Art Deco Living Room Furniture

If bland style is not what describes your interior design taste, choose Art Deco living-room furniture. Plenty of eye-catching forms, lots of geometrical patterns and black lacquer - you can be sure that the living-room is going to gain unique style. Check out my collection below.

Sarah Ashley Interior Design Expert
Art deco living room furniture 18

Everyone knows that Art Deco furniture make for the perfect addition to any home thanks to their original looks and this chair is no different. It sports the sublime and creative frame and a warm finish.

Art deco living room furniture
Bryant Veronica

Made from brass and glass to ensure a truly original visual appeal to your interior, while still proving to be immensely durable, this side table will surely fit perfectly between a pair of side chairs or alongside a reading chair, providing you with extra convenience.

Art deco living room furniture 1

Living room furniture set with two chairs and one sofa with green upholstery. These art deco elements feature wooden frames and their green sitting spaces are soft, comfortable and relaxing to any user.

Painted room divider
Evans Karen

A unique room divider with a bold, geometrical form, perfect for enhancing modern and contemporary living rooms. It has a powder-coated steel frame and 4 open shelves crafted of solid walnut. And it's firmly attached to both ceiling and floor.

Art deco living room furniture 14
Leah Torr

art deco furniture | Art Deco Furniture & Décor - 71 Iron & Rattan Contemporary Design ...

Art deco living room furniture 6
Renee Butl

Accent chair in the Art Deco style. Frame is made of wood with gold accents. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors.

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The Art Of Up-Cycling: Upcycled Furniture, Sofa's, Beds, Tables, All A Wow....And A Bag Of Chips....

Art deco living room
Cynthia Flores

Art deco style can always create an atmosphere of serenity and charm around it and those pictures are a perfect example of that, elevating your interior's look and vibe and making you happy to be in it.

Art deco living rooms
Vanessa Powell

Frida chair by "La Tapicera" in Spain. If we were to sell furniture, this would be at the top of our wish list!

Boho chic an exotic colorful romantic way of decorating mixing
Laetitia Anderson

Boho Chic- an exotic, colorful, romantic way of decorating. Mixing global patterns, art, fabric, and color with antique furniture to make your home an eclectic, free spirited retreat. Surya carries many rug and accessory options that fit this vintage look

Art deco living room furniture 17
Wright Dominique

Art Deco peacock sculptural floor lamp.

Art deco living room furniture 13

I need this more my art deco interior assesment but I cant buy it in australia :(

Art deco living room design
Erica Washington

amazing Art Nouveau fireplace

Art deco decorating 10 ideas
Mega Leahbrown

Art Deco decorating - 10 ideas

Art deco living room furniture 4
Yulia Thompson

Furniture by Joan Busquets i Jane - 1874-1949 in the Palacio Güell from 1960.

Art deco inspired furniture

1930s velvet sofa. #deco #sofa

Art deco sitting room
Stone Caroline

A glamorous living room interior featuring pale bluish walls, a darker blue ceiling with golden ornaments, a dark blue floor. They harmonise a.o. with a white fireplace, golden framed room dividers of decorative glass, off-white and light brown sofas.

Deco living room
Erika Young

gatsby inspired interior design - 1920s art deco living room style

I like this room setting a lot its got a

I like this room setting a lot! It's got a modernistic art deco feel to it! It's simple, elegant, and chic! I especially like the chandelier! It's so unique, it kinda reminds me of the framework of an umbrella! The pastel blues and eggshell tones of this

Art deco living room furniture 12
Isabella Martinable

1929 Modern Living Room by Karpen by American Vintage Home, via Flickr

Art deco living room ideas

This is such a cool chair. Art Deco French Mahogany Velvet Rose Chair 1930's via Annalisa Corell

Silver living room furniture
Zernike Laetitia

Silver is a graceful color that gives the interior a glamorous and beautiful effect. This unique art deco salon is silver in many forms: sofa, ottoman, coffee table with mirror top or fireplace delights.

