Art Deco Inspired Furniture

Are you a fan of the Art Deco style? Are you delighted by its geometrical aesthetics, gold and refined lines? If yes, here's someting for the interior. In the board below you'll find great examples of Art Deco inspired furniture I stumbled upon on the web. Pieces like this are stylish additions to the interior which instantly elevate it to a higher level. Check them out below.

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Art deco inspired furniture 10

Inspired by art deco, this gold and dark cherry cabinet constitutes a perfect proposition for one's eclectic interiors. Dark brown, wooden framing and silver fronts create together a luxurious appeal.

Art deco inspired furniture
Martinez Brittany

An eye-catching screen that will transform your fireplace in a blink of an eye. It is made of powder-coated steel frame with flat legs for stability, and decorated with a lovely stained glass composition.

Art deco cabinet
Lauren Martinezify

A luxury stylish standing storage cabinet. It has a rectilinear frame, and a recessed base. Its doors are covered with pearl-looking gypse with a textured surface and a geometric pattern. Thin door frames and circular handles are of patinated brass.

Modern art deco furniture
Abigail Wrightful

An elegant console table that oozes with magnificent craftsmanship and beautifully lacquered, distressed finish. It's made of solid wood with a wide base for stability, and it comes with a matching mirror, shaped like a radiating sun.

Art deco bedroom sets 1
Jenna Daviesful

A comfortable sleeping and sitting space for users who love original solutions. This unique bed includes a very soft and comfortable mattress based on wooden frame. This frame features some shelves for books and decorations.

Art deco inspired furniture
Williams Rebecca

Art deco furniture is an excellent choice that will give you a unique interior. This beautiful bedroom vanity combining wood with a beautiful turquoise tint can be beautiful and very functional at the same time.

Art deco inspired furniture 1
Long Lindsay

Inspired by Art Deco, this copper and brass "Losanga" wall mirror is a project designed by Lorenzo Burchiellaro in 1988. Its bold design will enchant even the most sophisticated tastes, adding refinement to the space.

Art deco inspired furniture 1
Kathryn Wash

Inspired by art deco, it will enlighten your living room with style. This beautiful pendant lighting fixture is designed to delight, distinguishing truly your interiors from the others.

Art deco inspired furniture
Danielle Robi

I am a big fan of furniture inspired by the Art Deco style. I need to have this beautiful sofa in my drawing room. It features the geometric detailing bookended, bolster pillows, and many color and fabric options to choose.

Art deco inspired furniture 4
Isabella Martinable

Beautiful, vintage hanging lamp is inspired by the nineteen thirties' style. This chandelier has nickel-plated frame and finishing on lampshade. Three-sectional lampshade is made of bright, opaque glass.

Art deco inspired furniture

Room divider in the Art Deco style. It is made of metal with gold finish. It consists of 3 panels fitted with hinges. Elegant and functional accent for each place as needed.

Art deco modern furniture
Jenna Delicata

Beautiful art deco furniture is an excellent way to original and stylish interior design. Interesting elements of decorating the cabinet doors create a unique composition that throws in the eyes. Silver, glass and gilded items are elegant.

Art furniture old world

This aluminum dressing table will allow you to combine a more modern look with a retro appeal to it, since the design is straight out of 1940s. It was made with old aircraft parts and ensures not only durability but also unique style.

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Art deco inspired furniture

Unique bathroom with dramatic tall mirrors in dark fframes, stunning light pendants, brass bowl sinks and art deco inspired cabinetry (marble top!) with original brass hardware. Subway tiles on walls. Took my breath away!

Art deco inspired interiors

A pretty art deco style drawer chest of wood in brown. It has round tapered legs with metal ends and a rectangular top. A top drawer has 2 brass knobs, 3 other ones - horizontal handles. It features colourful lines designs on a front and side walls.

