Backyard Playground Equipment

Make your kids jump over the moon with happiness. If you don't know how to do it, here's a suggestion. Just plan the backyard with playground equipment on mind. In the collection below you'll find little gyms, climbing walls, slides and a lot more.

Diy backyard playground

If you want for your little ones to have a crazy fun while playing in the backyard, you may want to check this beautiful merry-go-round. It is constructed of all-weather resistant metal and it spins like a charm.

Backyard playground equipment

An ingenious though simple outdoor play equipment for children. It's constructed of 4 sturdy straight round-section poles with a natural stained finish and 4 tyres fixed to the poles. Children can squeeze by tyres.

Diy playground ideas

Don't let your backyard be boring! Just look at this playground bench. It will be a real blast for your kid, of that we're sure. Wooden construction makes it stable and durable, to ensure your kid is safe at all times!

Backyard playground equipment 1

A great idea to improve your backyard and make it more child-friendly. This lovely house stands on solid logs, and has everything: a high-pitched roof, a sundeck, a working door and windows, and even a large sandbox place underneath the whole structure.

Diy gymnastics equipment

Wooden set designed for garden workout freaks. With this simple but efficient set, you can change your garden into the gym. You will be able to climb a wall and use ropes and bars to pull up, and train your muscles!

Playground equipment plans

This playground equipment can be a great offer for all pre-schools offering a fully safe entertainment, which will develop the children's motor activity. It allows several kids to use the item at the same time.

Backyard playground ideas

This exciting idea for a children's playground is hand made from simple, publicly available materials. Numerous details and unusual play arrangements guarantee children a perfect place to spend their time outdoors. Solid wooden construction.

Cubby house play equipment

Made of wood play equipment are a great workmanship and an excellent way to have fun with children. Beautiful and robust construction is safe and will provide a lot of fun. The whole works great in any garden.

Backyard playground equipment

This cubbyhouse is an every kid's dream! trust me, you need to have it at your backyard. It features the sandbox underneath, the play area and solid, safe wooden construction.

Diy outdoor gym equipment

Surprise your children with some crazy fun by presenting to them this impressive gym equipment for outdoors. The ripple slides are mounted very firmly and surrounded by two vertical mesh screen enclosure for proper safety.

Plans to build a 6 x 6 covered sandbox sand

Plans To Build A 6 X 6 Covered Sandbox Sand Box Playground Equipment
Sandbox made of wood and fitted with canopy. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great addition to the garden, patio and others outdoor places.

Playground diy

A cool traditional ground-mounted playground set with a frame of long solid wood rounds with a natural stained finish. It's equipped with a wall-ladder, swings and tyre swings hanging on same robust blue nylon ropes like a climbing net is made of.

Backyard merry go round kids

Suitable for pre-school children - those who love to interact. A backyard playground equipment - the wooden climbing panel can be an independent vertical challenge. Secure fasteners and fittings have a thin green color. It will help to train the will to fight.

Small playground equipment

While our days of swinging from the monkey bars are long behind us, our kids make up for it by spending hours jumping, running, climbing, and sliding up and down their favorite playground equipment. In fact, our kids live for…

S embankment slide bespoke slides slides playground equipment

'S' Embankment Slide Bespoke Slides - Slides Playground Equipment

Kids playground kits

A fantastic entertainment for the kids of all ages. This yellow slide will bring joy and happiness to your backyard. Along with the tire ladder, it constitutes a good example of a smart DIY repurposing.

Homemade merry go round

With this backyard playground equipment your dog will finally have more than enough room to roam free and get the much-needed excercise. It is perfect to train it or to just simply let it have fun.

How to build a merry go round playground

When you would like to organize the backyard playground for your children, do it yourself. A few meters of rope, a few timber beams and your son could became the spiderman in your own garden. Great!

Diy merry go round

An awesome addition for outdoor areas that will bring your kids much fun during hot summer days. The splash pad installation has a beautiful wading pool with squirting fountains and a tall mushroom-like shower.

Wood playground equipment

Vibrantly painted, this set of old tires can be a wonderful enterainment for the youngest family members. A great playground addition, being a must-have if you have a considerably large backyard.

Backyard jungle gym plans

This backyard playground equipment will be a perfect place for your kids have an enchanting entertainment. Made from wooden bars, it is a DIY project, which stays close to nature.

Homemade playground

Interesting backyard playground equipment, don’t you think? Slopes and slides will provide plenty of fun for your kids, while the wooden construction will make it safe and stable. Remember, when it comes to kids, safety first!