Art deco living room furniture 2
Mega Leahbrown

Art deco style - dates back to 1920 or 1930. We find it in sophisticated hotels and high class flats. Because is synonymous with elegance.Here we see dark colors,shades of gray, black and white.Minimalism,varnished black coffee table and delicate accessories.

Art deco living room design ideas
Kelly Fost

Amazing art deco living furniture design! I'm not crazy about the abstract print or the white wall on which it hangs, but I am in love with this. But let's get back to this cool arm chair - I simply adore it's velvet green finish.

Art deco livingroom

9 stylization based on the kilim rugs. Because it is colorful and multi patterned,it pretends to be a central, the most noticeable element in the room where lying. As you can see- no matter how the furniture is - the kilim rug always looks gorgeous.

Gold nesting tables 1
Erin Perr

This stylish art-deco table evoking the memories of courtly banquets and cocktail parties can bring a sense of luxury to your living room. Covered with gold lacquer, it can serve as elegant coffee table.

Deco living
Wesson Jessica

Art Deco/r -- Eye catching elegance that will make your home look rich.

Art deco living room furniture 8
Lisa Jack

And the armoire is pretty handsome, as well!

Art deco living room furniture 10
Hilton Emily

Another Exquisite room. Somehow though, it doesn't look like a place where people would actually live.

Art Deco Petite Caddie End Table
Margaret Miller

Art Deco Petite Caddie End Table
Phenomenal end table in the Art Deco style. The base and top are made of metal with a silver finish. It has many positive recommendations from delighted customers.

Art deco living room furniture 11

Sliding doors in industrial style. It contains 2 panels. Designed for mounting on standard wall.

Signature Art Deco Area Rug
Caitlin Tor

Signature Art Deco Area Rug

Art deco living room furniture 15

vintage bricks on display

Velvet living room furniture 2

SHADES OF BLUE | the style files////

Art deco inspired furniture 1
Smith Sara

9 Items you shouldn't have in your home after your 20's. Hint Hint: The Futon from college

Art deco living room furniture
Jacqueline Gri

The Northcote warehouse home of artist Carla Fletcher and her husband, musician Brett Langsford. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

1930s lacewood kidney desk united kingdom
Anderson Meghan

1930s Lacewood Kidney Desk United Kingdom

Art deco inspired

The shape of this vintage dowel base accent chair reminds me contemporary saucer chairs - the slatted backrest is rounded as a bowl. However, the unique designer's form stays in line with hot Art Deco trends.

African room dividers

Wayborn Room Divider Room Divider Sarawak Screen.jpg

A beautiful living room with an art deco collection carpet
Jacqueline Kelly

A beautiful living room with an Art Deco Collection Carpet

Art Deco Square End Table
Anderson Marisa

Art Deco Square End Table
This amazing square table would be a perfect choice for every kind of space, no matter if you prefer traditional or modern solutions. Check it out and enjoy the high quality together with comfort and interesting design.

Master bedroom moment contemporary bedroom images by frances herrera interior
Bianca Noorda

Master Bedroom moment - Contemporary - Bedroom - Images by Frances Herrera Interior Design | Wayfair

Lounger chairs 4
Martin Ashley

Poppytalk: Sunday Reading | Cozy + Blue

Art deco cabinets

Chris & Jenny's Collective Elegance — House Tour | Apartment Therapy

Love art deco interior

Love art deco interior

Art deco bookshelf

Add geometry to create visual interest on an otherwise blank wall when organizing your books and collectibles: arched art deco bookcase with asymmetric shelves hits the point of funky contemporary furnishing.

Dramatic art deco living room

Dramatic Art Deco Living Room

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Art deco living room furniture so interesting black cover chair
Jacqueline Murphy

Art Deco Living Room Furniture so Interesting?: Black Cover Chair Art ...

Reversible Left / Right Sectional Couch with Free Ottoman Faux Leather (Black)

Set consisting of reversible sectional couch and ottoman. Both pieces feature high quality faux leather upholstery and classic black finish. Additionally, the furniture has strong, sturdy and durable base.