Art deco inspired furniture 2
Elizabeth Coupe

Designed between 1925 and 1940, this unique art-deco armchair bases on a designer, wooden framing. Softly cushioned with light grey pillows, it shows well the evolution of mid-century design. A real bargain for retro style enthusiasts.

Art deco inspired furniture
Wilson Christina

With this beautiful piece of vintage art you can easily make your bedroom to sparkle with functionality and lovely appearance. The jewelry chest of drawers comes with a flip-up mirrored top that reveals small comparments, and 5 half-moon drawers that open in quite a unique way.

Art deco inspired furniture 1

Add this circular cabinet to your home decor, if you want to go for a boost of art deco style and would like to achieve your goal to the fullest. It sports a warm, honey-colored finish of the strong, sturdy wood structure.

Art deco inspired furniture 1
Aloma Garcia

This wine bottle rack constitutes a brilliant art deco accent to any stylish interior. Golden, geometrical shapes create a storage space for 6 bottles. It will work out well both in the living, as well as the dining room.

Art deco inspired furniture 3

An interesting sideboard inspired by the stylization from 1970s. Its solid wooden body includes durable and attractive brass details. Its geometric design includes a very durable architectural metal base.

Art deco style chairs

Modern arm chair as additional seating in the living room, bedroom and more. It is covered with pleasant to the touch material and finished with decorative stitching. Perfect for watching TV or reading books.

Art deco bookshelves
Erica Martinez

If you are a fan of stylish Art Nouveau furniture, you need to have this two door bookcase with beautiful glass doors. It adds a style into any interior in your home. The wooden construction brigns the solidity into the room.

Art deco inspired furniture 3

One of the most beautiful solutions at home with the soul and creative lightness. Instead of a door, a wooden art deco inspired furniture - a wardrobe with mirrored fronts transports you to another room. It's like a wardrobe from Narnia.

Furniture art deco style
Miller Rebecca

This beautiful mirror is characterized by a breathtaking frame that is crafted of durable beech wood, and lacquered for even lovelier appearance. With such an impressive accessory, you can be sure, your home will be oozing with charm.

Art deco inspired furniture 8
Peterson Michelle
Art deco beds
Cintia Kowalski

Phenomenal bed frame in the Art Deco style. It is made of metal and decorated with open work pattern. Gold finish adds elegance. Sophisticated desgin for any bedroom according to taste.

Contemporary art deco furniture
Renee Gonzales

A great idea to embellish your living room with vintage accents, by using this metal coffee table with a glass top and a large open compartment underneath. Combine it with this deep seat sofa, and your room will be drowning in old-fashioned comfort.

Art deco inspired furniture
Bianca Weberable
Art deco inspired

The shape of this vintage dowel base accent chair reminds me contemporary saucer chairs - the slatted backrest is rounded as a bowl. However, the unique designer's form stays in line with hot Art Deco trends.

Art deco inspired furniture
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Art deco display cabinets
Art deco style furniture
Ebony Griffin
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Elizabeth Coupe
Modern art nouveau furniture
Coupe Andrea

A magnificent, wall-mounted decoration for master bedrooms or bathrooms, that hangs on a strong black chain. The mirror is exquisite in its design, embedded in a black-finished metal frame, oozing with pizzazz and timeless elegance.

Art deco inspired furniture 2

Boasting of functionality and intricate design, this impressive cabinet is crafted of red narra wood and ash, and reinforced with copper and enamel mounts. The unit includes 4 door-cabinets, clear glass fronts, 2 storage drawers with metal pulls, and 3 open shelves.

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Morris Jillian
Art Deco Mirror
Craven Rachel

Art Deco Mirror
Boost your home décor and interior style with a little help of this exquisite art déco styled mirror that not only provides a nice way to view your figure before going out but is also a stunning decorative piece.

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Sara Pri
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Tiffany Edwards
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Evans Liliana
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Phillips Jessica
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Rebecca Rive
Art deco inspired furniture
Theresa Evan
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