Bamboo Bathroom Furniture

Bamboo is an interesting plant. If you disagree, check out the collection below and perhaps you will find your inspiration. Here you will find almost everything from bamboo benches to racks, bags, headboards and mirror frames. In my opinion, some of these ideas are totally innovative and worth taking a look at. Ready for a bamboo(m)?

Bamboo vanity cabinets bathroom

Crafted from a high-quality Japenese bamboo, this bathroom furniture shows the newest trends in design, combining natural, wooden finishes with glossy white surfaces. Minimalistic, but also warm and cosy.

Custom 72" Solid Cherry curved doors double bathroom vanity with Granite / Quartz vanity-top

This bathroom vanity has got a cherry finish, solid wood construction, granite with quartz top, drawers and doors. You will be impressed how high quality, nicely finished and fantastic this product is.

Bamboo shelves bathroom

This bamboo bathroom furniture will help you create a warm and charming decor, while at the same time offering considerable storage space for your towels, toilet paper rolls and other bath accessories.

Bamboo bathroom furniture 2

This practical laundry basket with a shelf on it is an excellent way to have a functional bathroom unit. Simple wood construction is universal and very impressive in every interior. Charming details delight.

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Bamboo bath vanity cabinet

Made from environmentally friendly bamboo, this storage tower offers lots of space to store all your daily use items. Bamboo itself is naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and mould resistant, therefore the cabinet can serve as a bathroom tower.

Bamboo 27.56" x 66.93" Over the Toilet Cabinet

Bamboo 27.56" x 66.93" Over the Toilet Cabinet
Aesthetic traditional bathroom stand for mounting over a toilet. Its space-saving body is of bamboo with a natural finish. It has a rectangular moulding top, sleek rectangular posts, an open shelf and a 1-shelf cabinet with sliding doors.

Bamboo bathroom shelves

The elegant bamboo hamper with liner. Some people hide the hampers in the wardrobes, but there is a waste of space. This one looks great as a solo-standing piece of furniture and plays also the decorational role.

Daniel Doan Moso Collection 70.5" Solid Bamboo Double Vessel Bowls Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom vanity has got a solid bamboo construction, double bowls, drawers and doors. You will be impressed how high quality, nicely finished and fantastic this product is. You need to have it.

Bamboo Storage Console Cabinet with Doors and Drawers in Natural

Bamboo cabinet is the way to beautiful original furnishings and natural interior. The cabinet is very prkatyczna and extremely handy. At the same time, it is a solution that will provide the decoration due to its remarkable and unusual beauty.

Bamboo bathroom cabinet

A distinctive piece of furniture that is going to accentuate your contemporary bathroom. The whole chippendale cabinet is made of faux bamboo and covered in a red lacquer, featuring spacious storage drawers and a stylish faucet.

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Bathroom cabinet bamboo bathroom vanity bamboo bathroom furniture

Bamboo vanity

Bathroom furnishing of quality wood in warm brown tones. It includes e.g. a large standing unit of tall round rods (decorated with green leaves) with long narrow shelf and a hand-crafted luxury oval tub. They match modern interiors in bluish tones.

Bamboo bathroom furniture 4

Are you searching for a organizer for your towels and bathroom accessories? We suggest you to choose this product, which has got the bamboo construction and six shelves. It fits to classic style in any bathroom.

4 Tier Bathroom Rack Ladder Shelf Tower MDF / Bamboo Frame/ White

Leaning against a wall, this 4 tier bathroom ladder promotes floor space conserving. Naturally colored bamboo frame supports white tray MDF shelves dedicated for storing bathroom accessories and essentials.

CreativeWare 5-Shelf Bamboo Tower

5 tiers shower tower made of eco-friendly, fully biodegradable bamboo. All hardware needed for assembly is included. It is a product of modern design: marries function with superb style and minimal impact on the environment.

Bamboo 15" x 45" Bathroom Shelf

Bamboo 15" x 45" Bathroom Shelf
Pretty contemporary shelving unit matching bathrooms or kitchens. It's crafted of wooden materials with a brownish bamboo-looking finish. It has an all-open frame, 4 posts gently flared at both ends and 4 slatted shelves.

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Bamboo 14" x 33.5" Bathroom Utility Floor Standing Cabinet

Bamboo 14" x 33.5" Bathroom Utility Floor Standing Cabinet
Aesthetic contemporary bathroom unit of natural-finished bamboo. A sleek rectilineal frame has low straight legs and recessed slatted side panels. It features rectangular white both a top and a shelf as well as a 1-shelf cabinet with a louvered door.

Bamboo over the toilet storage

This stunning bamboo bathroom is just the perfect solution for when you want to combine comfort with simply exquisite looks, since it offers the structure made entirely out of wood with the contemporary style to its looks.

Bamboo wall cabinet bathroom

Stunning bathroom sink. Extraordinary top mounted washbasin design. Original stratified pattern. An uncommon wooden sink that surely cannot be found in an average home. So, if you love to impress your guests...

