Bamboo Bathroom Furniture

Bamboo is an interesting plant. If you disagree, check out the collection below and perhaps you will find your inspiration. Here you will find almost everything from bamboo benches to racks, bags, headboards and mirror frames. In my opinion, some of these ideas are totally innovative and worth taking a look at. Ready for a bamboo(m)?

Alyssa Thompson Interior Design Expert
Bamboo vanity cabinets bathroom
Adriana Andersson

Crafted from a high-quality Japenese bamboo, this bathroom furniture shows the newest trends in design, combining natural, wooden finishes with glossy white surfaces. Minimalistic, but also warm and cosy.

Custom 72" Solid Cherry curved doors double bathroom vanity with Granite / Quartz vanity-top
Rogers Jaclyn

This bathroom vanity has got a cherry finish, solid wood construction, granite with quartz top, drawers and doors. You will be impressed how high quality, nicely finished and fantastic this product is.

Bamboo shelves bathroom
Katherine Hen

This bamboo bathroom furniture will help you create a warm and charming decor, while at the same time offering considerable storage space for your towels, toilet paper rolls and other bath accessories.

Bamboo bathroom furniture 2

This practical laundry basket with a shelf on it is an excellent way to have a functional bathroom unit. Simple wood construction is universal and very impressive in every interior. Charming details delight.

Home bed bath featured shops tropical bamboo bath furniture
Thomson Marisa
Bamboo bath vanity cabinet

Made from environmentally friendly bamboo, this storage tower offers lots of space to store all your daily use items. Bamboo itself is naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and mould resistant, therefore the cabinet can serve as a bathroom tower.

Bamboo 27.56" x 66.93" Over the Toilet Cabinet

Bamboo 27.56" x 66.93" Over the Toilet Cabinet
Aesthetic traditional bathroom stand for mounting over a toilet. Its space-saving body is of bamboo with a natural finish. It has a rectangular moulding top, sleek rectangular posts, an open shelf and a 1-shelf cabinet with sliding doors.

Bamboo bathroom shelves
Sara Butl

The elegant bamboo hamper with liner. Some people hide the hampers in the wardrobes, but there is a waste of space. This one looks great as a solo-standing piece of furniture and plays also the decorational role.

Daniel Doan Moso Collection 70.5" Solid Bamboo Double Vessel Bowls Bathroom Vanity
Tara Gosselin

This bathroom vanity has got a solid bamboo construction, double bowls, drawers and doors. You will be impressed how high quality, nicely finished and fantastic this product is. You need to have it.

Bamboo Storage Console Cabinet with Doors and Drawers in Natural

Bamboo cabinet is the way to beautiful original furnishings and natural interior. The cabinet is very prkatyczna and extremely handy. At the same time, it is a solution that will provide the decoration due to its remarkable and unusual beauty.

Bamboo bathroom cabinet
Roberts Isabelle

A distinctive piece of furniture that is going to accentuate your contemporary bathroom. The whole chippendale cabinet is made of faux bamboo and covered in a red lacquer, featuring spacious storage drawers and a stylish faucet.

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Alexis Hallify
Home products home supplies furniture bathroom furniture
Alicia Robe
Bathroom cabinet bamboo bathroom vanity bamboo bathroom furniture
Isabella Martinable
Bamboo vanity
Anna Joh

Bathroom furnishing of quality wood in warm brown tones. It includes e.g. a large standing unit of tall round rods (decorated with green leaves) with long narrow shelf and a hand-crafted luxury oval tub. They match modern interiors in bluish tones.

Bamboo bathroom furniture 4
Wright Stacy

Are you searching for a organizer for your towels and bathroom accessories? We suggest you to choose this product, which has got the bamboo construction and six shelves. It fits to classic style in any bathroom.

4 Tier Bathroom Rack Ladder Shelf Tower MDF / Bamboo Frame/ White
Evans Liliana

Leaning against a wall, this 4 tier bathroom ladder promotes floor space conserving. Naturally colored bamboo frame supports white tray MDF shelves dedicated for storing bathroom accessories and essentials.

CreativeWare 5-Shelf Bamboo Tower
Laetitia Anderson

5 tiers shower tower made of eco-friendly, fully biodegradable bamboo. All hardware needed for assembly is included. It is a product of modern design: marries function with superb style and minimal impact on the environment.

