Art Deco Wall Clock

If you would like to have a nice and innovative wall clock, you will surely find this collection interesting. These designs, sizes, colours and patterns differ but each of these wall clocks is a useful thing to have. Because of this wide range of choice, you can also get inspired by these clocks.

Liliana Gadjus Interior Design Expert
Clock art deco

Minimalism is a new fashion, although it is defending itself before being fashioned. Here's an art deco wall clock without unnecessary additions. A black frame, the round face of the clock in the shade of cappuccino. Black numbers and clock-hands.

Art deco wall clock 11
Erin Butler

With such a magnificent Art Deco Wall Clock you won't have any trouble, whatsoever, to enhance your living room, den, or vintage-looking office. A highly accurate mechanism sits in a marvelous case with stunning design, with a round dial with black Arabic numbers and matching hands.

Art deco wall clock
Julia Lambertify

This Art Deco wall clock will be a beautiful gift for your friends and family. It features the creamy frame with the square shape and silver accent pieces. It's perfect as a clock to living zone or bedroom.

Tiger oak walnut copper art deco machine age fan wall
Evans Liliana
Art deco wall clock 1

A beautiful wall clock with a frame of brass-finished metal. It looks like the sun with lots of sunbeams. It has a round glazed face and shape-varied black handles. A dial features a round brass central part and black Roman numerals on a white edge.

CafePress Two-Tone Green Art Deco Wall Clock
Krystle Flores

Simple wall clock in round metal case. Gray frame highlights the green colouring of the face, which is two-toned. White numerals are easy to read thanks to the contrast against the background. This lets the clock retain functionality.

Art deco wall clock 10
Price Caitlin

Exceptionally stylish and beautifully crafted art deco wall clock is a way for a spectacular interior design. Beautiful form and color make the decor gain in elegance and style. A small clock face with Arabic numerals is very tasteful.

Art deco clock face
Amber Mitc

Antique English wall clock, a classic example of Art Deco design. Solid dark wood case houses a brass pendulum and a round white face with black numbers and intricate lacework design black hands. Classy!

Art deco wall clock 5
Craven Zoe

Art deco approach to a retro wall clack made in a vintage fashion. The wall clock is crafted out of metal with a red coat of paint with silver elements, and the numerals are placed on a leather piece of distressed material.

CafePress Art Deco Gatsby Style Clock Large Wall Clock - Standard Black
Crystal Wine Bottle Clock
Wilson Gabrielle

This clock is a great gift for a wine buff and not only. Elegant frame with modern combination of finishes (brushed gold/brass centre, black outer) is accompanied with wire elements shaped as bottles and wine glasses.

dpp_38171 Florene Black and White - Art Deco New York City - Wall Clocks
Danielle Har
3dRose dpp_43794_1 Art Deco Lady with Dog Wall Clock, 10 by 10-Inch

Wall clock in square frame with thick black trim and an artistic print applied to the face: Art Deco styled artwork depicts a lady with her dog on a leash. The hands are gold, and the Arabic numerals are white.

Vintage german art deco wall clock regulator 1930 with stained
Jenkins Katie
Mid century art deco wall clock midcenturyfla
Art deco style clocks
Abigail Wrightful
Time spent with family is worth every second - Family Wall Decal - without clock and picture frame (Brown, Small)
Thomson Marisa

Why choose between a clock and a family pictures collage if you can have two in one. In this clock the numerals were replaced by picture frames, so you can fill them with your favourite photos of assorted size.

3dRose dpp_109818_1 Art Deco Big 'n Bold Gray 'n Yellow Design Wall Clock, 10 by 10-Inch

Square wall clock with yellow face, oversized when compared to white numerals, and accented with geometric curved lines in gray. The clock is a modern creation with strong Art Deco feel. The hands are gold toned.

Wall clock art deco
Collins Megan
Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock
Add style, beauty and elegance to your home with this beautiful sculptural wall clock. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall. It is a very good choice. You need to have it.

Yosemite Home Decor Circular Iron Wall Clock, Distressed White Iron Frame with Glass
Christina Smith

A circular distressed wall clock in Old English cottage style. It has distressed white frame and distressed dial with two grooves in the frame. The numbers and hands are both black. The words William Marchant are stamped right under the 12 o'clock.

Adeco [CK0005] Antique Vintage Decorative Round Iron Double Wall Clock- Home Decor
Margaret Diaz

Double sided clock in an antique style will bring an old-world charm to any interior. It has scrolled, iron wall mount topped by a fleur de lis, black, stylized numerals and iron hands on an off-white background with a chandelier image.

Large Obsidian Burst Metal Wall Clock, Abstract Metal Wall Art Home Decor Clock
Modern Colonial Wall Clock in Ash Grey Paint
Kimberly Ale
Art deco wall clock 12
Carmen Milani

The gray frame of this stylish art deco wall clock is an excellent way to the original and interior decor. Beautiful carvings delight and bring to the decor a subtle and elegant style. The bright clock face with roman numerals captivates.

