Balinese Coffee Table

If you love exotic furniture like me, you'll love the Balinese coffee tables below. What a great idea to introduce some exotic charm into the interior. With such piece of furniture you can transform the whole room. Browse the collection below for inspiration.

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Balinese coffee table

Striking craftsmanship and a weathered finish make this coffee table really standing out from the rest. Hand-carved of durable teak, the table stands on stylishly turned legs with a rectangle top, oozing with a vintage, Indonesian style.

Modern balinese furniture

A pretty traditional Balinese coffee table totally crafted of natural teak wood with a washed white and brownish finish. It has sturdy low curved angular legs with pointy bottom ends, a square top with canted edges, a showy apron.

Indonesian coffee table

Phenomenal coffee table with round top. It is completely made of wood and mounted on legs in the shape of elephant. Sophisticated accessory for the living room, hallway and more.

Balinese coffee table 3

This coffee table features a solid suqare top that allows for serving snacks and drinks. It also includes four slightly curved, stable and decorative legs. Wooden construction of this table is wear-resistant and long-lasting.

Balinese coffee table 17

Not everyone wants to afford such an extravaganza - which is a Balinese coffee bench table made of exotic wood with incredible carvings of flowers and leaves just below its edge. Painted algae are inspired by the island of Bali.

Balinese coffee table 8

Original Balinese coffee table. Beautiful, distressed wooden construction that undoubtedly has a soul... Solid wood turned feet support the low profile rectangle top. The table apparetly is very large and spacious. Love.

Teak opium coffee table

An authentic vintage coffee table from the exotic Island of Bali. It's hand-crafted of resistant brown-finished wood. Its 4 sturdy curved legs with pointy ends and square top frame are hand carved in geometric patterns while central part is plain.

Indonesian coffee tables

A traditional vintage coffee table straight from Bali. It's handmade of durable exotic wood finished in browns. Its 4 sturdy low curved legs, dashy aprons and rectangular top frame are rich carved in geometric designs. A top central part is plain.

Opium coffee table

This beautiful brand new made of high-quality dark brown wood of Balinese mahogany opium leg coffee table is perfect, especially for outdoor usage. It will create an amazing atmosphere for drinking coffee or tea on it.

Balinese furniture timber wooden low scroll coffee table long honey
Balinese coffee table 12
Balinese coffee table

The simple and very solidly made Balinese coffee table is an excellent way to captivate the interior. Beautiful wood construction is durable and can also be used as a bench. Interesting combination of legs with the top.

Balinese coffee table

A massive coffee table, very stable and durable, with a low profile design. Its construction is characterized by old Balinese railroad ties, supporting by large stones. You will be successfully using this table for many years.

Balinese coffee table 19
Balinese coffee table 7
Balinese coffee table 9
Bali furniture coffee table 1
Bali lotus coffee table melon
Bali coffee table

A simple traditional Balinese coffee table handmade from wood of old fishing boats with a glossy lacquered finish in brown tones. It has sturdy straight square legs, simple aprons and a rectangular top featuring a slightly uneven surface.

Oriental furniture bali black lacquer oriental coffee table
Opium table

Inject the finest Balinese craftsmanship into your apartment. With its carved wooden design, this striking coffee table with spacious rectangular top can effortlessly serve as an interior's centerpiece.

Balinese coffee table 30
Teak wood coffee table 1
Balinese teak carved coffee table
Balinese coffee table 11
Balinese table

Bali - dream island, you can find there an interesting interior architecture. This coffee table has a traditional shape for the furniture of this island. A quadrangle, without legs, with the entire surface. Natural colors, often orange shades.

Mahogany bali coffee table
Indonesian coffee table

We are on a trip to Indonesia, in the warm Bali. If you don't have time - you can buy an balinese coffee table. It is a tropical solution that warms up any interior. Narrow table made of stylish tree of that region.

Living room beautiful indonesian bench and coffee table in this
Balinese coffee table 23
Carved balinese coffee table
Balinese coffee table 15
Balinese coffee table 5

These balinese coffee tables have an interesting shape, like small turtles. Exotic, dark wood falling into red. They are low, as usual in the region of Bali, you can sit near them even on the ground. As close as possible to nature.

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Balinese coffee table 10
Balinese coffee table 26
Balinese coffee table 2
Oxford Coffee Table

Oxford Coffee Table
This piece of furniture is a coffee table that has got a solid wooden construction and a neutral white color that looks nice in different locations. It includes a rectangular top and a lower display shelf.

Balinese coffee table 27
Opium leg coffee table available from bali mystique
Balinese coffee table 4

Island climates are also boats. And with old boat boards, you can make a beautiful exotic table. Balinese coffee table has characteristic structure. They are often made of Rain wood. This balinese table in the form of a square, also has a glass coating.

Balinese teak and resin furniture coffee side table white wash
Tables and a mahogany coffee table 29 5pc mid century
Balinese coffee table 28
Design Toscano AF42016 Balinese Table - Bench
Balinese recycled boat wood coffee table 2
This home which is located in barcelona spain was designed
Large balinese coffee table
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