Antique Trunks

It is a fact that this collection has become quite popular so why don’t you make a good use of it, too? Thanks to these ideas, you might find yourself impressed or even inspired. In the end, are you ready to decide on one of these nice antique style trunks?

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Antique victorian steamer trunk 1890 antique furniture antique chests
Lopez Amy
Oak trunks

A magnificent trunk that will keepyour precious treasures well-hidden and properly secured. Designed using a steam bending wood method, the trunk oozes with antique accents, crafted of sawn white oak and equipped with a supple ostrich leather top.

Small antique trunk
Storage coffee tables 3
Isabella Martinable

Wooden coffee table that also plays the role of a storage trunk. This element of living room decor offers a rectangular top and durable wooden construction with some metal elements. It looks very original in any design.

Antique bench table
Lisa Davi

This trunk coffee table makes inspires with its inimitable style and storage space. Made from reclaimed salvaged wood, painted in turquoise green, shall delight all rustic fans. The fact that it's a trunk creates considerable storage possibilities.

Victorian trunks
Martinez Rebecca
Old World Map Wooden Trunk
Alexis Hallify

This big wooden trunk in an old world map pattern will easily fit everything you want to store in it - from accessories to letters and jewellery. It is handcrafted and extremely durable, making it a permanent addition to your household.

Grey bar cabinet
Phillips Esther
Steamer trunk bench
Patterson Gracie
A america furniture
Plutus Brands Timeless Designed Wood Leather Trunk, Set of 3

Enjoy the nice, warm look these three trunks give to your interior with their timeless design and the high quality wood construction, making sure they stay with your for years to come, complimenting any traditional and modern decor.

Oriental Furniture 8-Inch Ming Flying Emperor Dresser Top Storage Boxes, Set of Two
Thompson Alyssa

Two delightfully oriental dresser top storage boxes. They are imported from Fuzhou, China and feature distinctive Fujian Province style folk art motifs. Come with the ornate brass clasp that includes a latch for a padlock.

Victorian trunks 2
Evans Ashley
Mercury Luggage Wheeled Storage Locker, Black, 31" oversized!
Renee Kel

31 inch wide storage box featuring locker and classic black finish. Additionally, it has a pair of casters for better mobility and strong, as well as durable, construction, which ensures durability of the box.

Driven by decor upcycled home decor giving new life to
Butler Allison
Antique storage benches
Angela King

A perfect combination of comfort and vintage looks, that you can compliment your living room with. This old chest is characterized by wood construction, holding a stylish seat and back - button-tufted and upholstered in an off-white fabric.

Vintage Antique Upholstered Trunk (Set of 3)
Laura Mitchell

Vintage Antique Upholstered Trunk (Set of 3)
This set includes three vintage antique upholstered trunks with wood frame and ivory finish. The set includes one large, medium and small decorative trunk. It is a very good choice for your home.

Old antique trunks
Antique storage bench
Elizabeth Hern

Old wooden trunks do not belong in the basement alone. You can as well turn them into fashionable furniture. This one here has been turned into a charming bench – the addition of grey, cosy pillows was a great decision.

Blue trunks 3
Alexis Robe
Vintage looking trunks
Natalie Car
Barnwood Rustic Rustic Barnwood Trunk. Proudly Made in the USA
Aloma Garcia

This piece looks rustic and primitive . Made from relaimed, weathered wood. All imperfections make this piece look more stylish.This piece can be use both outdoor or indoor. Sizes of this trunk are 32"L x 18"W x 18"T

Small vintage trunk
Julia Brow

Such a wonderful, breathtaking design for an antique trunk chest with a handy tray. Made to resemble the furniture of the Restoration period. A great vintage, classical element, perfect to replace your cabinet with!

Seward Trunk Collegiate Collection Wheeled Locker, Purple, Vinyl, Medium
Jaclyn Morris

The roomy trunk is a revolutionary way to store your entire collection variety. Made of solid materials is stable and durable. Beautiful finish, practical details, such as wheels or handle and lock perfect in practice.

Large antique trunk
Chloe Hughesful
Antique Style Wooden Small Trunk
Lopez Dana

Antique Style Wooden Small Trunk
Pretty medieval style trunk with a rectangular small wooden body hand-painted in dark brown. It has iron handles and truncated legs. It's decorated with pleather straps, metal cornerpieces, large nailheads. A removable hinged lid is latch-closed.

