lot of space to cook or stored kitchen accessories.

Small display cabinets

A pretty kitchen set of wooden materials in a delicate pink hue. A wall unit has a crown top and shelved cabinets with paned doors, a stand - a rectangular top, a cutout base, shelved door cabinets, 3 drawers. Mushroom and shell pulls are of metal.

Bar glass display cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet. Kitchen glass cabinet above and drawer kitchen cabinet bellow.

Bar glass cabinet
Young Jacqueline

Great idea for opening up space on a load bearing wall. You still get the open feel, but have the support it needs. Plus, the cabinets give extra storage

Bar glass cabinet
Jaclyn Rus

Minimalist-Kitchen-Ideas-Making-the-Most-of-Your-Space_08 Brought to you by LG Studio

Green colored microwave
Margaret Carter

Stefanie Ciak: J.S. Brown & Co. - Built-in Wolf single oven, microwave and warming drawer, custom white ...

Bar glass cabinet
Abbey Kowalski

Spice up white cabinets with a colorful backsplash. More white kitchen cabinets:

Unusual storage cabinets
Olivia Smithist

really cool website for unique kitchen remodel- like the fact that there are a lot of storage ideas @Greg Takayama Takayama Takayama Takayama Takayama Takayama Takayama Takayama Takayama Bell

Bar with built in wine cooler
Robinson Layla

Being an exquisitely stylish proposition for one's kitchen or dining room, this Butler's pantry enchants with the gorgeous glass front cabinets and cleverly designed wine storage nooks.

Glass front storage cabinet 13
Diana Torr

Home with Baxter: An Organized Home Bar Area

Bar glass cabinet
Kristina Flo

Liquor Storage Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor. Needs a lock.

Drinks storage cabinet
Bell Erica

A great corner drinks unit in white and cream. It has a countertop with beige accents, a moulding top, low legs. Lighted upper part comprises of glazed cabinets with shelves and a wine cooler. Floor full door cabinets and drawers have dashy handles.

Bar glass cabinet
Wright Stacy

We present the renewed hutch changed into a vintage beverage station. The monumental dark piece of furniture with some light additions is a great please to present the wine collection or store the stemware on the stylish way.

Bar glass cabinet 1
Adriana Andersson

DIY kitchen cabinet remodel. I love it but all I can think about is how everything will get dusty.

Bar glass cabinet

I like the idea of a slight separation between the eating and cooking spaces, yet keeping them connected enough for everyday convenience

Bar glass cabinet
Cassandra Hil

Stylish decor is a combination of beautiful wall tiles, simple white kitchen cabinets, stylish kitchen island top and simple and impressive bar stools. The interior effect also provides a light pendant in a metal frame.

High end bar stools 1
Laetitia Zernike

The elegant and functional kitchen is very important in any home. This one is furnish by dark contrasting cabinets, glass brick set tile backsplash, bar counter and neutral light wall and floor.

Conversation piece wine rack love this wood bottle and glass
Leah Torr

Conversation Piece Wine Rack love this wood bottle and glass shaped wine cabinet!!!! Love it!!

Bar glass cabinet 1
Abigail Wrightful

Shawna's Glamorous Custom Kitchen...cabinet detail, flooring and spindle supporting countertop

Bcb006 glass bar cabinet home bar cabinet designs corner bar
Crystal Camp

BCB006 Glass bar cabinet home bar cabinet designs corner bar cabinet ...

Dark wood kitchen island 3
Bush Eliza

Our DIY Kitchen Makeover (for Under $650)! - Since moving into our 175 year old house in August, we have been busy tackling projects and making the house our ow…

Back bar cabinet with leaded glass

Back Bar Cabinet with Leaded Glass

Wooden bar cabinet kf 6191

Wooden Bar Cabinet, KF-6191

Home decorating trends homedit 138
Hayes Krystal

Home Decorating Trends – Homedit

Im really liking how they used the shelves to install
Gina Miller

I'm really liking how they used the shelves to install the underneath-a-cabinet wine glass racks <3. 10 Awesome IKEA Hacks for the Kitchen

Hanging bar cabinet
Jenna Delicata

Re-purposed piano wine bar... that is an awesome idea! I am obsessed with this... but where do find an old piano?

Black mini bar
Stacey Mor

Bar stool mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with solid supports. Seat and back are upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Chosen for the mid century furniture its great paired with

*Chosen for the mid-century furniture. Its great paired with contemporary and unique decor.

Glass front storage cabinet

Open kitchen have a lot of possibilities. Good to think about small bars. Bar is also a table, an additional work surface. You can use another space, and build - a small bookcase, with several shelves. White color can give the impression of spatiality.