Antiques Victorian Floor Lamp

Looking for something innovative and classic at the same time? In this case, you should definitely discover all the Victorian style floor lamps that are shown in this collection. They differ when it comes to their sizes, shapes and designs so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to choose something for yourself.

Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert
Antiques victorian floor lamp
Jennifer Turner

This pair of antique Victorian floor lamp enchants with their antique brass finish. Their sturdy finish enabled to withstand smoothly the test of time. A perfect way to add some refinement to one's classic or traditional interiors.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 2
Stone Caroline

Such a lamp could be borrowed from the Queen Vicotria. She was an expert in good taste. Embroidered by hand, in beige shades, with lace and fringes with little amber.It also includes handmade floral motifs. Made of burn-out silk velvet with peacocks.

Antique victorian lamps
Julia Lambertify

Have you been searching for a lamp that just does not look like the typical lamp? Well, you need to consider this standing oil lamp, which has got the Victorian style, round shade with flowers and brass finish.

Victorian floor lamp
Lindsay Ross

Full of meticulous details, boasting carefully curated stained glass composition, scroll carving, cabriole feet and crown top molding, this Tiffany style Victorian pedestal lamp is definitely a true stunner.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 1
Lambert Abbey

Designed in the 1920's, this Victorian floor lamp looks, simply, stunning, holding a captivating shade with multiple embellishments. The shade rests on a brass-finished metal rod that's attached to the matching, rounded base.

Old floor lamps
Campbell Natasha

Such a lamp would have used Queen Victoria herself at her court. Richly decorated in pastel floral motifs, including fringes and great precisoin. This antique floor lamp has a gold finish and is hand-painted. The base of the lamp is delicate, hand-decorated.

Antique piano lamps
Martin Ashley

This antique floor lamp enchants with its intricate design. Curved, richly adorned silhouette constitutes a beautiful base for the floral-patterned, spherical shade.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 13

In the Victorian era, opium was produced in the Far East.It was used for healing purposes-in order to provide light,it was possible to sit at such an antique gold-plated brass victorian floor lamp.Richly carved up to its copper lampshade in arts&crafts style.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 5
Alexandra Her

A proposition for all fans of the Victorian style. This antique Bradley Hubbard lamp comes from the 1890's. It delights with its impressive condition, withstanding successfully the test of time.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 6
Mendes Natasha

Vintage floor lamp inspired of oriental style. The shade is ombré dyed from amethyst to green and is covered on both sides with antique metallic lace. The shade has extra-long, dramatic hand beaded fringe in beautiful amethyst jewel tones.

Rembrandt floor lamps antique
Lindsay Gre

Elegant, traditional standing lamp. The Victorian style carries timeless appeal and never goes out of fashion. If you want to express your stylish inner self through furniture, then this classic lamp is perfect.

Victorian lamp 2
Alicia Gre

With the Victorian design of the structure and the beautifully detailed base as well as the decorated, beaded shade this floor lamp will ensure a significant boost of both style and utmost charm for your interior.

Antique victorian hand painted glass cast iron piano parlor floor
Perry Alexandra
Antique floor lamp floral glass ribbed torchiere art deco nouveau
Natasha Rob
Rembrandt floor lamp brass

The stylish lampshade of this elegant Victorian floor lamp makes it unbelievable. Beaded beads, amethyst and smoky fabric color with floral details are stunning. A beautiful solution for a stylish bedroom or living room.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 14

Antique oil burning floor lamp. Everyone sifting the Internet in search of Victorian gems, don't miss it! What is worth the attention here: an ornate brass base and a globe shade with subtle painted floral pattern.

Victorian floor lamps
Maria Edwa

A Versaille stylization in the house. This victorian lampshade is located on antique floor lamp. Its solid base provides good support and stability. It also includes some decorative accents for enhancing aesthetics.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 17

This antique floor lamp with a one-of-a-kind, ornamental shade represents perfectly well the Victorian style. Intricate design, full of curves and volutes is brilliantly surmounted with a lovely little bird on the top.

