Bankers Lamp

If you think that you would make a good use of these bankers’ lamps, we encourage you to browse through all of these photos and see if any of them would suit your taste. Maybe you need to spend here some more time and tell us what you really need.

Bankers lamp 1 1

The shape of this unique crystal table lamp unambiguously indicates that we are dealing with a bankers lamp. Its uniqueness lays in the inimitable finish - solid, brass base is combined with a purely beautiful crystal lampshade.

Antique bankers lamp

Bankers lamp that is a very attractive and practical element of any table design. This vintage, antique element is not only decorative, but it also provides small illumination of a table or desk. It is also wear resistant.

Bankers lamp 1 14

A vintage brass Steampunk banker lamp to your home library, office space, recreation room and other. I should try it in my elegant office. Nicely finished and high quality lamp.

Bankers task table lamp

Bankers Task Table Lamp
The modern accent for your apartment: Banker's Task Table Lamp with polished nickel finish and on/off switch on cord. If you looking for unique lamp, you should try this one.

Machine age bankers desk lamp upcycled industrial steampunk art

Machine Age Bankers Desk Lamp Upcycled Industrial Steampunk Art
Amazing industrial makeover for an old-fashioned, antique banker’s lamp with a steampunk, post-apocalyptic design fitted with a long, bright lamp and a lot of assorted decorative elements like the tiny skull next to it.

Bankers lamp 1

Classic bankers lamp. Can't go wrong with this design, especially when your interior is flooded with dark wood furniture, traditional accessories and stuff... The adjustable design comes complete with an emerald green shade.

Bankers lamp 1 13

Solid and practical bankers lamp. This element of equipment allows for good illumination of tables and other small areas. Each lamp of this type stands on a durable marble base in rectangular shape and neutral white color.

Modern bankers table lamp

Modern Bankers Table Lamp
A high quality table lamp with modern stylization. It features a stable metal base with attractive antique brass finish. Its adjustable shade is able to rotate up and down, so it can be adjusted to specific needs.

Bankers lamp 1 29

Table lamp with brass finish. Adjustable arm is mounted on stable base. Tasteful accent for bedroom, office, teenager's room and others interiors according to taste.

Bankers lamp 4

Ohio State Buckeyes Solid Brass Bankers Lamp

A bankers lamp might be nice for your desk to

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Bankers lamp 1 25

Bankers lamp 1 19

Bankers lamp 1 24

Bankers lamp 1 21

Bankers lamp 1 8

Bankers lamp 1 32

Bankers lamp 1 27

Bankers lamp 1 2

Bankers lamp 1 30

Bankers lamp 1 26

Bankers lamp 1 4

Handale Golf Bankers 17" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Handale Golf Bankers 17" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Bankers lamp 1 6

Bankers lamp 1 7

Bankers lamp 1 9

Bankers lamp 1 10

Bankers lamp 1 11

Mini Modern Bankers 11" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Mini Modern Bankers 11" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

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Bankers lamp 1 28

Bankers lamp 1 31

Bankers lamp 1 33

Bankers lamp 1 34

Bankers lamp 1 35

Bankers lamp 1 37

Dragonfly tiffany bankers lamp 1

Kenroy mackinley banker lamp

Bankers lamp 1 38

Dragonfly bankers lamp

Bankers lamp 1 40

Bankers lamp 8

Vintage bankers lamp

Pretty much mostly almost just like the banker lamp in

Bankers lamp 1 41

Bankers lamp bronze now featured on fab another lamp to

Bankers lamp 5

Bankers lamp for my desk