Animal Door Stops

Even a door stop can be a piece of decoration. Have a look at the collection below and check out the great designs. Why use a boring stop if you can block the door with an object that catches the eye or introduces a bit of humour?

Alice Hilton Interior Design Expert
1.8kg Heavy Door Stop Novelty Animal Dog Door Stopper Cream Corduroy Fabric

A lovely door stopper with cream fabric structure and heavy 1.8 kg of weight. Add it to your kids room or drawing room and enjoy funny and useful accent piece.

Plush door stop

Who of us does not get enchanted with little puppies? Now available also in the form of these lovely door stops. Embellish your accent with a beautiful accent, delighting both younger and older guests.

Animal door stops 2

This fine, fox-shaped door stop is made from a load and artificial pet fur that is functional and beautifully presented in every decor. The whole made with attention to detail captivates and introduces to the decor an exciting atmosphere.

Animal door stoppers

Make sure you can always grace your interior to a lovely and utterly charming and colorful accent like these stunning door stops that are in the shape of woodland creatures and offer the designs packed with style and colors.

Durable Resin Woodland Animal Doorstops, in Bear

This unique door stopper is made from durable resin, but it looks like genuine wood, bringing an accent of woodland and frontiers world to your home area. It's shaped as a bear with rustic finish. Beautiful and functional.

Westie dog doorstop

Why not go for a nice and utterly charming door stop that was hand made with highest attention to the details? These ones sport the animal themed designs and are packed with unique style as well as vibrant colors.

Koolekoo Cat Scratching Door Stopper - Cast Iron Doorstop

This cute door stopper is as functional as it is lovely. The scratching cat design really adds to the whole. And with its cast iron construction, the piece will firmly hold your door for a very long time.

Animal doorstops 2

When I saw it for the first time, I was sure that it is a standard teddy bear. Suddenly I realized that it is also a fantastic doorstop perfect for a kid's room. It is your decision which one you will choose.

Standing Horse By Fence Door Stop Porter with Handle, Rustic Cast Iron, 26-inch

Vintage door stopper with horse stand and handle. Solid color with rust finish applied to a cast iron construction accentuates the style which sports strong rustic influences. Flat back features door wedge.

Home Decor - Cat Doorstop - Black & White Cat Door Stop

Adorable cat door stop with 3-dimensional form and hand painted finish applied with care to both front and back. The cat has white fur with black spots and friendly muzzle. It is weighted to keep the door open.

Animal door stops cream dog corduroy
Crane and Turtle Cast Iron Turtle Door Stop

Crane and Turtle Cast Iron Turtle Door Stop
It is a crane and turtle door stop that is a beautiful accent piece. It has got a cast iron construction and old world finish. If you looking for great door stop you need to choose this one.

Ulster Weavers Dog Door Stop

Doorstop in the shape of a dog. Additionally, it features original Ulster Weavers design and is filled with cotton, sand and polyester. The item is not intended to be washed in the machine, it requires sponge cleaning.

Animal door stops

Cool and functional handmade door steps in forms of funny animals with lots of details. They're intended for child's rooms. They're filled with sand, cotton, polyester. Their skins are of durable colourful materials and should be sponge-cleaned.

IWGAC 0170S-04669 Cast Iron Rust Bunny Rabbit Door Stop

This supercute lifelike rabbit sculpture looks like a decoration, but it has a practical function: it serves as a door stopper. It is crafted of high grade cast iron, heavy enough to hold the door, and finished brown.

Animal door stops 4

Those cute door stops are characterized by quality iron construction that makes them not only very pretty, but also built to last. You can browse between such designs as a snail, a cockerel, a squirrel and a bird.

Decorative doorstop

Door stops are one of the decor elements, which can smoothly be a funky accent in your interiors. This is also the case with this two-coloured, cute, paunchy cat. Your guests, both younger and older ones will love it!

Boston Terrier Pup Dog Sculpture Figure, Hand Painted Cast Iron, 6-inch, Paperweight, Door Stop

This cute figurine of a Boston terrier puppy is designed to serve as a door stop. It is crafted from damage-proof cast iron, and the finish has been painted by hand. Adorable accessory for dog lovers.

