Antique Bridge Lamps

Just look at their regal appearance! With their intricately ornamental bases and beautiful shades, antique bridge lamps are true works of art that will bring splendor and nobility to your space. Since most of the light from a bridge lamp falls in a downward pattern, it will make a perfect addition to a reading nook, making those moments with the book so much more special.

Olivia Jackson Interior Design Expert
Antique bridge lamps
Jacqueline White

The Oscar Bach patinated iron bridge lamp has got the pierced decorated bridge arm, swirling leaves and octagonal platform of the base. It adds a sophisticated twist into any home space.

Antique bridge lamps 2
Peyton Marthy

Bring some antique elegance into your living room, with this exquisite bridge lamp. Designed in the 1920's, the lamp stands on a round base with fine metalwork, while holding a hexagonal, metal mesh shade.

Antique bridge lamps 1
Peyton Donaldson

The slim design of this exceptionally efficient antique bridge lamp makes the interior a new dimension. The whole cast iron structure is durable and beautifully fits with subtle shade lamps. Perfect detail for the living room.

Antique cast iron floor lamp

It's time to illuminate your home with an industrial ray of sunshine, thanks to this 1920's fringe lamp that oozes with rustic accents. Its antique look is characterized by a lovely metalwork and a stained glass shade.

Vintage art deco nouveau cast iron bridge arm floor lamp
Harris Kelly
Bridge lamp shade
Thompson Alyssa

A stunning antique floor lamp having an X-like base with 4 bowed rods supporting a tall twisted stem (both are in gold and blue) with collars, widenings, floral finials, a bowed arm. A colourful silk lampshade has gold lacing and glass pendants.

Antique bridge lamps 1
Olivia Smithist

This vintage brass bridge arm floor lamp constitutes a cool proposition for all art deco enthusiasts. Featuring turquoise glass, it will bring brilliance to any kind of space.

Iron floor lamp antique
Rachel Massonable

Richly decorated floor lamp in Victorian style. It is mounted on metal base and fitted with fabric lampshade finished with decorative tassels. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Bridge lamp
Erica Nelson

Furnish your living zone with this beautiful antique bridge lamp. It features the paper shade with orange color and brass base. It fits perfectly to classic and traditional style in the room.

Antique bridge lamps 11

For every fan of the antique appeal this bridge lamp sports the sublime glass shade and the art deco structure along with the design taken straight out of 1930s, oozing that same air of refined beauty and chic.

Antique bridge arm floor lamp 1
Lindsey All
Antique wrought iron floor lamp
Bush Eliza

This antique styled floor lamp will make for an ideal option for completing a sophisticated-looking interior that is packed with refined, elegant style. It comes with the detailed and beautifully styled shade and the lavish, gold base.

Antique bridge lamp

A fine lamp shade with anqtique appearance and detailed design in shape of a floral cup. Crafted of quality material, the shade has a neatly shaped bottom, and fills up rooms with romantic ambiance by generating warmth, intimate light.

Antique bridge lamps

If you are interested in Art Deco style, this floor lamp which connects modernity with vintage style is dedicated special for you. Base and top are made of sculptural metal, kickstand is finished of plastic, carved elements.

Bridge arm lamp shades

This intricately hand painted 1920s tole bridge lamp with dimensional flowers holds a spring garden shadowbox shade in a soft, pastel tones of pink, green and yellow, adding a romantic glow to the space.

Antique iron floor lamp
Cynthia Jon

An example of a handmade, custom designed Victorian lampshade. Its rich adorning will enchant all, who love the antique design. Available also with a bridge shade size and a larger floor size.

Antique bridge lamp 3
Stephanie Ros

Only in a temperamental home can stand such an old-fashioned antique-bridge lamp with a velvet coating on shades of red wine.This vintage look is enhanced by the design of a falling lampshade with copper and gold tones and red beads.

Bridge lamp shades
Aloma Garcia

Phenomenal floor lamp for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Richly decorated base is finished with floral theme. Lampshade is covered with fabric and decorated with tassels. Ideal as additional source of light.