Backyard merry go round

A splendid way of decorating your backyard with an impressive-looking playhouse for your little ones. This wood masterpiece is covered with a high-pitched roof, and includes a properly secured deck, glass windows, 1 front door, 1 ramp, 1 net, stairs, 1 curvy slide, and a sand box underneath the whole house.

How to build playground equipment

If you are looking for fun playground equipment for your kids, this wonderfully made zip line is a great way to have fun. Stable attachments, appropriate security features, and a colorful saddle will be perfect for a toddler.

Playground equipment for backyard

A simple, outdoor idea that will give you a lot of fun. It's a solid, wooden post with a thick rope attached. A great climbing structure than can be used by children and adults. It can be an element of a playground too.

Diy playground equipment

Home made playground equipment

Diy backyard playground ideas

The Blue Whale at Plikta Park in Gothenburg, Sweden (designed by Monstrum) - One of the most amazing playgrounds around the world

Playground equipment for backyard 2

DIY project for an entertainment piece for kids to place in a backyard garden. The DIY monkey bars set is made out of solid, reclaimed wood and has a bunch of different metal handles for the kids to play with at will.

Stand alone monkey bars

If you have just a small garden and would still love to turn it into a playground for your children then these stunning modern monkey bars will do the trick, letting your child play and have fun for hours to come.

Kids gym equipment

This colorful, durable and well-adapted kids gym is an excellent way to develop a baby's play area at home and only. Robust wood construction and numerous details perfect for game create a sensational whole.

Playground equipment for backyard 1

Cool playground for big kids is such a cool way to entertain your teen kids in your own backyard! This playground equipment is very entertaining and looks fun. Constructed from silver steel elements and blue rope.

Playground equipment for backyard 3

This simplistic, yet solid project can be an inspiration for all who want to build their own natural wooden playgrounds. It features a swing set, attached to a pull up bar and a small house, which can serve as a perfect lodge.

Play equipment for backyard

Gonna get my hubby on it a.s.a.p. Maybe it'll be done in time for my daughters B-day.... IN JUNE, lol

Playground equipment for backyard 15

If you have some space in your backyard, check out this professional playground equipment for inspirations. A mini climbing wall and a set of ropes for tightrope walking. A cool way to entertain your kids for many hours

Playground equipment for backyard 10

Playground equipment idea: something worth having in your backyard, so that the kids would stay busy during sunny days! Ropes and wooden blocks attached to a pyramid structure encourage for climbing and pulling up.

This backyard playground has a spider web rope net to

This backyard playground has a spider web rope net to climb.

Jungle gym diy kits

Sue has gotten us a lot of wonderful, new, indoor gym equipment, but at this time of the year, I can't help but "Think Spring". Wouldn't it be fun to build something like this to put in the grass at the far side of the playground?!

Playground equipment for backyard 1

This playground constitutes a great proposition for your backyard. Natural, wooden construction, strengthened with metal base. Probably the coolest element is the zip platform for over the pond.

Playground equipment for backyard

This playground equipment will add a new value to your backyard, bringing a lot of fun and entertainment for your kids. A climbing wall and a slide shall enhance your children's motility.

Build your own outdoor play equipment

Open or Closed? The roof hatch on this deluxe playhouse opens for an alfresco feel or can be shut tight for a sleepover. It is also equipped...

Max confidence obstacle course confidence obstacle course by alex kontz

max confidence obstacle course - Confidence Obstacle Course... by Alex Kontz

Stand alone monkey bar set

Attractive design of a backyard playground with equipment for dogs. All elements of equipment are finished in natural looking green color and they are safe for animals. They also decorate outdoor areas.

Diy play equipment

Playground Equipment Parts • Build Your Own DIY Playground

Backyard play equipment

Create the play area for your kids with this wobble step bridge, which has got the several color options to choose and solid wooden construction with chains. Everyone will tell you how cool this product is.

Backyard play equipment 17

9 piece set of equipment for dog backyard. Includes slide, tunnel, ladder and more. Frame is made of metal and covered with thick carpet. Suitable for large and medium sized dogs.

Backyard fitness equipment

Image of Playground tire bridge

Backyard rope bridge

This well-designed children's playground with water wall play is an excellent way to have fun on hot days. Wooden construction with gutters gives you a lot of fun in the water and is very ingenious.

Monkey bars gym equipment

Backyard playground in the landscaping

Build a merry go round

Thomas Gardner School Playground by Ivy Dawned, via Flickr

Backyard play equipment 13

A commonly known entertainment, which can engage the kids for long hours. Especially if they have a bit of the sporty blood in their veins. Very solid, stable construction will provide a safety entertainment.