Ball Chairs

Ball chairs are a perfect way of combining balance exercise ball with a chair to ensure stability. Ball chairs assure a healthy ergonomic posture and help to eliminate back pain problems. These balls come in a variety of styles and colors to match ones favorite design.

Amanda Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Pink ball chair

Simple, but original ball chair with a durable frame and solid round base that improves stability. Comfortable sitting space includes multi-color pillows for enhanced aesthetics and superior level of relaxation.

Ball chairs 1

An original and decorative ball chair that features a durable construction. It looks very stylish thanks to its turquoise color. Its simple and durable frame is resistant to wear and damage caused by different factors.

Ball chairs 2

This ball chair not only looks just immensely stylish and sophisticated, making it truly beautiful and right for your contemporary styled decor, it will also ensure a boost of utter comfort for any user.

Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair

Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair
Ball chair on a stable and safe metal base. It can be used in the office and at home to improve circulation and correct posture. It is very highly valued by customers.

Ball chairs 28

The cocoon chair, known to many people - which is absolutely shaped like a great ball egg has been modernized to a big hairy monster! The unchanged ball egg chairs shape has been enriched with hairy, upholstery with long bristles!

Ball chairs 31

Ball styled chair with a solid construction finished in white color. It stands on a round base that improves support and stability. Cushioned sitting space in red color looks very nice with white frame.

Ball chairs 44

Original chair consisting of metal wires. Seat and back is filled with plastic balls. Modern design for each place according to taste and need. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Ball chairs 7

Funky and adorable design for a unique ball chair with a checkered frame and base and an inside resembling a mouth with teeth on the top and a tongue on the bottom, providing a funny and unusual appearance.

Ball chairs 10

This is a very interesting balance ball chair that assures a healthy, ergonomic posture in the office. It helps to eliminate back pain problems. This kind of chair has got a solid construction and it is equipped with wheels.

Ball chairs 45

Now you can easily exercise and find comfort at the same time with this gymnastic ball chair that is covered in modern three-dimensional mesh fabric and can be used both at home and at the office, promoting good posture and core strength.

ACME 60268 Quinlan Side Chair, Cherry Finish, Set of 2

This elegant set of 2 side chairs is beautifully hand-carved using bentwood veneers and a cherry oak finish. Each chair offers a decorative frame with ball and claw feet, an ornamented back, and a decorative apron.

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Balance / Exercise Ball Chair

Balance / Exercise Ball Chair

Ball chairs 32
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Ball chairs 3
Retro ball chair
Ball chairs 4
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Vintage rattan ball chair nestrest
Ball chairs 42
Ball chair lila van designer finn stone is een design