Antique Desk Globe

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Antiqued old world syle desk top globe

Antiqued Old World Syle Desk Top Globe
Antique old styled desk with a top cover in the form of globe. This element looks very original and unique in any design. Its wooden construction is resistant to wear and damage caused by different factors.

Antique desk globe 4

Small desk globes

If you’ve ever seen an alcohol cabinet hidden inside of a globe, take a look at this, because this is even better! A handy little writing desk built-in inside of a standing, rotary globe. Great for an antique study room.

Small antique globe

Vintage globe

Stylish desk with globe theme. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Base is reinforced with crossed supports. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Antique desk globe 3

Antique desk globe 18

An amazing arrangement of an office in the theme of travelling. It's characterized by a massive wooden desk with an elegant wingback chair and an old-fashioned globe as a decoration. The wall is covered with an antique map of Italy.

Antique desk globe 11

Antique desk globe 2

Antique desk globe

A light, neutral color palette is an excellent background for collection of antique globes and gallery wall with gilded frames by Suzanne Kasler. I want to have that wall in my apartment.

Antique desk globe 32

Antique desk globe 7

Antique desk globe 16

Small desk globe

Antique desk globe

Antique desk globe 22

12" Lenox Globe

12" Lenox Globe
If you love the connection of functionality and style, this unique globe is gonna bring you everything you're looking for. Check it out now and enjoy an amazing decoration in your living room of office!

Antique desk globe 14

Antique desk globe

Antique desk globe 26

Colombo Decorative Globe with Nickel Finish Base

Antique desk globe 33

Antique desk globe 5

Kingston Globe

Antique desk globe 29

Antique desk globe 6

Antique desk globe 20

Antique desk globe 28

Antique desk globe 17

Antique desk globe 1

Metal Globe

Metal Globe
Adding plenty of style and elegance, this metal globe will surely enhance the appeal of your home interiors with its beautiful metal and wood structure. It will surely put all your creative decor items aside in favor of some visual appeal.

Antique desk globe 34

Antique desk globe 25

Antique styled desk with decorative legs and simple rectangular top. It offers plenty of storage space in practical drawers. Durable wooden construction is resistant to wear and damage. The top provides large working space for a computer and other office items.

Antique desk globe 13

Small desk globe 29

Antique desk globe 2

Loving this antique globe reproduction only 49

Vintage old world italian wood desk globe astrological signs

Antique desk globe 1

Replogle weather watch 9in antique ocean desk globe

Antique desk globe 31

Peridot green gemstone globe on 3 leg antique silver desk

Antique desk globe 35

12 antiqued globe on stand on

1810 english globe writing desk from m s rau antiques

Straw matting white slipcover antique prints globe wicker basket and

Fine vintage desk globe bar traditional bar tables other metro

Authentic models navigators terrestrial desk globe

Antique desk globe 30

Awesome globe design by peter bellerby