Bamboo Wall Clocks

How about having a bamboo wall clock at home? Thanks to this collection, all those who are looking for one, will have a great chance to make their dream come true. This is because down here, all potential customers will find a lot of interesting and functional designs, shapes, colours and sizes.

Unique bamboo wall clock numeric cutter 1

Unique Bamboo Wall Clock Numeric Cutter
If you are looking for unique and stylish interior decor, this phenomenal bamboo wall clock is perfect. The beautiful dial of the clock with an impressive Arabic numeral creates a unique combination.

Bamboo wall clock retro industrial

Bamboo Wall Clock Retro Industrial
This modern wall clock can't remain unnoticed for long - its designer knew how to make the best of modern style. Square bamboo board with rounded edges has hours cut out in it; the hours create an interesting pattern altoghether.

Japanese style bamboo wall clock 1

Japanese Style Bamboo Wall Clock
Minimal, taking its inspiration from original Asian design, this Japanese wall clock features dark case and light bamboo dial of square shape. There are no numerals - main hours are marked with dots.

Homeloo Bamboo Numeral Cutter Unique Modern Wall Clock (Blue)

Modern fonts and black clock hands come together for a fresh, contemporary look of this unique wall clock. The surface of the clock is crafted of high-quality bamboo. Item features quiet and smooth running Taiwan quartz movements.

Bamboo wall clocks 11

Multicolor, star shaped wall clock. Colors power! Love the mix of finishes: plain bamboo background creates the stage for colorful diamonds, separate one for each hour, marked with black Arabic numbers.

Homeloo Bamboo Numeral Forest Unique Modern Wall Clock

A fantastic improvement for homes and offices, this wall clock boasts of its intricate dial and durable bamboo construction. The dial is crafted in shape of large Arabic numerals, and equipped with black metal hands along with a matching second hand.

Homeloo natural bamboo wood retro numeric cutter diy modern unique

Homeloo Natural Bamboo Wood Retro Numeric Cutter Diy Modern Unique Wall Clock
Minimalistic and modern clock made of natural material - bamboo. Acrylic on the back to stand out the numbers clearly. Linseed oil coating protects bamboo on the surface and deep into the fibre, and gives it a nice sheen.

Retro orange bamboo wall clock numeric cutter

Bamboo wall clocks 2

Bamboo wall clocks

Fox clock wood bamboo woodland animal

Fox Clock Wood Bamboo Woodland Animal
Made of bamboo wood, the wall clock with two fox motifs is a great way to decorate the interior. Beautiful clock face with Arabic numerals and refreshing orange clock tips looks fabulous. Nice detail to the children's room.

Kirie 01 bamboo clock

Kirie 01 Bamboo Clock
The handmade Japanese wall clock is made of bamboo, acrylic and clock parts. It is finished with natural oil with chocolate brown hour and minute hands. I really like this paper cutting design, it's adorable!

Night owl bamboo wall clock 3

Night Owl Bamboo Wall Clock
A timeless, modern oval-shaped clock is an excellent way to decorate the interior. Beautiful bamboo wood construction is solid, and the Arabic numerals on the clock face look lovely. The whole made with attention to detail.

Bamboo wall clocks 5

Bamboo wall clocks 3

Infinity Instruments Roost and Serve Bamboo Wall Clock

Rooster shaped wall clock, cut with precision from bamboo board. Pretty unique and eye-catchy, it stands out and seems like it has its own personality. The dial is round, with brown Arabic numerals and thick hands.

Twinkle clock

Twinkle Clock
Minimalist star shaped bamboo board wall clock. For those who are fishing for a simple and unobtrusive timepiece which would nevertheless provide an eye-drawing decor accent. Straight black hands. No numerals.

Bamboo wall clock 3

Bamboo wall clocks 9

Bamboo wall clock 14

Bamboo wall clocks 14

Bamboo wall clocks 6

Bamboo wall clocks 4

Bamboo wall clocks 15

Bamboo wall clocks 6

Bulova C4645 Studio Clock, Natural Lacquer Finish

Updated wall clock merging natural elements - namely solid bamboo case, covered with clear lacquer- with modern minimalist accents. Square dial in white has elongated Roman numerals and straight hour marks.

Seiko Wall Clock With Dark Brown Case

It is a traditional square wall clock that has got a dark brown case and glass crystal. It fits to classic style and décor. It is perfect as a gift and as a decoration for your living room, dining room and other.

12" Vintage Roman Numeral Design France Paris Rusted Metal Look French Country Tuscan Style Paris Wood Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring appealing theme and construction made of environment-friendly wooden MDF. It's powered by one AA battery and includes dial featuring roman numerals. It's a great addition to any interior.

