Antique Art Deco Lamps

We are all aware of the fact that lamps are important. Thanks to this collection we will have a unique opportunity to choose from a great variety of lamps. Their designs are very interesting, you could even say that some have innovative and inspiring designs. These lamps also differ in terms of other features so it won’t be a problem for you to pick the right one.

Art deco lamp 5

This art deco lamp constitutes a perfect proposition for one's vintage or retro decor. This unique construction, featuring a smooth mirror reflection, comes from Denmark.

Antique art deco lamps 1

A lovely table lamp in the art deco aesthetics depicting the beautiful figure of a woman holding a globe delight. Sculpture combined with light creates a uniquely artistic atmosphere in the decor.

Antique art deco lamps 2

A magnificent Art Deco Lamp, with detailed construction and wall-mounting design. The base is made of durable metal with brass finish, holding an opaline glass shade for creating warm and romantic atmosphere.

Antique 1940s vintage american art deco

Antique 1940s Vintage American Art Deco
Are you looking for the high quality and beautiful chandelier? We've got exactly what you need. This one features the vintage American Art Deco style, white pressed glass and chrome finish with crystals. Divine!

Vintage art deco light fixtures

Phenomenal chandelier with antique finish. It is mounted on metal frame and fitted with glass lampshade. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Tasteful accent for all kinds of interiors.

Antique art deco lamps 6

Art deco was born from the form of secession. Synthetic,geometrized and reductionist - these are the features of this style seen in this unique antique art deco table lamp. Its shape slightly resembles high wood in a modern-sacred edition with a silver finish.

Nude Lady Fan Lamp Stepped Base Bronze Finish Art Deco

Depicting a nude lady, this table lamp shows Art Deco at its best. Bronze base guarantees elegance and long-lasting solidness. It hast the following size: 4-1/8" x 4-3/4".

Lamps art deco

This antique art deco lamp will meet the approval of art deco lovers. The golden arched frame and the metal base have the form of a sculpted eagle, which in its hissing face holds in an elegantly shaded shade in a frosted glass with shades of pink and purple.

French art deco degue chandelier geometric peach glass

French Art Deco Degue Chandelier Geometric Peach Glass
Richly decorated chandelier in the Art Deco style. Glass lampshade in geometric shape is mounted on metal frame. Elegant and sophisticated addition for each room.

Vintage art deco lamps

An enchanting example of the glamorous Art Deco design, this green uranium glass lamp will be an eclectic accent in any refined interior. Manufactured in the 1920's, it delights with its great condition.

Antique art deco lamps 1

Beautiful hanging lamp inspired of Art Deco style connects minimalism with classic style. This simple, but stylish chandelier is hanged on three ropes and it has glazed lampshade with a floral pattern in a shape of saucer.

Vintage light fixtures ebay

Not only does this lamp sports the charming and utterly beautiful art deco style but will also grace your interior with utmost class thanks to the gold finish of the frame and the well-detailed design.

Art deco hanging mermaid lamp m verdur

Art Deco Hanging Mermaid Lamp M Verdur
Lack a drop of opulence in your space? Miss mermaids in your nautical themed decor? How about combining these two qualities in just one art deco ceiling lamp? Amber glass with art nouveau pattern is enclosed in a silvery case.

Deco lamps

Antique Art Deco table lamp. Classically beautiful panel lamp with reverse painted ribbed glass shade from Bradley & Hubbard. Noble in looks, it's bound to beautify a home library, study room or bedroom.

Artdeco lamps

Designed in the 1910's, this fantabulous ceiling light has a fitting made of durable brass. Its exquisite shade is beautifully ribbed, made of captivating, vaseline glass, and shaped like a large, greenish bullet.

Art deco glass table lamp 1

This art deco glass table lamp, created in Germany by Peter Behren, is an antique masterpiece, deriving from 1902. It has been preserved in great condition, successfully withstanding the test of time.

Salamander glass studio collection

This rare item of lighting - art deco glass, table lamp - was made in the 30s. Behind the stem is a transparent glass, sparked by the size of our universe. From that, there appear star-shaped patterns and lampshade in the shape of one of the planets.

Art deco glass table

Elegant table lamp in Art Deco style. Both kickstand and lampshade are made of colorful glass. It has beautiful nature patterns - for example with flowers, forest and dragonflies. It can be beautiful decoration of your bedroom.

1930s table lamps

Original table lamp with an interesting construction based on brass and green glass. Its star-shaped base assures solidity and stability on flat surfaces. This lamp decorates indoors and provides useful level of light.

Art deco glass table lamp 13

With the dragonfly theme and the sublime Tiffany design this lamp will prove to be an instant focal point of any room, especially with the warm hue of the glass shade and the complimenting, large base.

Art deco glass table lamp 2

A pair of wonderful table lamps in the Art Deco style. They will bring the spirit of the old world to your room as when on they emit romantic light. They feature a metal, ornamental base with a glass shade in the shape of a candle.

