Austria Crystal Chandelier

With hundreds of individually cut and polished pieces of glass, genuine crystal chandeliers are often seen as works of art and invariably add a glamorous, sophisticated touch to any room. Shop for one-of-a-kind, vintage, mid-century modern and antique crystal chandeliers and other pendant lights from the best dealers and stores in Austria.

Austria crystal chandelier 2

Four light crystal chandelier that represents attractive Austrian style from 1960's. This element of home design not only decorates indoors, but also assures good level of light at night in the darkness.

Waterfall crystal chandelier 3

Vintage austria basket swarovsi crystal chandelier lamp 1960s rare

Vintage Austria Basket Swarovsi Crystal Chandelier Lamp 1960s Rare
A magnificent chandelier which is a real piece of art. It features an elegant, ornamental base with a golden finish and countless white crystals, which will magically sparkle when the light is on. A high-class piece for chic interiors.

Austria crystal chandelier

Austria crystal chandelier 14

Austria crystal chandelier 17

Royal 5 Light Crystal Chandelier

Royal 5 Light Crystal Chandelier

Austria crystal chandelier 20

Large lobmeyr chandelier

Large Lobmeyr Chandelier
This sophisticated chandelier connect modernity with sumptuous style of baroque. It is made of gold-plated metal and hundreds of little crystal. Thi lamp will look good only in very luxurious interior.

Austria crystal chandelier 21

Austria crystal chandelier 5

Austria crystal chandelier 36

Austrian crystal chandeliers

Austria crystal chandelier 29

5 Light Crystal Chandelier

5 Light Crystal Chandelier
This lovely crystal chandelier is the perfect ornament for your interior. Beautifully crafted give elegance and style, giving the interior an almost palatial character. Subtle lights in the shape of candles complete the whole.

Faceted crystal and brass chandelier by lobmeyr austria circa 1960s

Bakalowits sohne crystal glass large chandelier vintage retro design austria

Bakalowits Sohne Crystal Glass Large Chandelier Vintage Retro Design Austria
If you’d rather go over the top with your chandelier, take a look at this sophisticated, extremely elegant crystal one with a very vintage, retro design. Perfect if you like to show off your acquired, distinct taste in furniture.

Austria crystal ceiling light chandelier swarovski and chrome color

Rain Drop Crystal Chandelier

Rain Drop Crystal Chandelier

Austria crystal chandelier 1

Clara 3 Light Crystal Chandelier

Clara 3 Light Crystal Chandelier

Austria crystal chandelier 2

Austria crystal chandelier 35

Austria crystal chandelier 9

Vintage schonbek crystal chandelier antiqued brass frame swarvorski crystals

Vintage Schonbek Crystal Chandelier Antiqued Brass Frame Swarvorski Crystals
Over the top design for a rich and exquisite vintage crystal chandelier with an antique brass frame. The crystal chandelier is fitted with a set of artificial, electric candles and an arrangement of hanging Swarovski crystals, providing a sophisticated vibe.

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Schonbek crystal chandelier diningroom fixture hanging chandelier 1705 20

Schonbek Crystal Chandelier Diningroom Fixture Hanging Chandelier 1705 20
Old fashioned, hanging crystal chandelier will be very impressive accent in your room decor. Great to use in dining room or restaurant to give a magical, very elegant and luxury finish to whole decor.

Austria crystal chandelier 34

Rare authentic schonbek crystal chandelier excellent condition free shipping

Rare Authentic Schonbek Crystal Chandelier Excellent Condition Free Shipping
Richly decorated chandelier as the main or additional source of light. Metal frame with gold finish is decorated with carefully made crystals. Great solution for the living room, dining room and more.

Austria crystal chandelier 39

Schonbek crystal chandelier 26

A crystal chandelier simply worthy of a palace or a castle - this piece is a true wonder with the intricate design that makes the light disperse through the entire room and ensuring that it is the ultimate focal point of any home.

Sterling 6 Light Chandelier

Sterling 6 Light Chandelier
Are you a fan of extraordinary and charming design? Then, this amazing and stylish light chandelier might be a perfect option for you! Check it out and fall in love with its incredible design and high functionality.

Austria crystal chandelier 6

Austrian crystal chandelier

Schonbek crystal chandelier 20

The first crystal chandeliers began to be made in the 18th century.We can also feel a touch of elegance by investing in such a crystal red schonbek chandelier composed of rings of candlesticks.Gold-plated candles and metal rings enjoy the eye with a red color.

Wedding dress and dancing shoes hanging down from the crystal

Schonbek crystal chandelier 16

This Schonbek crystal chandelier by Swarovski reflects the typical, enchanting style of the famous designer brand. Its complex structure, made out of multiple tiny crystals, will enhance any interior with a refined, sophisticated character.

Austria crystal chandelier 28

Austria crystal chandelier 19

Austria crystal chandelier 30

Austria crystal chandelier 7

Austria crystal chandelier 16

Austria crystal chandelier 38

Austria crystal chandelier 25

Crystal chandelier from swarovski german and by crystallady1947 450

Vienna full spectrum palais gold crystal 18 wide chandelier r1677

Wedding dress in front of a crystal chandelier c susi

6 Light Crystal Chandelier

6 Light Crystal Chandelier
It is a crystal chandelier with six lights. It has got very sophisticated and gorgeous look. It is made of iron and has got a silver finish. Everyone will be impressed how beautiful this chandelier looks on your ceiling.

J l lobmeyr vienna l master crystal lamp manufacturers creators

Elegant Lighting 7834D17C/RC Princeton 18-Inch High 4-Light Chandelier, Chrome Finish with Crystal (Clear) Royal Cut RC Crystal