Art Deco Lady Lamp

In case you have been looking for something that would be very artistic and functional at the same time, feel free to browse through these photos. All those not yet convinced about the richness of this collection can now look below at various designs, shapes and sizes. What will you choose for your house?

Rachel Craven Interior Design Expert
Art deco figurine table lamps
Latoya Lee

A beautiful retro style electric table lamp in the shape of a mysterious naked woman hanging a spherical lampshade in wide spread arms. Its made od bronze-finished metal and has a square stepped base. A shade is of opal glass.

Art deco lady lamp 7
Anderson Marisa

Sculptural Art Deco lamp made of resin that resembles cold cast bronze, and milk (frost) glass sphere, with naked lady supporting the globe shade with her hands. The base has felt padding to protect furniture surfaces.

Art deco lady lamp
Cassandra Kel

This adorable art deco lamp with dancer and glass circle is a unique combination of fabulous sculpture and subtle light that will bring an excellent ambiance to the decor. The whole is beautifully decorated the living room or bedroom.

Art deco lady lamps australia

Thanks to this art deco 42 cm table lamp, you can easily improve your den or office. The lamp features a silhouette of a young lady, standing on a square pedestal base and holding a white orb glass shade.

Art deco lady table lamp
Cook Catherine

A great piece for dens, offices, and private libraries - this art deco lamp emanates with class, elegance, and sophistication. Made in the 1930s, in Germany, the lamp offers a stable base with a woman holding a glowing sphere above her head.

Art deco lamp lady
Elizabeth Coupe

An impressive addition for living rooms, dens, and offices. This Art Noveau table lamp has an intricate body made of quality bronze, displaying a woman leaning against a tree trunk. The lamp has 5 shades, each created of thick glass.

Art deco lady lamp 6

Table lamp in Art Deco style. It has carefully carving base in the shape of dancers. Glass lampshade gives warm tone of light. Sophisticated addition for each interior according to taste.

Art deco woman lamp
Ebony Gra

Brings sophisticated nostalgia to any room by choosing this exquisite lamp shaped as an illuminating tree with green leaves and blooming pink flowers. The base of the lamp has 2 built-in lighting systems, making the whole tree to look like it's pulled out straight from a fantasy world.

Art deco lady lamp 5
Murphy Kimberly

This beautiful lamp in the form of a ball-dancer figure is a beautiful way to make a unique interior design. The Art Deco styling captivates the details and makes the functional lamp a masterpiece.

Bronze lady lamp
Kathleen Ram

Beautiful, sophisticated table lamp inspired of Art Deco style and it will be fit to luxurious interior. Kickstand is made of bronze and it is figurine of naked woman. She hold in her hands globule, glazed lampshade stylised on antique torch.

Julianna-Art Deco Bronze Lighting Lady Draped With Scarf Lamp
Erica Hil

Artistic table lamp with a lady draped with scarf theme. This lamp is made of bronze that is solid and attractive. Round base assures support, strength and great stability. Light area is spherical and finished in white color.

Art deco lady lamp 12
Roberts Isabelle

Art deco approach to a funky table lamp made out of wrought iron. The lamp is made to resemble a lady dancer with a subtle coat of patina and a back part acting as a light, covered with a matte, opaque glass shade.

Art deco figurine lamps
Alison Gar

In the art-deco style, the lamps were often small sculptures - brass figurines with scrupulously carved shapes. For example, a beautiful lady supporting a vine, from which glass dome lampshades hang over. Art-deco lady lamp has an antique trim.

Naked lady table

Designed in antique Art Deco style, this beautiful table lamp features a nude lady holding a honey-marbled stepped shade while standing on a tiered pedestal base. A great piece for both homes and offices.

Art deco lamp table

Original table clock in the Art Deco style. Carefully carving base is made of metal with antique finish. Includes the pendulum and Roman numeral.