Bamboo 15" x 45" Bathroom Shelf
Mary Bak

Bamboo 15" x 45" Bathroom Shelf
Pretty contemporary shelving unit matching bathrooms or kitchens. It's crafted of wooden materials with a brownish bamboo-looking finish. It has an all-open frame, 4 posts gently flared at both ends and 4 slatted shelves.

Bamboo bathroom cabinet item num bwt s403350 payment t t
Lily Cravenable
Bamboo 14" x 33.5" Bathroom Utility Floor Standing Cabinet
Natalie Tayl

Bamboo 14" x 33.5" Bathroom Utility Floor Standing Cabinet
Aesthetic contemporary bathroom unit of natural-finished bamboo. A sleek rectilineal frame has low straight legs and recessed slatted side panels. It features rectangular white both a top and a shelf as well as a 1-shelf cabinet with a louvered door.

Bamboo over the toilet storage

This stunning bamboo bathroom is just the perfect solution for when you want to combine comfort with simply exquisite looks, since it offers the structure made entirely out of wood with the contemporary style to its looks.

Bamboo wall cabinet bathroom
Krystle Turner

Stunning bathroom sink. Extraordinary top mounted washbasin design. Original stratified pattern. An uncommon wooden sink that surely cannot be found in an average home. So, if you love to impress your guests...

Bamboo over toilet storage

Catching the attention with its unique, openwork construction, this bamboo cabinet would be a perfect bathroom storage for your towels and bath accessories. 4 shelves guarantee perfectly enough space.

CreativeWare Eco Styles Spa Bench

This is a decorative and functional bench that has also got a storage function. It is made of solid bamboo material that is resistant to moisture and other factors. It is ideal for use in a bathroom or spa.

Bamboo Bathroom Corner Tower
Alexandra Broo

Bamboo Bathroom Corner Tower
A bathroom corner tower that can transform looks of any bathroom. It is constructed of solid bamboo wood with metal accents. Designed to fit in a corner. It features five shelves in general for extra soaps etc.

Bamboo bathroom vanity
Allison Howard

This impressive arrangement of the bathroom is an excellent combination of a bamboo cabinet under the wash basin decorated with a snake pattern, beautiful wallpaper with a wild cat and mirror in a beautiful golden frame.

Bamboo cabinets bathroom
Mendes Natasha
Bamboo bathroom wall cabinet
Laetitia Kloss
36" Modern Black Bathroom Vanity - Contemporary Bamboo - Boston MA. Stamford CT. Dallas TX. Manhattan NY. Los Angeles CA.

This cabinet to the bathroom, which is designed for wash-basin is an excellent solution, especially where we can not have too large a place. This solution allows for the utilization of available space and putting all their stuff.

Bamboo bathroom cabinets
Price Lauren

Bamboo is a gratifying interior design material, and this delightful towel rack is a perfect example of bamboo bathroom furniture. The whole is interestingly designed to be durable and very beautifully presented in the interior.

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Bamboo storage cabinet
Cintia Kowalski

A piece of furniture designed for use in the bathroom. This high quality product offers a large storage space for bathroom items. It is made of materials that are resistant to humidity, damage and other factors.

Custom 68" - 72" Cherry double bowls bathroom vanity with Granite / Quartz vanity-top : Boston MA : Trenton NJ : Stamford CT.
Bianca Weberable

It is a double bowls bathroom vanity that has got a cherry finish, quartz with granite vanity top and casual design. This is a fantastic addition to any style and décor in your bathroom.

Bamboo bathroom storage
Washington Crystal

This 19th-century chest features a bamboo construction, antique geological engravings, and Waterworks marble tiles in a bath. Three deep drawers are excellent for bathroom accessories, towels and more.

Bamboo wall cabinet
Tara Gosselin
Bamboo bathroom

With this handy set for contemporary bathrooms, you can have all your necessities in one place. The set is made of wood and features 1 soap dish w/ liner, 1 soap pump, 1 waste can, 1 tissue cover, 1 tray, and 1 toothbrush holder.

Bamboo bathroom cabinet
Wright Stacy
Bamboo vanities
Rachel Massonable
Bamboo bath furniture
Miller Amanda
Bamboo bath vanities
Samantha Perez
Bamboo bathroom furniture
Tara Gri
Bamboo furniture bamboo vanity bamboo bathroom cabinet bamboo 1
Mega Leahbrown
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Bamboo bath vanity
Bamboo bathroom storage furniture china other folding furniture for 1
Krystle All
Bamboo bathroom furniture 3
Wesson Jessica
Bamboo chairs bamboo furniture bamboo bathroom furniture bamboo 3
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