Antiques victorian floor lamp
Bianca Noorda
Antique floor standing lamps

Solid metal lamp with a Victorian stylization. This functional element is suitable for floor placement. Its paw feet are durable, decorative and very stable on flat floors. Attractive scrools and ornaments improve aesthetics of this element.

Antique wooden floor lamps
Peyton Donaldson

Constituting a perfect Victorian accent for one's classic decor, this beautiful floor lamp features a double arm base, which combines with a hand-painted and richly adorned shade. Inspired by Tibetan motives, it will incorporate a bit of the oriental appeal.

Antique brass piano lamp
Samantha Camp

Presented here two similiar antiques Victorian floor lamps are examples of glamor that does not meet kitsch. Golden and copper finish, combined with spherical stems.
The white balls at the very top have delicately sculpted faces.

Antique vintage floor lamps
Courtney Ram

Elaborate Victorian lamp with black beads & charcoal trim shade. The shade is new, but the base (heavy brass and marble) is original, made in the US in the 1920's as a genuine antique Rembrandt floor lamp.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 15
Johnson Stacey

Tall floor lamp with opulent shade, rich with all those beams, frills, embroidery and stuff. Victorian era lamps tended to be elaborate in style and so's this one. Hand-painted base isn't half bad either.

Antique standard lamps

The period under the rule of Queen Victoria of Hannover achieved many successes, also rich in style in lighting. Made of bronze antique victorian lamp, has a few thin towers, crowned with a carved round base and a candle holder at the top.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 9
Bryant Veronica

Antique bridge floor lamp is a bridge that combines many styles - Victorian and classic style. Vintage finish is visible with brass trim. The high lamp has a stunning arm which is a support for glass-milk lampshade.

Victorian lamps 2
Amanda Broo
Chinoiserie lampshade with antique textiles by christine kilger of nightshades
King Margaret
Rembrandt floor lamp

Unique table lamp mounted on metal base. Lampshadeis decorated with floral theme and finished with fringes. Sophisticated addition for each room according to taste and need.

Antique victorian lamp
Bush Eliza
Wow victorian ornate boulle floor lamp factory 20
Antiques victorian floor lamp 10
Roberts Danielle
Victorian standing lamp
Jenna Daviesful

Thanks to this Victorian lamp, you will have a vintage masterpiece that will warmly illuminate every room in your house. Designed in the 1800's, the lamp uses only quality materials such as brass, onyx, porcelain and clear glass.

Victorian style floor lamps
Wesson Jessica
Victorian Torchiere Hester Floor Lamp

Victorian Torchiere Hester Floor Lamp
If you're a fan of intriguing and original solutions, this amazing and stylish floor lamp might be a perfect opportunity for you. Check it out now and enjoy an incredible design in your living room or bedroom!

Antique piano lamp
Olivia Smithist

Give your living room setting a vintage touch, with this floor lamp. It's a little bit antique Victorian, modern and industrial. The heavy construction is durable, and look very attractive.

Antique old victorian piano floor lamp parlor gone with the
Cintia Brook
Antiques victorian floor lamp 16
Melissa You
Rembrandt floor lamps
Bianca Weberable
Antique standard lamp
Lambert Abbey
Victorian standard lamp
Lindsay Hal
Home lamps floor lamps standard floor lamps meyda 31314
Floor lamp 76
Victorian floor lamp base
Foster Angela
Vintage piano lamp
Campbell Patricia
#1 Tiffany Noir Mission Style Torchiere Floor Lamp with Vintage Bronze

This torchiere floor lamp has got a metal base, beautiful colorful shade and Victorian design. It is perfect for your office space, living room and library. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks in your home.

Antique bradley hubbard 1890s b h oil lamp victorian cherubs
Julia Lambertify
Victorian brass piano lamp
Denise Gonzales
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