Atomic Wall Clock Large

Whether you're looking for your home or your office, the atomic clock ensures the highest standard of accurate timekeeping. It sets itself via radio signals, so all you need to do is just insert the battery and set your time zone. In a standard atomic wall clock large numbers make it easy to read the time even from a considerable distance.

Vintage starburst clock mid century

Vintage Starburst Clock Mid Century
A perfect and very creative vintage starburst clock constructed from teak and brass. Nice and subtle hands of the clock look almost invisible. I really like its goldish reflection on its face of the clock.

Atomic wall clock large 4

Classical, large atomic wall clock will always show you the right hour. Great wall decoration for large spaced rooms as living room, office or waiting room. Very eye catching will be a subject of interest.

Vintage welby starburst mid century

Vintage Welby Starburst Mid Century
When you go back to the mid century style - you find this vintage teak and brass large atomic clock, with gold finish - wall mounted. Isn't it a cosmic clock star? Maybe with gold clock-hends, on the black dial it count a cosmic time, of a parallel Universe?

Atomic wall clock large 7

An aesthetic accurate modern wall clock having a round frame of aluminium, a white analogue dial with well visible black Arabic numerals, black pointy hands. It's radio controlled, automatically updated and requires 1 C alkaline battery.

Sterling noble black retro atomic starburst starburst wall clock works

Sterling Noble Black Retro Atomic Starburst Starburst Wall Clock Works Great
This atomic wall clock distinguishes itself with its original design, being a real bargain for all who enjoy unique decorations. It features a clean silver face in a black metal starburst, resembling the best features of retro design.

Atomic wall clock large 12

Atomic wall clock large 32

Atomic wall clock large 21

Atomic wall clock large 8

Atomic wall clock large

A retro style wall clock with a starburst inspired frame of size-varied rectangularish orange tiles fixed to length-varied metal rods. A round black dial has metallic both a rim, a centre and Arabic numerals. Pointy hands are black and white.

Atomic wall clock large 10

Are you bored of your old, plain clock and are looking for something new and fresh? Take a look at this very modern, extravagant wall clock, perfect for anyone looking for something different and unique!

Atomic wall clock large 1

This sunburst clock sports a design that makes it perfectly suitable for your walls and will let you finally tell the time precisely, while its mid century design accentuates any space along with the brass finish.

Atomic wall clock large 24

Atomic wall clock large 2

Atomic wall clock large 13

Atomic wall clock large 8

Large sunburst clock

Large atomic wall clock with a starburst stylization. Its black frame is combined with a brass face. Solid construction of this clock is resistant to wear and damage. Mechanism of this clock works in a reliable way.

Atomic wall clock large 9

Atomic wall clock large

Atomic wall clock large 30

Atomic wall clock large 11

Atomic wall clock large 23

Atomic wall clock large 17

Atomic wall clock large 3

Atomic wall clock large 20

Atomic wall clock large 5

Atomic wall clock 1

Interesting geometric pattern is the best way to visually refresh the interior. Going back to those 50/60s - on our wall can hover a colorful 3D geometric abstraction in blue, orange, green, brown shades - which in a fact is an atomic wall clock.

Mid century modern starburst clock by

Mid Century Modern Starburst Clock By
Modern wall clock with a sunburst stylization. Its central, functional part features a round shape. Attractive gold finish decorates any wall. The face features a black central part and black numbers on a gold background.

Atomic wall clock large 6

Vintage elgin clock company starburst

Vintage Elgin Clock Company Starburst
A vintage starburst atomic wall clock embodies originality and style. It will be a recognizable point of any interior. Its vintage style will fit into traditional homes, while at the same time silver and black colors resemble minimalism and modernity.

Atomic wall clock 6

Wall decoration: two sconces flanking a large atomic wall clock. Starburst style draws the attention of your guests and fits many interior styles, providing a vintage vibe that is undoubtedly hard to miss.

Atomic wall clock large 33

Mid century sunburst clock

Such a stunning, one-of-a-kind design for a wall clock. Bound to liven up any room with a unique touch. Bring the sun straight into your home with this gorgeous piece of furniture. Amazingly beautiful.

Wood grained atomic wall clock by

Wood Grained Atomic Wall Clock By
A retro radio-controlled wall clock with a round wooden dial in warm browns. Black Arabic numerals are embossed on round gold-finished metal tiles fixed to a central ring enclosing a black grooved vinyl-like area with arrowhead-like golden hands.

Stunning starburst atomic era clock black by trippedoutatomic 219 00

Starburst clock by welby mid century

Starburst Clock By Welby Mid Century
Original wall clock for living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and more. Frame is made of wood and metal. Includes quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Sophisticated decoration for each room.

Atomic wall clock large 27

Atomic wall clock large 15

Mid century starburst clock

A classy, atomic wall clock that is a must-have of every kitchen or office. It features an elegant, metal frame and a dial in a pretty, deep blue color. The hands and numerals are white an well visible.

Infinity instruments the definitive outdoor atomic wall clock with weather

A functional wall clock suitable for outdoor stylizations. This clock not only shows current time, but it also features a functional weather station that shows different, important weather conditions. Its round shape and white face are neutral and stylish.

Midcentury modern clock starburst clock 1

Midcentury Modern Clock Starburst Clock
The sharp gold needles of this chrome wall clock pierce the wall and human sight - symmetrically creating a golden brass sun full of rays. At the same time reminiscent of mid-century and twentieth-century style.

Infinity Instruments The Inca - In/Outdoor Clock with Slate Mosaic Border

Exquisite outdoor clock with beautiful slate mosaic border. It comes with thermometer and hygrometer and features decorative black metal hands and Arabic numerals. Operates highly accurate quartz movement.

Infinity Instruments The Definitive (Radio Controlled) Wall Clock

This 24-inch diameter wall clock is radio-controlled, and designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The round white dial sits tightly inside of a durable black case, and features black hands, black Arabic numerals, a thermometer, and a hygrometer.

Infinity Instruments The Definitive (Radio Controlled) Wall Clock

This attractive and very stylish wall clock radio controlled is an excellent performance and a very useful device. It also has a thermometer. The whole is maintained in a simple style will be perfect for any decor.

Mid century modern seth thomas sunburst starburst atomic wall clock

Mid Century Modern Seth Thomas Sunburst Starburst Atomic Wall Clock Works
A magnificent, atomic wall clock in a large size. It features the shape of a starburst with golden rays. The dial is characterized by a futuristic design with slightly blurred numerals and black hands.

Vintage 1950s large kitchen wall clock eames era mid century

Vintage 1950s Large Kitchen Wall Clock Eames Era Mid Century Modern Cordless
Oh my goodness. That font!! Vintage 1950's large kitchen wall clock - eames era in mid century modern style. Shining clock face and laaarge numbers look fantastic. I really like the mix of wood and metal.

Frederic weinberg large mid century atomic ball wall clock image

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Atomic Digital Wall Clock

Atomic Digital Wall Clock
HIgh-tech wall clock with digital display. It shows time, day of the week, calendar, temperature and moon phase. It has lots of customizable functions to provide you optimal use at any time of the day or night.

Gigantic 50s starburst clock