Bamboo Bedroom Furniture

Bamboo furniture is a light and functional option for everybody who likes natural accents in the indoor and outdoor of the house. Any furniture you can dream of, you can find it made of bamboo! Look below and check the products for the bedroom I've found on the web. There's plenty to choose from!

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Tong Bamboo Platform Bed (King)

It is an amazing bamboo platform king bed for your bedroom. It is comfortable and has got an awesome design. You will be impressed how cool this bed is. You need to have it.

Bamboo Screen, 4 Panel Self Standing Screens, 72"W x 72"H

This bamboo self-standing four panel divider and screen is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is handcrafted with natural miso bamboo and has got a tan finish. You will be impressed how great it is.

Awie 90 in Tall Natural Bamboo Pole Divider - Set

An amazing bamboo pole divider for your household that not only brings a natural look and appeal to the room but will ensure a significant boost of practical use thanks to its possibilities to create more privacy.

Natural Bamboo Nightstand with 2 Drawers and Shelf

Stunning nightstand for bedroom constructed from natural bamboo. This furniture contains 2 drawers that can accommodate many goods that u want to store after being already in your bed. Natural bamboo finishes makes this furniture looks really lovely.

Oriental Furniture Extra Strong, Substantial, Shade Barrier, 76-Inch Tall Take Japanese Style Single Panel Partition Room Divider, Black

Single panel, 76 inch tall room divider featuring very sturdy and strong construction made of solid kiln dried Scandinavian spruce and panel made of stitched flatwood an matchsticks. Additionally, whole construction is very stable.

Oriental Furniture Tropical Beach Furniture Room Divider, 6-Feet Burnt Bamboo Japanese Shoji Portable Folding Privacy Floor Screen

Oriental screen made of woven bamboo. It consists of three strips connected by a string of bamboo. It gives the room a tropical nature and is environmentally friendly. Provides complete privacy, defines space.

Bamboo Curtain with 2 Parrot Scene

Curtain panel made of bamboo. It is decorated with parrot theme. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

Oriental Furniture Traditional Bamboo Trellis Room Divider, 3 by 3-Feet Tall

This trellis room divider is made of bamboo, wood and natural fibers using traditional methods. It is perfect for outdoor use, for your garden or patio and yard. It adds beauty to any space.

ORE International Black 4 Panel Bamboo Screen Room Divider

This fashionable room divider is characterized by a sturdy wood frame that is covered in a black finish and holds 4 rice paper panels. Each piece is connected with the next one thanks to durable hinges that allow you to flex the divider according to your needs.

Oriental Furniture 4-Feet by 5 -1/2-Feet Japanese Bamboo Kumo Fence

Panel to the garden in the oriental style. The frame is made from the dried wood and covered with a protective layer of lacquer. The central panel is made of high quality bleached bamboo.

Oriental Furniture 6-Feet by 3-Feet Japanese Bamboo Zen Garden Fence

This kind of product is a garden fence made of Japanese bamboo. Thanks to this, the construction is very solid and also attractive, so the product plays a functional and decorative role in the garden.

Dolphins Bamboo Curtain

Bamboo curtain in blue with an animal theme. The curtain represents the dolphins and the moon. It can be used as a curtain to override the entrance to the room, or as an independent adornment for tropical decor.

Rattan furniture bedroom zt101 set 600x391 bamboo bedroom furniture
Bamboo Beaded Curtain Geisha Girl Chinese Door Way Room Divider 90 Strands NT/BB-05

Bamboo bedroom furniture
Bamboo headboards

Bamboo bedroom furniture 8
Bamboo bedroom furniture 3
Bamboo bed acheter bamboo bed meubles en bambou meubles de
Platform Bed Full | Nomad Furniture | Pecos Style (Dark Bamboo)

Bamboo Stand, 24"W x 18"D x 28"H
Bamboo bedroom furniture 3

Bamboo 4 Panel Screen

Bamboo Screen, 4 Panels Self Standing, 72"W x 72"H

Marin Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Marin Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Sonoma Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Sonoma Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Oriental Furniture Extra Strong Room Divider, 6-Feet Wood and Bamboo Matchstick Folding Privacy Floor Screen, Honey 4 Panels

Aden Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Aden Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Bamboo Beaded Curtain Lucky Chinese Dragon Door Way Doorway Curtain Room Divider 90 Strands NT/BB-02

Oriental Furniture 4-Feet by 5 -1/2-Feet Japanese Bamboo Zen Garden Fence

Frameless Bamboo Room Divider

Framed Bamboo Panel with Square Lattice Opening 72H x 48"W"

Oriental Furniture 4-Feet by 1 -1/2-Feet Japanese Bamboo Kumo Fence

Oriental Furniture Traditional Bamboo Trellis Room Divider, 6 by 3-Feet Tall

Oriental Furniture 4-Feet by 3-Feet Japanese Bamboo Kumo Fence

Bamboo armoire natural
Bamboo bedroom furniture 2
Bamboo headboard 1

Bamboo bedroom sets 1
Bamboo bedroom sets

Incorporating a bit of the smooth, oriental vibe into your interiors, this bamboo set of bedroom furniture comprises a storage cabinet for clothes, one for linens and a commode or bedside table.

Grey chest of drawers 2

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Bamboo bedroom furniture