Bamboo wall clocks 1

23" Wooden Large Antiquite De Paris Oval Wall Clock

Feel an antique vibe in your decor and bedeck it with a stylish, distressed wall clock crafted from wood and embellished with black ornamental signs looking like taken straight from 19th century. Gorgeous!

Bamboo wall clocks 18

Bamboo wall clocks 17

Seiko Seiko Brown Oak Quiet Sweep 13-in. Wall Clock

This 13-inch diameter wall clock in an oak finish provides a non-ticking movement, allowing you to sleep cozy every single night. The wooden case holds a round white face covered by glass lens. Also includes a black second hand, and Arabic numerals.

Owl wall clock buddy owl modern forest

Owl Wall Clock Buddy Owl Modern Forest
Charming clock in the shape of owl. Shield is made of bamboo. Designed for mounting on the wall. Tasteful accent for each room.

Seiko QXA522BLH Classic Wall Clock

This beautiful wall clock can be a good choice for improving contemporary interiors with functionality and style. The round white face sits tightly inside of durable frame, while being covered by a glass lens. Also includes Arabic numerals and a second hand.

Usmile 12" Vintage heart-warming family always and forver Wooden Wall Clocks Decorative wall clocks Retro wall clocks

Opt for a touch of vintage appeal with this retro wall clock, sporting the nice flower theme on the front and offering numbers big enough to make them really easy to read and tell the time with utmost precision.

Seiko QXA597ALH Japanese Quartz Wall Clock

An interesting, reliable and accurate wall clock that is responsible for showing the current time. It has got black roman numbers that are easy to read. The frame is made of durable wood with a brown color.

Sterling industries wooden wall clock

Sterling Industries Wooden Wall Clock
This is a wall clock that has got a solid wooden construction and a round shale. It features black hands and white Roman numbers. It measures 16" H x 16" W x 1.25" D and its mechanism works in a very reliable way.

Sunny Safari Wall Clock

Sunny Safari Wall Clock
Charming clock on the wall in the shape of a monkey. It is made of recycled MDF. Battery powered. Positive accent for a child's room, and more.

10in green splat bamboo wall clock

10in Green Splat Bamboo Wall Clock
Novelty design bamboo like wall clock colored apple green, with tapering black hands. Handmade item executed from mdf board, with a sun rays pattern cut out in hard bamboo laminate. Made in USA to order.

Sterling industries wooden wall clock 1

Sterling Industries Wooden Wall Clock
The wooden wall clock handmade of the old bleached planks. To sign the hours it was used the Roman numerals. The clock is not a big one, so it could be hanged in the kitchen or living room, but it will be good if the interior will be in rustic style.

Seiko Wall Clock With Pendulum Dark Brown Case Westminster/Whittington Chime

This wall clock has got a pendulum, dark brown case, batteries and traditional design. It is a fantastic addition to any living room, bedroom, library and other. You will be impressed how beautiful this clock is.

Jumbo Tuscan Wooden Number Wall Clock

Multicolour wall clock, with attractive antiquated finish (all those crackles and wrought iron trimmed details). Each of the numerals (all of them are big and bold, and easy to read) is placed on a background slice of different colour.

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock
It is a stylish and elegant wall clock that is made of plastic, copper, resin, and glass. You can choose one of two colors: antique gold and antique walnut. Everyone will tell you how great it looks on your wall.

iCasso 12" Vintage France Paris Colourful French Country Tuscan Style Non-Ticking Silent Wood Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring colorful face and construction made of wooden MDF. Additionally, it features quartz mechanism, which provides accurate time and quiet movement. The clock requires one AA battery for operation.

Classic Colorado 16" Wall Clock

Classic Colorado 16" Wall Clock
Wall clock with antique finish. It contains Arabic numeral and quartz mechanism. Shield is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated accent for all kinds of interior.

Geneva 9.5" by 9.5" Octagonal Wood Wall Clock

This kind of wall clock is a high quality product that has got a round clock area that includes black arabic numbers that are large and easy to read. The frame is made of wood and it has got an octagonal shape.

Sofia 12" Wall Clock

Sofia 12" Wall Clock
This Antique 12-Inch Wall Clock in Bronze Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. The clock includes a round face, Arabic numerals, accurate quartz movement and second hand. Requires 1 AA battery.

Homeloo Bamboo Cubic Unique Wall Clock (Dark)

One-of-a-kind modern wall clock with unique geometric frame cut out from bamboo. You won't meet a similar clock on a daily basis: the frame creates a three-dimensional visual effect, inspired by a cube shape.

Decorative Bamboo Wall Clock with Piano Music Design

Add a drop of decorative elegance to an ambiance and take advantage of functionality at the same time: this bamboo clock has a nice piano art in its centre and it of course lets you know what time it is.