Naked lady lamps

Antique design for an art deco table lamp crafted with care out of dark cast iron with a smooth finish. The lamp itself is made to resemble a lady dancer with the actual light placed behind it, creating a unique piece.

Art deco table lamps for sale
Mendes Natasha

Enchanting with the abalone shell shade, this Louis Majorelle lamp can be a real bargain for the sea life fans. Its antique brass finish will look marvelous despite the passing time.

Naked lady lamp
Courtney Thom

This lamp is a true piece of art. Art Deco never ceases to impress us. Golden colour makes it resemble the old, antique lamps. Interesting, even fascinating image of a man holding the globe is majestic and inspiring.

Lady lamp
Cooper Kristen

An outstanding appearance of this lamp features 3 men holding a large ball shade, while standing on a beautifully designed base. Made in 1930s, the lamp is crafted from quality metal, boasting of German art deco style.

6ft Classic French Art Deco Decorative Peacock Lady Statue Art Nouveau Floor Lamp
Ebony Gar

Unique floor lamp in the Are Deco style. Carefully carving base is made of metal and finished with lady statue theme. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Deco lamps for sale
Lily Cravenable

A classy table lamp with a metal base in golden hues. It has the form of a simplified figurine of a nude woman standing on a square stepped pedestal, having hands upright and 'holding' a hexagonal, tapered in steps upwards, shade of creamy glass.

Art Deco Goddess of Light Sculptural Floor Lamp

Art Deco Goddess of Light Sculptural Floor Lamp
Here is a brass goddess, the real shape that impresses with its slender naked silhouette and gives light from the amber-colored jug held on the shoulders. This pitcher that makes a part of presented here art deco lady lamp - is our huge source of light.

Art deco lamps for sale
Laetitia Zernike

Unique table lamp mounted on base in the shape of dancer. Great solution as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Sasparilla lady lamp stylised lady lamp made by sasparilla in
Tara Zucker
Lady lamp art deco
Shannon Ram

Designed in antique art deco, this table lamp allows you to easily improve your den or office. The lamp features a bronze silhouette of a young lady that looks like she is entering an old Roman bathhouse.

Lady holding lamp

With its astonishing design and quality materials, this table lamp is going to transform your home decor in no time. The metal base features a woman that is holding a light bulb above her head, with a green and black shade hovering upon her.

Deco lamp
Alexis Hallify
Art deco nude
Lamp art deco
Amanda Flor
Art deco lady lamp 11
Mendes Natasha
Art nouveau figural bronze lamp lady holding a flower by
Garcia Brittany
Art deco ladies
Olivia Smithist
Art deco lady lamps fabulous pair of jadeite glass tri
Dominique Alex
Art deco lady lamp 1
Laura Eva
Lady lamps
Antique lady lamp
Jenna Delicata
Nude lady lamp
Bianca Noorda
Lamp woman
Kathleen Rodriguez
Art nouveau lady lamp
Julianna-Art Deco Bronze Lighting 'Nora Standing' Lady Lamp
Julia Alexander
Lady 17.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
Gina Dia

Lady 17.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
It is decorative, perfect for the living room lamp, which presents them mostly decorative value, decorative. The lamp is extremely elegant, pretty. It is very dignified and classy. It shows a woman with a pitcher. Ideal for a classic, traditional interior.

Top Bronze Large Size Home Decorations Lady Lamp Statues Bronze Art Women Candle Holder Sculpture TPE-477
Ross Alexandra
Art Deco Celia Nude Lady Cold Cast Bronze Statue Lamp Light
Alexis Milani
Art deco lady lamps
Martinez Leah
Adlp art deco lady lamp
Spelter lamp
Picture of art deco lady lamp with crackle ball juliana
Colleen Bak
Indoor lighting lamps bedside and table lamps 7
Art deco crackle lamp lady lamp art deco lamp naked
Laura Jone
Art deco dancer bronze resin lady figure lamp glass tiffany