Vintage antique solid brass winged mermaid bridge floor lamp 1
Bridge lamps 1
Lisa Perr

The beautiful lampshade of this stylish antique bridge lamp is an excellent way to bring your unique style and character to life. Beautiful ornamental details of the base and handle of lampshades captivate creating a nice composition.

Cast iron floor lamps
Elizabeth Coupe

For bird lovers, we recommend a birdcage with galvanized bars, because they are thinner and will not obscure the view of birds. In addition, the antique bird cage can be purely decorative as a magical iron element in the garden.

Bridge floor lamp
Julia Jones

Lavish and detailed to utmost perfection - this Victorian lampshade comes with the material structure and immensely beautiful floral accents along with the charming fringe and silk ribbon to complete the look.

Antique art deco bridge lamp heavy cast metal base and

Distinguishing itself with a metal base and bridge arm, this Antique Art Deco measures 59" and is finished with a Victorian shade. A great proposition for all vintage or retro fans.

Antique bridge lamps 7
Diana Bak

As you can see this antique bridge lamp uses art-deco or mission style merits, also called Arts & Crafts Lamp. It has definitely a vintage shade of amber on the lampshade in a form of a bell-shaped flower. The whole floor structure is made of iron.

Antique bridge lamp 2
Emily Rivera

Simply, marvelous in its form, this Victorian bridge lamp emanates with antique flavor and detailed design. It comes with a burn-out silk velvet in bronze and black shade that hangs on a twisted, slender rod attached to the matching round base.

Antique bridge lamps 17
Jenna Daviesful

Antique design at its best. Popular during the 1910's through the 1940's, Victorian bridge lamps were used for lighting and decoration. This one catches the attention with its tall, brass base and purple shade

Bridge lamp ooooo
Megan Coo
Nautical theme floor bridge lamp 130 kbdg fp
Amber Lon
Antique bridge lamps 5
Laura San
Victorian floor lamp
Hilton Emily

This antique bridge floor lamp drips with Victorian opulence. Hand beaded curtain dangles from a round shade graced with roses and leaves embroidery in pink and a drop of green. Bridge arm is no less elaborate.

Antique bridge lamps 16
Mega Leahbrown
Antique bridge lamps 13
Emily Long
Saturday Morning Bridge Arm Floor Lamp
Natalie Coll

Saturday Morning Bridge Arm Floor Lamp
That being prepared and very impressive floor lamp is a wonderful decorative detail for each type of interior. Beautifully made lampshade and a solid metal base makes the whole coherent and very stylish.

Antique bridge lamps 6
Anna Youn
Antique bridge lamps
Allen Katie
1920 floor lamps
Jamie John

A masterpiece amongst antique bridge lamps, this Victorian beauty stands on a beautifully twisted metal rod attached to a round base for stability. It holds an exquisite, quality fabric shade that illuminates interiors with warm, soothing light.

Bridge lamps for sale
Megan Russell

A journey to the past, to the Victorian era. This antique bridge lamp is from the 1930's. Hand-cut braided, adorned with a lapel covered with silk. What brings also a vintige look is a presence of side panels.

Wrought iron floor lamp antique
Bridge arm floor lamp
Samantha Dia

A higly-decorative lamp shade that is going to transform your interior in a blink of an eye. Emanating with antique grace and detailed design, this Victorian shade is a beautifully embroidered state of art with distinctive fringe surrounding the entire bottom part.

Antique vintage art deco cast iron bridge floor lamp great
Stephanie Cook
Vintage rembrandt bronzed cast iron art deco nouveau bridge arm
Jenna Daviesful
Details about antique vintage wood wooden cast metal bridge floor
Elizabeth Smith
Vintage antique lighting
Carmen Milani
Antique bridge floor lamp revived pieces
Holly Simmons
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Antique bridge lamps 9
Liliana Gadjus
Decorated mica lamp shades for bridge arm floor lamps 1
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Unique art nouveau bridge lamp with wonderful organic lines adjustable
Williams Rebecca
This is one of the best antique bridge lamps we
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