IWGAC 0170S-14610 Cast Iron Door Stop BulldogBoston Terrier

Doorstop wholly made of sturdy iron and having shape of bulldog. Additionally, it features beautiful finish and small dimensions. The item weighs 10.2 lbs. It's a great idea for a gift for any dog lover.

Home gt door stop burrowing dog door stop dog bm
Rooster Door Stop
IWGAC 0184S-0128 Squirrel Cast Iron Door Stop

Rustic sculptural door stop of squirrel shape, crafted from heavy duty cast iron with solid finish. The squirrel has a large tail that lies flat on a floor, and this feature makes the figurine stable ad well-balanced.

Standing Duck Door Stop Porter with Handle, Rustic Cast Iron, 25-inch

A very functional, solid and attractive piece of equipment in the house. This is a door stop that has got a duck stylization. It is made of cast iron that assures a rustic character. It has got a 25-inch tall handle.

Westie Dog Door Stop Sculpture Figure with Bow, Painted Cast Iron, 10-inch, Flat Back

Door Stop sculpture with image of cute Westie Dog with bow will bring nontrivial atmosphere around the home. 10 inch height and flat back make him fit perfectly in every place. Painted hand finish gives the scuplture unique charm.

Sponge door stoppers

Although looking very soft and plumy, this large teddy bear is actually a heavy doorstop. Ideal for those, who look for funky decor accents to their house. It will catch the attention of any of your guests.

Animal door stop

For all English patriots or fans of this unique country, with Queen Elizabeth at the forefront - we present a plushie, upholstered in the British flag. However, it does not serve to hug - but as a funny animal doorstop.

Animal door
4 Pcs Pack Baby Safety Animal Door Stop Finger Pinch Guard

Door-mounted large door stoppers/finger pinch guards. You get four assorted pieces in a set, each has a different color and cartoon animal design. The pieces are large enough to serve as toys for your toddler.

Silas the snail doorstop dora designs e leather doorstops animal
Animal door stops 3

These novelty door stops resembling farmhouse animals keep your country home theme going. It's not a single animal, it's a whole pyramind of them, with a cow, pig, sheep, goose and cock on the very top!

Design Toscano The Growling Griffin Foundry Iron Doorstop

A very good proposition for people who are interested in having a solid and functional element in their house. This is a door stop that has got a growling griffin stylization. It is made of iron so it is resistant to impact damage or wear.

Animal door draft stopper
Animal door stop 1
Cast Iron Dachshund Doorstop

A decorative and functional element in the house. This door stop has got a very attractive dog stylization. It is made of cast iron, so it is resistant to damage and wear. The overall size of this product is 5"H x 8"L x 3.5"W.

Primitive cast iron garden statue sculpture bunny rabbit animal figure
French Country Dog Statue, Hand Carved and Finished, 11 inches Tall
Rabbit door stop
Door stop novelty fox door stopper animal faux leather
eBuy 3 x 7pcs/set Children Safety Finger Pinch Cartoon Animal Foam Door Stopper Cushion - Bundled Carton Monster Baby Child Kid Animal Cushiony Finger Hand Safety Door Stop Guard Set

This kind of cushion is a high quality product that plays the role of a door stop. It has got a very attractive animal stylization, so it is perfect for use in childrens' rooms. It protects doors and walls very well.

eBuy 2PCS Children Safety Finger Pinch Cartoon Baby Child Kid Animal Cushiony Finger Hand Safety Door Stop Guard - Butterfly

This kind of door stop is a very attractive, durable and safe product designed for use in children's rooms. It is available in many different animal stylizations and it meets strict quality requirements.

Animal shaped doorstops six designs by ulster weavers
Cast iron fox doorstop
TAG Cast Iron Sparrow Doorstop (203309)

Small doorstop with door wedge that efficiently holds the door open. Crafted of cast iron, it has a sparrow on top for a decorative accent. It is painted by hand in bronze hue, which serves as a rustic style finish.

Beautiful animal door stops
Herringbone dog door stop
Door stop 28cm faux leather weighted shabby chic novelty cute
HomArt Ceil the Dog Cast Iron Doorstop
Cute animal doorstop faux leather fox hedgehog owl door stop
Teddy bear door stop
Fabric elephant door stop cord ribbed 19x30cm doorstop amazon co