Animal Ottomans

Do you think that such furniture would be a nice addition to your house? Check all these ottomans and other elements that are depicted at these photos, and decide if any of these would suit your interior design. There is no need to rush since a really wide range of choice is shown down here.

Animal ottomans

The hedgehog shaped ottoman. It is an ideal toy for the nursery to allow kids meet closer to the wild animals. It could be used as a model, when kindergarten teacher decide to tell kids about the wild animal habits in their natural environment.

Animal ottomans 2

Animal ottomans

A funny contemporary ottoman in the form of a cute fox with a fluffy brush and protruding ears. It's firmly filled with synthetic beans. It's covered with polyester leather in pretty warm brown tones.

Animal ottomans 1

Cute ottoman in the shape of dog. It is covered with high quality leather and reinforced with solid stitching. Ideal as extra seating or footstool in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Leather animal ottoman

Funny ottoman in the form of pig. It is covered with pleasant to the touch leather. It can be used as footstool. Adds freshness and modernity to each place according to taste and need.

Faux Leather Animal Ottoman, in Fox

Faux Leather Animal Ottoman, in Fox

Animal ottomans 4

Why choose a boring ottoman, when you can opt for a charming piece like this one with a stuffed sheep design? It will allow you to both rest your feet comfortablty and add a bit more fun to the home decor.

Animal ottomans 34

Jonathan adler hippo in leather animals eclectic ottomans and cubes

Animal ottomans 6

Animal ottomans 3

Animal ottoman

Animal ottomans 8

Interesting animal shaped ottoman

Animal ottomans 33

Ottoman with reindeer theme. Great as additional seating or footstool. It is covered with nice touch plush material. Excellent gift idea.

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Animal ottomans 16

Animal ottomans 17

Animal ottomans 5

Animal ottomans 25

Animal ottomans 19

Animal ottomans 18

Animal ottomans 9

Animal ottomans 37

Animal ottomans 7

Animal ottomans 28

Animal ottomans 38

Animal Pouf Ottoman

Animal Pouf Ottoman
A small and soft ottoman that provides high quality without taking much space. It is pretty convenient and also has a camouflage design that perfectly blends with grey and contemporary interiors.

Animal Collection Bigfoot Footstool

Animal Collection Bigfoot Footstool
This pouf will satisfy any animal lover with its rich leopard print on its upholstery . Soft filing combined with delicate fabric will turn relaxing into a great experience. Suitable for living room or kids room.

Animal ottomans 13

31" Soft Plush Standing Brown Moose Stuffed Footrest Ottoman

Black Bear Footstool

This cute footstool is going to bring fantastic wildlife accents to kids' rooms, cabins, living rooms, and bedrooms. The "bearstool" is designed of polyester acrylic fabric, offering a plastic frame and polyester fill.

Animal ottomans 26

Animal ottomans 40

Animal ottomans 27

Animal ottomans 5

Animal ottomans 29

Sheep stuffed animal ottoman foot rest

Sheep Animal Foot Rest Ottoman

Animal ottomans 30

Animal ottoman

Animal ottomans 31

Rosette Bird Ottoman

Rosette Bird Ottoman

Animal ottomans 32

Animal ottomans 35

Red fox footrest animal

Animal ottomans 36

Animal ottoman foot rest german shepherd stuffed animal ottoman

Animal ottomans 39

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