Limited Edition Lady Kit-Cat Clock - Emerald Green

It is a lady kit-cat clock that has got a fantastic design, rolling eyes, wagging tail and emerald green color. It adds beauty and style to any living room, kitchen, kids room, bedroom and other.

Design Toscano MH35067 Unlocking Time Key Wall Clock
Stone Caroline

This type of product is a high quality element designed for use on walls. It is a clock that has got a key stylization. It features hand-crafted decorations and a very durable metal construction. The size of this clock is 14.5"Wx2"Dx38"H.

ZLYC Europe Vintage Simple Style Non Ticking Mute Metal Stud 12 Inch Round Analog Quartz Wall Clock Home Deco

Big metallic wall clock in black case, with straight black hands and studs representing hour marks. Non ticking mechanism makes the clock appropriate for bedrooms and study rooms, where silence is highly desirable.

Antique art deco clock
Julia Lambertify
Geneva Clock Company 9" Wine Theme Wall Clock

Stylish wall clock in thick, convex burgundy frame with wine themed picture serving as a backdrop for a dial. Arabic numbers are burgundy to create a harmonious whole with the coloring scheme of the design.

Traditional Cuckoo Wall Clock
Jaclyn Rus

Traditional Cuckoo Wall Clock
This Traditional Cuckoo Wall Clock is characterized by a night time shut off feature that makes the cuckoo to be silent for the entire night. The clock also includes a 1-day movement, and a round face with Roman numerals.

Art Deco Train Clock. Milwaukee Road Art Deco Clock. 10 Inch Wall Clock. Orange and Black.
Tara Gosselin

Vintage wall clock with Milwaukee road art bedecking the dial. The color palette of the clock is gray with oranges and reds, so it's rather eye-catchy, but in a no-overwhelming way. Everything is just well balanced here!

Adeco Distressed Green-Blue Iron Vintage-Inspired Pocket Watch Style Wall Hanging Clock "Bonbons Fins" Home Decor
Olivia Smithist

Vintage-inspired wall clock in pocket watch style, wih distressed green-blue frame and sound iron construction. Stylized Arabic numerals in irregular size add to style which definitely stands out as an individuality.

1930 39 s art deco wall clock in black
Rivera Tiffany
Art deco wall clock by hammond
Wall clocks 21
Catherine Rich
Yosemite Home Decor Square MDF Wall Clock, Distressed White Wooden Frame with Glass
Elizabeth Wood

Distressed square wall clock with black Roman numerals. Goes well with retro decor and vintage themed ambiance. The face is protected by glass. The case is made of MDF board. With Kensington Station motif.

Elegant turquoise art deco wall clock
ZLYC Modern Novelty Fashion DIY Musical Notes Mute Quartz Wall Clock Home Decor
Abigail Wrightful

A very interesting element created for people who love music. This is a special wall clock that has got music notes and Roman numbers (III, VI, IX and XII) instead of Arabic numbers. The clock is made of high quality ABS plastic.

32 ge art deco wall clock featured on fab
Thomson Marisa
Kienzle sleek art deco wall clock modernist german liked on
Lauren Martinezify
Felix the Cat Animated Wall Clock

It is a Felix the cat 3-D motion wall clock that has got a beautiful and funny design and is great for your bedroom, living room and kids room. It adds beauty to any home. It is a fantastic choice.

Art deco streamline wall clock
Miller Cynthia
Bundle Monster Fun DIY Home Interior Time Decor Wall Clock Graphic Vinyl Adhesive Sticker Modern Stretch Digits Design Decal Mixed Lot- Set 6
Denise Brya

A very interesting element created for people who love original and functional solutions in their houses. This type of wall clock contains adhesive sticker digits that feature a very modern design. This product has got a very reliable mechanism.

Yosemite Home Decor Circular Wooden Wall Clock, Coffee Cup Print

An element that is created for use on walls in different indoors. This clock has got a round shape and large roman numbers that are easy to read. This product is made of solid brown MDF that looks attractive in any decor.

Art deco wall art florene art deco and nouveau stained
Renee Pri
Generic Custom Round Elegant Black Wall Clock Modern - Retro Love Pattern Grace Violin Red Rose Vintage Music Notes Arabic Numerals Design

Music-themed graphic art comprising the backdrop of this wall clock's dial pleases the eye, especially if you like to play violin! Thick black frame adds a drop of desired simplicity to the retro design.

Art deco wall clock our wonderful art deco wall clock
Butterflies flower art deco wall clock 4
Wesson Jessica
Glass wall clocks

A modern masterpiece amongst wall clocks that is going to enhance your working place or your contemporary home. Designed by Russell Ackerman, the clock features a sophisticated frame with 2 black hands and 1 brass second hand.