Bamboo over toilet storage

Catching the attention with its unique, openwork construction, this bamboo cabinet would be a perfect bathroom storage for your towels and bath accessories. 4 shelves guarantee perfectly enough space.

CreativeWare Eco Styles Spa Bench

This is a decorative and functional bench that has also got a storage function. It is made of solid bamboo material that is resistant to moisture and other factors. It is ideal for use in a bathroom or spa.

Bamboo Bathroom Corner Tower

Bamboo Bathroom Corner Tower
A bathroom corner tower that can transform looks of any bathroom. It is constructed of solid bamboo wood with metal accents. Designed to fit in a corner. It features five shelves in general for extra soaps etc.

Oriental Furniture Extra Strong, Substantial, Shade Barrier, 76-Inch Tall Take Japanese Style Single Panel Partition Room Divider, Black

Single panel, 76 inch tall room divider featuring very sturdy and strong construction made of solid kiln dried Scandinavian spruce and panel made of stitched flatwood an matchsticks. Additionally, whole construction is very stable.

Bamboo Beaded Curtain Hawaiian Tropical Decor Natural Door Way Doorway Room Divider 90 Strands NT/BB-07

A natural piece of equipment that looks very stylish and has got a functional role in the house. This room dividing element is a curtain made of bamboo. It is attractive, functional and wear resistant.

Bamboo cabinets bathroom

Natural Bamboo Nightstand with 2 Drawers and Shelf

Stunning nightstand for bedroom constructed from natural bamboo. This furniture contains 2 drawers that can accommodate many goods that u want to store after being already in your bed. Natural bamboo finishes makes this furniture looks really lovely.

Bamboo bathroom wall cabinet

Bamboogle Brazil 44-Inch by 22-Inch by 18-Inch Coffee Table

Classic and timeless coffee table fits perfectly into the interior decorated in contemporary style. Made of bamboo known for it's durability and longevity. The table is so light that it is easy to move, yet is very stable.

Pink Flowers Curtain

Bamboo curtain with a floral motif. The curtain represents flowering pink magnolias. It can be used as a curtain to override the entrance to the room, or as an independent adornment. No assembly required.

Natural Bamboo Curtain w Painted Banana Tree Design in Green

Bamboo curtain with a floral motif. Thecurtain has a drawing showing an ornamental palm. It can be used to obstruction transition between rooms or as self-standing decoration. It does not require assembly.

Oriental Furniture 6-Feet Tall Bamboo Wave Screen, White

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Mrk leaning bath shelf

Mrk Leaning Bath Shelf
A piece of furniture designed for use in the bathroom. This high quality product offers a large storage space for bathroom items. It is made of materials that are resistant to humidity, damage and other factors.

Bamboo furniture 38

Dining set in oriental style. Construction is made of bamboo. It consists of square table with glass top and 4 chairs with high back. Perfect solution for dining room, restaurant and others interiors according to taste and need.

Bamboo furniture 30

This bamboo fence embodies all the best features of a characteristic New Zealand style. Solid, yet lightweight construction shall appeal to the most sophisticated tastes.

Fantastic entryway organizer offering solid wooden frame in natural finish, four functional shelves and one compartment providing ample storage space, elegant design, and durable construction for added longevity.

Gifts & Decor Bamboo Handle Woven Corn Husk Nesting Basket, 3-Piece

This set includes three woven corn husk nesting baskets with lightweight bamboo handles for ease of use. These pieces are spacious enough to hold a variety of bathing and other essentials whilst being a charming addition to any household.

Bamboo wall cabinet

Bamboo furniture 31

A pretty modern stool featuring an openwork hourglass frame of natural finished bamboo. It's built of a circular foot, a dozen or so vertical angular curved inwards slats and a round seat. A padded cushion has a cover of plain off-white fabric.

Bamboo furniture 34

Very original and unique lamp design. This decorative and practical element includes a stylish and solid cover made of bamboo. It not only decorates indoor and outdoor areas, but it also assures appropriate illumination.

Bamboo furniture

You were hundred percent sure that the home must be built of bricks, you will be probably a bit surprised that it could be done of bamboo. It is very flexible and durable material, so if you construct it good, it could endure long years.

Bamboo bathroom cabinet

DVD and Video Storage Box - Bamboo (Bamboo) (4.75" H x 8.5" W x 12.5" D)

Use this fine bamboo box to store whatever you wish, but it was created above all to store DVDs and video games. It has cutout handles and it is light in weight, so you can effortlessly move the whole box around.

Bamboo vanities

Bamboo bath furniture

100% natural bamboo shoe rack, with storage compartment ,Bench (FSR04-N)

Functional storage rack for shoes, with a functional side rack that may be used to store umbrellas. It is constructed of robust bamboo with natural finish. The shelves feature slatted surface. The design is overall pretty versatile.