Art deco glass table lamp 3

Art nouveau lampe 'Ombelles' made from bronze brass. Nice art deco table decoration. Cool pattern on its base with lovely orange lampshade in a dome shape. It's a bit old fashion, but I love it! Wanna have one!

Art deco brass table lamp

Designed when artificial light sources were shifting from gas to electric, this table lamp has a huge history behind it. It comes with the suspended glass spheres that echo the bulbs' shape and draw attention to the new technology.

Art deco glass wall lights

Antique chandelier with French art deco stylization. Its simple colors provide elegance to any interior design. A ceiling mounted chandelier provides good level of light indoors at night and good level of aesthetics at night and day.

Art deco sconces by vintagelights com via flickr

Antique art deco lamps

Made from the beautiful antique brass, this ceiling light constitutes a great way to create a refined appeal in your interiors. Its intricate, inimitable silhouette shall particularly enchant all Art Deco lovers.

1920s deco lamp with custom mica shade mediterranean table lamps

1920s Deco Lamp With Custom Mica Shade Mediterranean Table Lamps Other Metro
Coming from the 1920's, this beautiful lamp with a custom mica shade will be a perfect gift for all Art Deco fans. Designed by M Hames, accommodates two candles, which will create a magical glow during the evenings.

Antique art deco table lamps

Opulent wall sconce taking its inspiration from the best features of Art Deco design. Unique shape and finish make it draw glances and substantially enrich the decor. Antique vibe is guaranteed around with this piece.

Vintage art deco table lamps

Vintage art deco lighting

Noone will keep the lampshade like trained, agile ballet dancers made of bronze, with a gilded finish. Proudly and dignified in the form of an antique lamp base with milk glass, arranged in a geometric whole art deco style.

Art Deco 28.5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Art Deco 28.5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Gorgeous single light table lamp with sculptural base stylized to peacock, while the seminal shade resembles of peacock tail feathers with its harmonious coloring. The base boasts gold finish with stylish patina.

Vintage art deco ceiling light

Any devoted afficionados of Art Deco style here? I just couldn't walk past this extraordinary ceiling light fixture. It actually is a ceiling chandelier employing a unique sunflower design, with antique jadeite green elements (how gorgeous is that?!).

Wow absolutely incredible ive never seen anything even remotely like

Antique vintage art deco light fixture ceiling chandelier jadeite green

Antique Vintage Art Deco Light Fixture Ceiling Chandelier Jadeite Green Square
Really spetacular art-deco chandelier. It contains modern brushed nickel features, what is realy rare. The jadeite glass accent that is attached to the ceiling canopy is also an unusual method of decoration. With drops of glass, and mint color is rava avis!

Art deco style lamps

Art deco lamps

Eye-catching antique electric lamps of glazed pottery. They feature amazing innovative stems composed of size-varied inverted frustum of cones in browns, blues and gold placed on diameter-varied golden spheres and round bases.

Art deco lighting art deco lights for sale

Antique art deco lamp

Vintage 1940s antique pink art deco atomic retro ceiling light

Vintage 1940s Antique Pink Art Deco Atomic Retro Ceiling Light Lamp Fixture
Fishing for antique chandeliers? This Art Deco ceiling fixture is a treat for those who fell for Atomic era styling. Square pink shade with textured crystal details and clear glass top rim comes directly from the 1940s.

Antique art deco lamps 4

Can a windmill be a lamp? If we want an industrial sculpture that fulfills the practical function of the golden age - this antique art deco iron lamp will be perfect. Presented here brown Art Deco Oscillating Fan was made by Robbins & Myers in Springfield.

Monumental pair of french art deco glass sconces sabino

Monumental Pair Of French Art Deco Glass Sconces Sabino
The unique combination of an unusual form and stylish antique lamp finish in art deco design is the perfect solution for the original interior design. French aesthetics in glass sconces delights and brings elegance to the decor.

Art deco glass lamp

Large art deco chandelier

All those who can't resist rich mixes of colors will for sure fall for this extraordinary Tiffany style lamp. Its bowl shade incporporates striking stained glass composition depicting a red poppy field.

Ornate Hand Painted Uplight 21.25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Ornate Hand Painted Uplight 21.25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
This beautiful table lamp is elegance and unique atmosphere for your interior. Beautifully carved details and fancifully hand painted decorated lampshade give each interior a warm and very subtle style.

Art deco style lights

C 30s art deco vintage ceiling light fixture petal chandelier

C 30s Art Deco Vintage Ceiling Light Fixture Petal Chandelier Antique Lamp
A lovely chandelier for spicing up your home with flawless silhouette and timeless elegance. Designed in the 1930's, the lamp offers an antique petal shade with a crystal ball finial, and a crystal fixture firmly mounted to a ceiling.

Daffodil 23" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Daffodil 23" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Vintage and antique lighting art deco style chandelier

Spice up your living room with this antique state of art that boats of a striking, intricate design. The chandelier uses a 3-tier opaline glass shade, supported by a weathered metal base, forming together an eye-catchy, flower-like composition.

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