Asian Hanging Lamps

This compilation will provide you with a wide range of possibilities as far as Asian style hanging lamps are concerned. What do you think about all these shapes, sizes and designs? We can assure you that there are a lot of people who have been satisfied with their choices made here.

Japanese hanging lamps

Asian hanging lamps

A lovely pagoda lantern, embodying what's best in Asian design. Big attention to details, along with high-quality materials created a beautiful piece of furniture, that will embellish both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Asian hanging lamps 1

Hanging lamp in oriental style. Lampshade is finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Great as main or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Asian hanging lamps 20

Here is a hanging miniature of a Chinese cottage, from a Chinese province. It's not just about traditional decorative features and Chinese folklore - but it's a asian hanging lamp. It was made with great precision in brass and glass and finished with gold.

Asian hanging lamps

Asian style light fixtures

Asian lighting fixtures

Add these Asian hanging lamps to your household to enjoy a fine boost of contemporary lighting with the stunning and delicate accents coming from the beautifully painted inside of the round shades.

Asian hanging lamps 10

Oriental hanging lamps

Oriental Asian Pagoda shaped hanging lamps, to bring Chinosiere chic through your door. For anyone who's keen on Asia inspired interior design. The lanterns (two finishes: gray with silver, red with gold) hang on metal chains.

Chinese carved wooden dragon reverse painted hanging lamp lantern 1

Vintage pagoda lantern tole chandelier

Vintage Pagoda Lantern Tole Chandelier
Attractive touch of Asian stylization in the house. This hanging lamp is a vintage pagoda chandelier finished in white color. It not only provides light, but also complements any kind of interior stylization.

Asian hanging lamps 2

Need an instant and budget-friendly tip to lend an Asian feel to your home out of hand? How about an Orient inspired hanging lamp? Such lamps - crafted of thick, tear-proof white paper - do well in ecletic interiors too.

Hanging lamp pagode jw style

Asian hanging lamps 8

Asian ceiling lights

Asian hanging lamps 16

Corner hanging lamps

Chinese hanging lights

Asian hanging lamps 4

Asian ceiling light fixtures

Shoji foyer lantern from corbett lighting

Asian style pendant lights

Vintage mid century modern asian retro hollywood etched brass ball

Vintage Mid Century Modern Asian Retro Hollywood Etched Brass Ball Hanging Lamp
Stylish, Asian retro Hollywood lamp will add the timeless atmosphere of great 50' into your room. It gives delicate, warm light, creating the mystery atmosphere. Feel like in the old movies in your own house.

Wealth lantern red this classic looking red hanging lantern makes

Vintage asian alabaster hanging lamp

Asian hanging lamps 22

Asian inspired floor lamp 1

This simple floor lamp connected Asian tradition with modernity - it similar to Chinese lantern. It has glass lampshade in shape of prism and five kickstands - four are made of wood, last (center) is metal

Vintage asian chinese hanging lamp mid century modern

Asian floor lamp

Keen on Asian inspired accessories? I don't go for all of them, but oriental themed lighting is my fav. Take a peek at this Japanese floor lamp - as for me, it's gorgeous with its lattice design and vertical form.

Asian inspired floor lamp 4

Asian stylization in the house. This floor lamp features a simple construction with four wooden legs that provide stability on the floor. These legs also provide support for a high shade in classic finish.

Lamp akida hanging shoji lamp kata hanging lamp kirosawa hanging

Mainstays 18295 000 mainstays paper shade floor lamp

Mainstays 18295 000 Mainstays Paper Shade Floor Lamp
Why not add some soft illumination to your room decor with this amazing floor lamp? It offers the rice paper structure and comes with the black metal stick base that contrasts with the cylindrical white textured paper shade.

Decorative Openwork Floral Design Metal Tea Light Lamp / Hanging Candle Lantern w/ Stand, Black - MyGift®

Chinese lantern pendant light

Asian inspired floor lamp 17

An attractive traditional Asian style electric floor lamp having a rectilinear wooden frame with a warm brown finish. It has 4 sturdy straight angular legs. A lampshade has rectangular panels in cream hues with a labyrinth-style wooden onlays.

Asian inspired lamps

Original table lamp in oriental style. Frame is made of wood. Lampshade is covered with glass. Elegant accessory for any interior according to taste and need.

Asian hanging lamps 5

Chinese hanging lamps

Asian inspired lamps 3

Hanging Japanese lanterns bring an immediate vibe of orient to their vicinity; love them in a garden or indoors. An Asian inspired lamp is usually crafted of natural wood, and that's the design I appreciate the most.

Asian inspired lamps

This cherry blossom table lamp constitutes a beautiful example of oriental design. Handmade, enchants with its detailed, subtle finishing. Has the following size: 4 1/2"x4 1/2"x15 1/2".

Asian hanging lamps 14

Asian inspired lamps 6

Antique table lamp made to resemble three depictions of sitting Buddhas made out of ceramic with a cotton, contemporary shade on top. The granite base combined with long design of the piece gives it a unique look.

Asian style lighting ceiling

Asian hanging lamps 19

Asian inspired lamps

The Asian inspired lamp in the umbrella shape. Maybe it sounds strange, but it looks really good. The plain shade created by the umbrella causes the light's dispersion, what gives the delicate, subdued lighting.

Asian 28" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Asian 28" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
It is a beautiful table lamp that has got a drum shade, Asian blue finish and porcelain construction. It adds style and beauty to any bedroom and living room area. It fits to classic style and décor.

Newbury 3 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern/Pendant

Newbury 3 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern/Pendant
It is a hanging lantern, which is designed to be mounted on the outside, away from home. Perfect for the patio or on the terrace. The lamp is designed for three light bulbs. It has a very interesting and original shape.

Asian inspired floor lamp 23

Floor lamp inspired by Asian stylizations. It includes a durable wooden frame that provides support for a natural looking shade with green leaves theme. The whole lamp plays decorative role in many homes.

Asian hanging lamps 7

Xenia Floor Lamp

Xenia Floor Lamp
Lovely contemporary floor lamp having a fixture of golden-finished metal. It has a round 3-tier foot and a tall round stem with bottom and top widenings and a small ball finial. Its drum shade is of white fabric. It has an on-off switch.