Alvar Aalto Chair

Awesome minimalist lines - this is what describes Alvar Aalto chairs and constitutes their main assets. The designs are functional ergonomical and ooze a great Scandinavian character where harmony and restraint speak the loudest of voices. Browse below and check the products in my collection below.

Alvar aalto chair 5

A set of universal and classy stacking stools, which are a must-have for larger gatherings. You can pile them up so they are easy to store and they are made of solid and durable birch wood, which will serve for a long time.

Alvar aalto chair 7

The Scandinavian style tripod stool for the futuristic interior stylizations. The unique design of the stool's legs decide that it will look perfect in the modern space ex. loft apartments. It is also long lasting, because the birch wood had been lacquered.

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Alvar aalto chair 24

Alvar aalto chair 4

Very original and comfortable longe chair that features an attractive construction based on bent plywood. This backless element is well profiled, so it provides good comfort of sitting for one or two users.

Alvar aalto chair 3

This unique armchair delights with its clear and cool design, evoking associations with the best works of minimalistic design. It's hard to realize that this masterpiece was designed several decades ago.

Tank chair alvar aalto

Tank Chair Alvar Aalto
The two intersecting rectangular plates, under a non-standard angle - make a dramatic form of this Scandinavian chair. Modernism is visible in the frame, directly linked to the legs, like skis in cold Scandinavian mountains - and in natural upholstery.

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Alvar aalto chair 16

Alvar aalto chair 20

Alvar aalto chair 37

Alvar aalto chair 44

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Alvar aalto chair 32

Alvar aalto chair 6

An innovative vintage chair having a frame of bent beech wood laminated in a natural colour. The frame is composed of 2 closed curved supports joined by 3 straight cross-rails. A V-shaped seat with rolled ends is of black lacquered plywood.

Alvar aalto chair 8

This modern lounge chair delights with its lightness and cool and clean design. Birch, natural lacquered. Features a seat with linen webbing or black leather belts. An elegant addition to your living room or home office.

Alvar aalto chair 31

Alvar aalto chair 36

Alvar aalto 30 400 tank chair

Alvar Aalto 30 400 Tank Chair
A gorgeous, low tank chair. Perfect for a living room to put in front of a TV. The beautiful, wooden frame gives and an antique look, which creates a unique contrast when paired with such modern, dark striped cushions!

Alvar aalto chair 39

Alvar aalto chair 25

Alvar aalto chair 34

Alvar aalto chair 26

Artek Children's Stool Ne60 Moomin

This simple stool is a good thing to have around your household - you never know when you'll need additional seat or step stool. It has round seat and lacquered top which can be embellished with custom print.

Alvar aalto paimio chair by artek 2

Alvar aalto chair 27

Artek Chair 66

Kids chair made of wood with natural lacquered finish. Angled legs, round seat and solid back make this chair a simple but very useful and functional piece of furniture. Perfect with similar table as a place for your kid's artwork.

Alvar aalto chair 17

Alvar aalto chair 38

Mid Century Alvar Aalto Inspired Dining Armchair

This contemporary dining arm chair is crafted using solid American ash wood frame with plywood veneered; it sports handsome walnut finish. The backrest and seat of the piece is made of braid and colored white.

Artek Chair 611

Great solid chair, made of natural wood in natural color and simple, sleek lines. Seat and back made of heavy-duty stripes of black fabric, woven in checked pattern. Perfect chair for any room in your house.

Artek Children's Chair N65

Simple kids chair made of 100% natural birchwood. Sturdy and solid, angled legs. Round seat - a cushion may be easily placed on it. Back for support. Very neutral piece of furniture, matching any interior.

Artek K65 High Chair

High stool with tiny backrest and footrest on front. This chair definitely falls on contemporary style side. It has natural finish that fits well with any type and coloring of decor I guess. It has four legs.

Alvar aalto chair 7

Lounge chair scandinavian design by alvar aalto indoor 43 artek

The tank chair is a chair originally created by the

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Alvar aalto chair 41

Alvar aalto chair alvar aalto chair

909 alvar aalto tank chair

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Alvar aalto chair 21

Paimio chair by alvar aalto

Alvar aaltos paimio chair

Alvar aalto chair 43

Alvar aalto 31 chair finmar

Alvar aalto chair 68

Chair designed by alvar aalto

Alvar aalto chair 66 cream seat

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