Lord of the Rings Troll Trunk
Stacy Roberts

Cool antique storage trunks looking like fabulous trunks belonging to Hobbit from famous Lord of the Rings film. They're made of cedar wood finished in a glossy purple shade with golden and green moss-like accents and have fabric lined interiors.

Antique Pyramid Wooden Trunk - Large
Kimberly Sanders

Large pyramid wooden trunk. This unique storage trunk will serve as a great decoration with its old fashioned look or as a storage that will help to keep your room tidy. The trunk has been hand crafted and upholstered in faux leather.

Small Wooden Treasure Box, Old Style Treasure Chest
Bianca Weberable

A small wooden treasure box in an old style - a perfect gift idea and a wonderful compliment to your decor, combining functionality with great looks. The old fashioned hardware adds to an antique feel.

Old World Map Wooden Small Trunk
Cintia Kowalski

This small trunk is a beautiful accent to your living room or entryway, especially with the old fashioned old world map pattern that contrasts perfectly with the dark wood finish. It will make for a wonderful keepsake box.

Quickway Imports Old Style Treasure Chest/Box, Set of 2

This set of two old style treasure boxes in an antique cherry finish not only make for a perfect storage space but also compliment your interior amazingly, filling any empty place in your home like a charm.

Old Style Wooden Chest in Antique Cherry (Large)
Robinson Layla

With this amazing chest you will surely be able to enhance your decor, while providing plenty of extra storage space for accessories or blankets. It comes in an old antique style and has beautiful crafting with a cherry finish.

Original Hawaii Wooden Chest Wood Steamer Trunk - Large Trunk
Esther Smith

This multifunctional trunk executed in Hawaiian style is a combination of storage features, the coffee table or bench. Cute combination of woven texture and smooth leatherette add it a unique character.

Antique trunk collectible9
Erika Jone
Quickway Imports Antique Style Wood and Leather Trunk with Round Top

This made from a combination of leather and wood trunk is a beautiful detail to every interior, it is roomy thus accommodate a lot of little things. It is virtually closed and very stylish.

Flat top antique trunk 282
Antique_trunkset2 w 700x560 302kb
Quickway Imports Old Fashioned Wooden Storage Treasure Trunk
Alexis Milani

Unfortunately, this treasure trunk comes without any treasures, but with plenty of space to store them. Crafted from sturdy wood, and decorated with vintage-looking hardware, the trunk also comes with decorative handles and leather straps.

Antique storage trunk
Coupe Andrea
Quickway Imports 3-Colored Vintage Style Luggage Suitcase/Trunk, Set of 3

A set of three vintage styled luggage trunks in small, medium and large size. The old-fashioned hardware adds to the antique look, while the leather decorations at the edges provide more style and class.

Flat top low profile foot locker antique steamer trunk 275
Hilton Emily
Large Brown Old Fashion Wood Storage Trunk Wooden Treasure Chest
Crystal Perr

This Magnificent Large Brown Storage Trunk is made in old fashion style in a shape of an antique treasure chest. Along with cedar wood craftsmanship and decorative hardware, the chest ensures an ample storage area and impeccable looks.

Stunning large antique steamer trunk
Tara Gosselin
Under the Bed Wheeled Storage Trunk PINK
Roberts Isabelle

This storage trunk now comes in the most exquisite pink finish, making it perfect for both your and your child's room and offering instant solution for avoiding clutter, while the wheeled design is constructed for your utmost convenience.

Antique trunk 253
Katherine Hen
Aspire Home Accents Aspire Home Accents Rothschild Suitcase Trunks - Set of 2, Brown, Faux Leather
Monica Coop

This amazing set of two suitcase trunks is the best solution for both complimenting the interior style beautifully and giving a little more space for you to use to prevent creating clutter in the apartment.

Trunk fully restored all wood 19th century antique theatrical trunk
Seward Trunk Collegiate Collection with Wheels,Black,US
Rachel Massonable

A trunk perfect for college students and anyone else, who likes the combination between the traditional and more contemporary design. Made of heavy gauge vinyl covering and hardwood, it's easy to open by the push button key lock.

Victorian trunks 1
Sara Wash
Trunks antique trunk antique chest wooden boxes jackpot
Courtney Phil